Monday, April 28, 2014

MinerBumping Versus the Dozzer, Part 1

MinerBumping, the nerve center and philosophical hub of highsec, is a tough nut to crack. It has repelled many a hack attempt in its days.

Now it would face its ultimate test. A hacker named Th3 s7rYn6 threatened to take down the website permanently unless he was paid a ransom of 300 billion isk. Not even the New Order treasury could produce such a sum in 24 hours. More importantly, the New Order does not negotiate with terrorists.

Th3 s7rYn6's threats came to the attention of more than one Agent. Unlike other would-be hackers, Th3's threats were real. His credentials as a hacker were readily apparent: He substituted some of the letters in his name with numerals.

Speaking in local (which he referred to as a "chatroom"), the hacker made his intentions known. Agent Mildron Klinker struck up a conversation with the rebel IT bro to learn more.

For reasons which would soon become apparent, the hacker wasn't happy to see Mildron. Th3 was all business, demanding immediate payment of 300 billion isk.

Mildron was curious about Th3's motives. Clearly, there was a financial component, but Th3's comments also hinted revenge might be a factor.

As Th3 teetered on the brink of hacking MinerBumping right then and there--without waiting for his ransom payment--Mildron came up with the answer.

It all started, as so much else does, with a simple Retriever gank; it's every supervillain's origin story these days. Th3's minimalist fit mining barge bit the dust. Mildron himself was the executioner. But there's more to the story. Before broadcasting his threats into local, Th3 was influenced by the toxic atmosphere of the "Mining" channel.
Duke Mineiro > The only way you'll stop a gank is by cutting roughly 33% into your own profits, permanently.
Th3 s7rYn6 > or
Th3 s7rYn6 > their website
Th3 s7rYn6 > with apache benchmark looping 10000000 get requests flooding their thing
Th3 s7rYn6 > :)
Th3 s7rYn6 > no more codes
Th3 s7rYn6 > no more service
Th3 s7rYn6 > ;0
Having been radicalized by the loss of his fail-fit Retriever, Th3 sought to win favor among his fellow miners. It was then that he realized his hacking powers could be put to practical use.
Th3 s7rYn6 > so
Th3 s7rYn6 > anyone here that represents this?
Oseki Gogiko > Th3 s7rYn6 that site has viruses and gay porn, watch it
Th3 s7rYn6 > wonder if anyone here be disturbed if i take the website down
Th3 s7rYn6 > will be opened for letting it run for a fee :)
Oseki Gogiko > Th3 s7rYn6 lol reroute it to some gay porn site :P
Th3 s7rYn6 > ok
Th3 s7rYn6 > let me give it a try
Th3 was thrilled when his boasts won him the attention of another miner. The rebel thirsted for more recognition.
Th3 s7rYn6 > gay porn doubt but offline will be for sure
Th3 s7rYn6 > :)
Oseki Gogiko > ^^
Th3 s7rYn6 > minerbumping should be minerburping as the site totally vulnerable to my fkn code
After running some preliminary diagnostics with his hacker tools, Th3 was optimistic about his chances of hacking the website. MinerBumping was totally vulnerable to his fkn code.
Th3 s7rYn6 > you guys are funny
Th3 s7rYn6 > got to admit
Th3 s7rYn6 > still
Th3 s7rYn6 > 300. not payed in 24 hours and minerbumper.shit will be down permanently
Th3 s7rYn6 > :)
Th3 s7rYn6 > guys enjoy
The former Retriever pilot took center stage in the Mining channel. All previous attempts to destroy the New Order and/or MinerBumping had failed. But Th3 knew that if he succeeded, he would become a legend.

Next time: The most shocking MinerBumping episode yet!


  1. BTW, I'm curious whether there were any attempts to DDoS minerbumping. Well-conducted DDoS attack is pretty damn hard to protect against (though it usually leads to temporary shutdown only).

    1. Oh, my bad. Looks like it's running on Google platform. No worries then.

    2. This guy will ransom google for 300 billion isk. He's that committed and serious.

      Another script kiddie using LOIC and hoping for the best v0v

    3. Yup. But other ppl could be pissed off enough to hire more experienced ppl. Again, not an issue for google-based blog.

    4. If anyone is pissed off enough to commit an actual real life crime over a video game; it doesn't bode well to their real life mental well being. Perhaps video games, and inter-personal social discourse shouldn't be on their daily to do lists.

      Think about it; if losing a fake digital ship, means you would consider committing a crime - what would the outcome be if someone bumped in to you by accident on the street? Wouldn't it be better to seek psychological help and rehabilitation. Perhaps anger management.

      And there are some people in CCP who think the bumpers and gankers are the problem? I'm glad they read this site for evidence to the contrary.

    5. I'm guessing he knows what DoS stands for, but doesn't understand the first D.

    6. Not sure I got your comment, concerned Minmatar

  2. You really think the site's gonna end? Shouldn't we lie down? Put paper bags over our heads or something?

  3. "His credentials as a hacker were readily apparent: He substituted some of the letters in his name with numerals."

    Comedy gold!!

    - Guybertini

    1. LOL!
      Reminds me of that time Laz accidentally took down the Uni of Melbourne website whilst trying to find his girlfriends stalker online!

      Those were the days!

    2. We must form a New Order Cyber-Defense Force!

      -4L4N4 CH4R3N73N6

    3. Selling Cyber-Defense Permits! 10m a piece! Don't get caught in betweem the line of cyber fire, carebears!


    4. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieApril 29, 2014 at 4:57 PM

      I need a full screen name to send 10m to.

  4. Bwahahaha. At least this is a new one from the care bears. How small and insignificant they must feel that virtually every variation of Internet Tough Guy (tm) has been tried. Whether it's real life threats of (what? Slap fighting between gamer nerds?), or big friends in null sec, or "I'm secretly an uber hacker and will crush you".
    All of which totally happens, clearly...........
    This is the equivalent of the kid that got beat up talking smack from the ground. Stay down, care bear, just stay down.

  5. "The most shocking Minerbumping episode yet!"

    SQUEEEE \o/

    -Galaxy Pig

  6. I notice the original threats appeared about the 17th. I have also noticed that this site has been down since the 17th. We haven't been able to read any of the articles or have these conversations.

    Perhaps we should consider payment?

  7. Minerbumping has actually been the victim of a successful hack before. The official killboard was once injected with a couple popups that accused our noble Knights of engaging in inappropriate physical relations with barnyard animals. Visitors to the site were then treated to a short clip of horses copulating.

    I'm not gonna lie--it was actually pretty funny.

    1. I guess that would technically be that was hacked.

      But it was definitely amusing. I took screenshots for the scrapbook, but unfortunately misplaced them.

    2. Now-a-days the only porn on here is in Butthurt Miner's comments...

  8. The worst bit was I click one of the links and my Russian donkey bride never turned up, total scam


  9. Wouldn't a "real" hacker just take it down and ask for no ransom (because law issues)?

    Or at least take it down and then ask for ransom?

    1. The ones making copious threats are the ones least capable of following through with them.

  10. just pay the man his three hundred isk this is serious cyberwarfare D:

    benny ohu

  11. his electronic warfare skills must be maxed out

  12. Google Accounts are pretty secure from unauthorized access, what with two-factor authentication being available, and the servers are rather difficult to DoS, I would imagine.

    Out of curiosity, I ran a WHOIS on minerbumping while I was at it, and it looks like James 315 is paying to keep his contact information anonymous. That, and his DNS offers two-factor authentication as well. Tight ship he's running, just like the Invincible Stabber.

    1. He rides an Invicible Stabber, and maintains an Invincible Website.

    2. Cue Frankie Laine voice:

      He rode a blazing Stabber, he wore a shining star,
      His job to bring salvation, to carebears near and far...

  13. I absolutely love coming to this site and reading it occasionally, whilst not as regular as I used too, It is still extremely pleasant and enjoyable to read.

    Currently engaging in "Social-experiments" in a guild in an MMORPG currently, needless to say, the glorious, benevolent and divine entities of MinerBumping(tm) have helped me, as well as one other that assists in conducting said experiments...

    To help create extremely amusing, engaging, entertaining and above-all-else, heroic emergent player-driven content. That many do enjoy participating in and reading about, we also even have a "Gestapo" of sorts that makes sure our guild-members are, "settling-in". Which, Is obviously not done by myself or my companion, we simply oversee the actions and in-actions of virtual characters in a virtual world. The virtual characters we may or may not control, are not in-fact us that engage our members with emergent content...

    Now, keeping on-topic with my original intentions and doing my best to not shed tears...

    MinerBumping, I thank you and everyone involved for helping others get a new perspective... A perspective that is refreshing, entertaining and whilst-not-appearing-so-on-the-surface, very compassionate.

    On the internet, some may believe that they are no longer human and should not give each other the same respect that they would (subject to personality of individual) outside of the internet.

    They'll get extremely angry, emotional and upset over non-existent virtual "possessions" and attempt to make others feel bad, which is really sad that they disrespect themselves to such a bizarre degree.

    MinerBumping has made me realise that through an appropriate delivery, creation and portrayal of something as simple as player-generated content in a virtual-world. You can inspire positive-reinforcement, make people laugh at their own silly negative-reinforcement routines, for example "These are my virtual possesions! I wish you grievous-bodily harm IRL!".
    And obviously help the receptacle members of our species realise that hey, "It's a game, have fun,be happy and enjoy yourself!", unfortunately some are much more dense than others, alas an Agent of the New Orders work is never done...

    Now then, with that all said,

    Thank you James 315! Thank you MinerBumping! You remind me that It is my responsibility as a human-being to be positive, reinforce-positivity and make an effort to inspire others to lead others in reinforcing-positivity!

    Reality is reality!
    Virtual game worlds are virtual game worlds!

    With love, light and respect,

    An Agent of the New Order that doesn't participate in EvE online.

  14. Came here looking for gay porn. Left disappointed.

    1. And this, gentlemen, is what a highsec miner truly is.

      Best examined through a bullet-proof one way mirror, the carebear is a fascinating creature who will stop at nothing to spread it's message of hate.

    2. Wow Butthurt Miner, you are *totally* useless. If you are representative of the carebears you seem to be speaking for than you really do need "The Code" as well as some professional counseling.

  15. Speaking of hacking, this is one hell of an epic achievement that tells the entire new Eden cluster what people think of Piece of Shit CODE. Since this epic achievement was against CODE, that means that CODE has become an epic failure.

    The epic failure that is CODE. Nice try James 315, you lose.

    This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

    We are many. We are strong. The code will fail. The code will fall. A free highsec is worth fighting for. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    1. U Mad Bro? Sounds like you need to stay cool after school.

      - Guybertini

  16. You know, maybe he WILL successfully take down minerbumping.shit.

    Which will mean zilch because this site is minerbumping.COM

  17. "More importantly, the New Order does not negotiate with terrorists."

    then again the new order are the terrorists here, going against all basics. like the rebels fighting off the British. although its the good fight you are the terrorists.


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