Friday, April 11, 2014

The Colossal Mistake of Rodes

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a big believer in freedom of speech. That having been said, there are limits on that freedom. One can't shout "fire" in a crowded theater. Nor can one say anything that suggests a disrespectful attitude toward me, my Agents, the New Order, or the Code. I have a thick skin; I can take it. But the broken windows theory says that even slight infractions of the Code can spread disorder. For the good of highsec, I cannot allow that.

I received a nice apology from JerryCooper, the founder and CEO of Rodes Corporation. It seems one of the members of his corp said something in local that violated the Code. It cost his corporation dearly.

Like many other good citizens of highsec, Cannibal Kane has lost patience with the bot-aspirants. He can't understand why they refuse to see the wisdom of the Code. After weighing his options, Cannibal decided the most reasonable thing to do was wardec the carebears and kill them until they open their eyes.

When Cannibal learned of a Rodes Corporation member's negative attitude toward the New Order, he hunted down and slaughtered everyone in the corp. Hence, the apology EVEmail from JerryCooper.

At first, everything was going great. Despite the CEO's change of heart, however, members of his corp continued in their bot-aspirancy. While touring highsec, Agent DJentropy Ovaert found a Retriever with only 5% armor remaining. Concerned about the possibility of an AFK miner in New Order territory, he tried to speak with him in local. A few minutes later, he tried a private convo. No answer. The Retriever was then bumped 30km from the belt. Still no response. DJentropy found the miner guilty and killed him.

To make matters worse, when the miner finally returned to his keyboard, he insulted our Agent and made kill rights available. DJentropy recommended the purchase of a permit.

The miner was a member of Rodes Corporation. He knew all about the Order. He even claimed to have purchased some mining permits. Yet he was clearly violating the Code every chance he got.

If miners know how to do one thing, it's to dig. The carebear dug himself into a deeper hole, so DJentropy put him on the Red Pen list.

It didn't take much prompting for the miner to confess his crime: He was AFK to eat food. And he continued to make it obvious that he had no respect for the valiant warrior who ganked his ship.

DJentropy Ovaert is a relatively new Agent, but he kept his cool. The New Order is successful because every Agent is, frankly, a better person than all of the carebears. That's just the truth.

Although its founder/CEO, JerryCooper, surrendered and apologized, Rodes Corporation continued its decline because he couldn't keep his corpmates under control. Members continued to leave. A few days later, JerryCooper left, too.

Rodes fell, but JerryCooper is no dummy. The next day, he purchased a mining permit for himself. Perhaps this story will inspire the next generation of highsec miners to follow the Code. Why speak against the New Order and invite destruction, when it's so easy to think good thoughts about us instead?


  1. gosh you're unfunny

  2. I like that jimmy trolls himself with alts

  3. Finally the Carebears United are a corporation in Eve...
    led by CEO Butthurt Miner.
    With a membership of 1... for now.

  4. It's like watching your grandma do a drunk striptease at christmas. So painfully awkward, but you can't look away...

  5. Great read. I may be a new enforcer, but I know bot-aspirant behavior when I spot it.

    I hope things go better for him in low/null sec. :-)

    1. Well done Djentropy! I'm keeping an eye on you, up and comer!

      Also, Kane you are a HOSS! Never change a thing.

      -Galaxy Pig

    2. Thank you, Galaxy Pig! As always, ridding high-sec of bot-aspirant miners in poorly fitted ships is a tiring task, but one that must be endured if the promise for a better high-sec for all is to be realized. :-)

  6. So you like getting buttraped by Cannibal Kane, hmmmm?

    Somehow I don't think you are here for the mining.......

    ------ Mike Adoulin

  7. what in the

    Where's Space Therapist when you need her?

  8. Another miner brought to the light!

    Sometimes the sacrifice of having to live in the squalor and filth of high sec is worth it. It's a miserable place full of unwashed masses, but this proves not all are lost souls.
    Just have to pry open their pods to find out which can be saved and which cannot.

    1. Well your boss likes to pry open those corpses to see which ones are the tastiest. I happen to have inside information about what his dinner last night was. Reminds me of a T-Shirt that I saw:

      "There's room for all of God's creatures right next to my mashed potatos.
      PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals."

      Now I know some of you are skeptical, but look at this. How can you tell me that you can't fit a person in there?

      This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

      We are many. We are strong. The code will fail. The code will fall. A free highsec is worth fighting for. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    2. Gorila, you are still going on about the miner that was killed in low sec

    3. Which, Wolf, goes to show how pointless it is trying to talk to these people! They don't read anything and just see what they want to see!

    4. Wolf, you drank too much of the Kool-aid and kissed Jimmies strangely glowing ass TOO MUCH!!!!!! FREE YOUR MIND kid... Jeez
      Butt Hurt and I are 2 totally diff people. I know you brain dead code monkeys cant believe this but the resistance is GROWING!

    5. Gorila Vengaza is correct. I am not him. As you CODE lackies may or may not believe, my only contact with him has been either in game or on here. But I think Gorila is correct though. You CODE lackies have lost the ability to think for yourself.

      And I think I know why...

      The crap that James 315 speaks forth from his ass is eaten by you guys which robbed you of a properly functioning brain and anus. So tell me, how does all that processed human flesh taste after it exited James' ass? We all know in addition to the CODE victim's clones, he bathes in his own fecal matter.

    6. @Butthurt Miner

      Yet he took you, a self-admitted troll, seriously enough to make a blog post featuring you. I'd say that's a success of trolling right there.

      And this is taking into account that Gorila's blog is little more than smear writing, with a dash or so of some comedic intent if an answer to one of the first posts is to be believed.

  9. Gotta love wardecs against CODE. Every time a group that's competent wardecs them, they stay docked up and call in actual PVPers as defenders. And they still lose 5x the value in ships somehow, haha.

    Right now we have this 1 random dude who's wardecced CODE and killed 700mil in ships (16 of them) vs. 200mil in ships for CODE (12 of them). That 1 dude vs. CODE. and all their defenders and he's winning.

    Shame. So much shame!

    1. That explains why you name no names and are too cowardly to post using your internet spaceship handle in the game.
      I think you are lying.....prove me wrong.

      ---------Mike Adoulin

  10. Space Ranger Captain GuyApril 12, 2014 at 9:43 PM

    If someone in the NO linked those pics to a random miner, Ripard would write a fifteen part blog series trying to get everyone in the NO perma-banned. Luckily, everyone here is well-adjusted and/or knows how to close a window if they don't want to look at something, so Ripard can rest easy...for now.

  11. I just realized that this communication/engagement I had/started made the front page... Wish I was more involved than I was but working on that currently.


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