Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #55

When all is said and done, I hope what is remembered about me is that I was a friend to the people of highsec.

Skeptics of the New Order are critical of my official title, Saviour of Highsec. No matter how you slice it, it looks better on stationery than "Terrorist and Harasser of All".

Only in the confused mind of a carebear is it considered "sociopathic" to build a community and interact with others--while being silent and spurning human contact is considered normal.

Revan Kothan, I listened to your complaint very carefully. I have one question. Why do you keep saying your name is Vahiz Mortis? If you liked that name, why didn't you choose it in-game?

...Hence the old highsec saying, "He who womps last womps best."

The New Order deals in facts and evidence, not idle speculation. I wonder what put Taka Heshi in such a bad mood? Probably ganked for botting.

Chrono-Sphere Alduin is the latest in a long line of carebears who define themselves by their opposition to me and the Code. Why else would someone create a bio like this? Imagine being a new player and coming across someone like that. If Ripard Teg were here, he'd advise Chrono-Sphere to let one of his female relatives read that bio and tell him if it's appropriate or not.

Mister Domination delivered a horrific prophecy to the Agent who ganked him. But our hero need not fear. karma balancer is an Agent of the New Order.

You'd be surprised how frequently AFK miners will, upon returning to keyboard, claim not to have time to deal with the New Order. What about all the time they free up by multitasking?

I have news for all the bot-aspirants out there: "This is highsec" is not an argument--it's an admission of your being subject to New Order jurisdiction.

"I'll spend billions to hire mercs" isn't as effective as having powerful friends in nullsec. Especially when you can only fly a "25 mil" ship and mine in highsec.

Don't be fooled by phony charities. If you want to make sure your isk goes toward helping those who need it, buy New Order stock directly from me.

Sounds like someone's petition was rejected. Carebears, if this happens, don't blame me. Blame the space lawyer who encouraged you to file a frivolous petition.


  1. ts ts ts...
    you still don't get it, or you just don't want to get it.
    First! eroti-a???hole was shot down.
    Hm... you must be verrryyy stupid, if you think it won't hit you.
    Tranlsation beacause otherwise some of you don't understand:
    CCP wants new Customers and thinks more ways to get and HOLD them. CCP does NOT care if YOU think they should play something else.
    IF you are blind, you were missing the posts about building a better world, or you where just ignoring it. (IMO you are just stupid egostic sociopaths)
    Your "cause" didn't bring in more customers, so its free to be shut down (shot down), especialy when one looks and almost everyone of this "clown troupe" supported this e1 guy, you and you followers, are a type of gamers, no game and no game company needs.

    1. "EVE is a virtual world whose inhabitants have more freedom to play the villain and experiment with various backhanded tactics than in any other MMO. The freedom to scam and commit piracy, espionage, and extortion are all fundamental to the EVE Online experience, and CCP will never change that."

      "However, it is important to remember that the EVE universe is a virtual world, and behavior of this nature should remain firmly within that virtual world."

      Hence, the New Order.

    2. CCP loves emergent gameplay. See what they had to say about Burn Jita. The fact of the matter is if CCP introduced the Order and James 315 as a fanatical NPC pirate faction, semi-randomly ganking afk and poorly tanked miners, there might be a bit of grumbling, but probably not. No, what displeases the perecious snowflakes is the New Order is mean. But it isn't, it is polite, plays by the rules and game mechanics, and has fun along the way. Poor sports, these carebears, poor sports.

  2. The only way I'll return to EVE is if they create a server cluster where highsec is PVE-only.

    But they won't.

    Beacuse CCP was formed by gankers and PVPers who left Ultima Online when they split the servers up into PVP and PVE.

    1. Thank you for not returning. Please stay gone, and enjoy the 99% of online games that actually cater to your playstyle.

    2. They say Maple Story is good. Also, very cute Japanese ad

    3. Agreed, Anon 8:59. Without malice, I suggest the same thing. If that's your kind of game, then there are plenty out there already. Eve is just not for you.
      It is for me. I joined knowing full well I could be blown up anywhere, and blow up other people. That is exactly what intrigues many Eve players. The sandbox is not for everyone, and while the suggestion is always taken as an insult, it really shouldn't be.
      I personally have little interest in FPS games. Just not my thing, so I simply don't play them much and never competitively. Eve is unique among MMOs in it's having non-consensual PvP combined with actual loss. People that enjoy that have only this one game to play. People that want to watch TV while 'playing' a game, or farm in game currency for no good reason, have libraries of games to choose from.
      The less like other games Eve is, the better Eve is.

    4. Please dont return. This is not EVE: Mining Simulator.

    5. "This is not EVE: Mining Simulator."

      I have some alts who mine in a c1 WH, it's pretty much like EVE: Mining Simulator. Very safe, as long as you watch the scanner constantly, and huge roids. Soon I will be able to compress the ore instantly and ship it to null, or refine it myself for better than hisec yields and use it with my manufacturing alts. I love how CCP keeps making changes that benefit at the computer miners like myself, while annoying botters and Dinsdales. I look at these changes as proof that the New Order is achieving success in influencing hearts and minds all across New Eden; it's better to change people's unconscious assumptions so that they do what you want, rather than use force to make them do what you want resentfully.

  3. goes to show there's no shortage of idiots who bring this sort of thing on themselves, then have the gall to get angry about it. boggles my mind that some people think their the 'good' or 'honourable' ones.

  4. You clowns are hilarious, I am never under new order jurisdiction when I am in HighSec. You buffoons need to go back to the circus you escaped from.

    1. Show us on the doll where the NOA bumped you.

    2. So why not post with your name then?

    3. Too busy making 200mil ISK/hour while I jerk off to motherless.com

  5. "Revan Kothan, I listened to your complaint very carefully. I have one question. Why do you keep saying your name is Vahiz Mortis? If you liked that name, why didn't you choose it in-game?"

    Vahiz Mortis is his mains name, he was just afraid to send the mail with his main, then forgot the fact he was using his alt.

  6. I'm curious as to how anyone who claims to be working two jobs (to feed their family) plus going to school, would have any time available to play Eve effectively? Even AFK mining isn't viable for that sort of schedule, unless you've got "the family" managing your accounts while you work and study.

    1. We've seen examples on this blog of miners who have their kids mine for them. A most deplorable act!

    2. I've also seen a proud parent video his 7 year old daughter ganking ice miner s. As long as it goes both ways. Li3 also has a 12 year old fc that loves to hero tackle things. Children are capable of playing EVE better than most highsec carebears.


    3. I've also seen a proud parent video his 7 year old daughter ganking ice miner s. As long as it goes both ways. Li3 also has a 12 year old fc that loves to hero tackle things. Children are capable of playing EVE better than most highsec carebears.


    4. Scott Manley is one of my favorite youtubers. He's a goon and an all-around cool guy.

      His 7 year old daughter enforcing The Code.

    5. As if any more proof was required as to how easy ganking is. Yet some of you guys appear to believe it's a major challenge. Maybe Skye should give you all a lesson or two.

  7. What business is it, of yours...you code monkeys get your nose out of joint for the slightest thing....

    1. What business of what?

      Code enforcement, that's our business, focused on the larger aim of saving highsec from itself.

      Code business = best business

  8. Nice tears about Ripard Teg haha
    Every post now
    James can you please tell where Ripard Teg touch you or erotica

  9. Ewwww don't mention 'karma balancer' please. He shits all over our great community with his homophobic and juvenile attempts at enforcement.

    We're not talking about a normal solid shit either. We're not even talking about diarrhea; that's got chunks in it at least. We're talking like a pure liquid kind of shit. And he's just drenched in it... completely soaked. He might as well be bathing in it.

  10. Where is the fiery lake if the pit is bottomless?

  11. Morgause AquitaniaApril 23, 2014 at 3:13 PM

    Father of New Order? He is the father of caos, that is what he is. Saviour of Highsec? A saviour, by definition, must sacrifice his own life to accomplish the very purpose. How can he claim that he is the saviour if he has not walked the path of the carebear? Has he shared their "fallen" nature? Has he ever flown a Hulk? Cycled its lasers?

    What has James 315 sacrificed? Nothing. He sacrifices nothing. His money comes from donators. He even uses an alt to run his corp. Others do his bidding. He has never lived the life of a carebear. He has never shared the flesh of a carebear. Therefore he cannot be their saviour.

    James 315 has no real power. A carebear needs to do one thing, and one thing only: align his ship to station and warp out when an "agent" comes in. Therefore they will deny any target opportunities to James 315.

  12. Where are the lies?

    Lie Number 1 - The moniker "Saviour of high-sec" - high-sec hasn't been saved so by definition James 315 is not the saviour of it. To pretend otherwise would be an exercise in dishonesty & stupidity.

  13. @Morgause Aquitania - I think your cult has confused the shit out of you. A saviour doesn't have to sacrifice his own life for you.

  14. Morgause AquitaniaApril 23, 2014 at 3:25 PM

    Also, it came to my attention that the capsuleer Chribba, known throughout the cluster as the ultimate master of Veldspar, has paid no mining extortion fee - aka "mining permit". How can that be? If the "Code" must be enforced upon everyone living in Highsec, how can it be that Mr. Chribba has never supported it? He has a fleet of mining ships - called Veldfleet, which Veldnaught is the flagship. And he goes out to mine Veld in his home system every day. He has dozens of alts to do his bidding, a strong sign of "bot-aspirant" behavior.

    Therefore I ask you, James 315 and his minions, how powerful is the "Code"? Why is Mr. Chribba never shown the light? If you are unable to convert the Father of All Carebears, why should we care about the "Father of New Order" and his "Code"?

    1. Because his Titan is in a 1.0 system, unable to leave.

      Jimmy boy could shit out every single Catalyst he could extort, and it wouldn't be enough to take down the Veldnaught before 1.0 sec CONCORD got to him.

      Besides, I'm sure that would be the tipping point that would outrage a lot of the EVE community and get much of the New Order banned.

    2. Morgause AquitaniaApril 23, 2014 at 3:40 PM

      Ah! Thus Chribba is James 315's Achilles heel. How interesting that the Father of All Carebears alone is more powerful than the host of New Order combined?

    3. Chribba ‏@ChribbaVeldspar Apr 19

      @awanderingjon @TG_3 I may or may not take the same route on the way back.. :D Your 200-some-pilot fleet scared the living crap out of me ;)

      The "Father of All Carebears" almost got his Tengu wrecked by RvB Ganked in lowsec on the 19th. There were only 155 of us though. If only all "carebears" were so brave, and so skilled.

    4. Morgause AquitaniaApril 23, 2014 at 4:25 PM

      It is true that most of us sons and daughters rebel against the ways of our fathers.

      Evading a 200-man fleet? That requires almighty Veld power. Thus my earlier statement remains true.

      Carebears should emulate Chribba, not James 315. Chribba is meek, compassionate, and self-giving. Also, he lives the life of a carebear since capsuleer licenses were granted throughout New Eden!

      He is a more suitable candidate to fatherhood and saviourdom than James 315, don't you agree?

    5. @Morgause
      You seem to be operating with a misconception at the core of your ideology here:
      You seem to think James 315 is the Saviour of CareBears.
      James 315 is the Saviour of HighSec.

      CareBears are welcome to have their own Saviour. I wonder if one will step up and rise to the occasion. Or perhaps they'll just hope someone else does something while not lifting a finger themselves.

      You can spew all you like about this, but I think that before you do, you should really try to wrap your head around the fact that HighSec needs saving. Then ask yourself what you are doing to help save HighSec.

    6. Langtonio,

      The facts are that James 315 and his ilk, although claiming to be "saviours of Highsec", selectively target miners who are only doing their jobs. Also, their "Code" is centered about the so-called "bot-aspirant" behavior. Although claiming that the "Code" is a "living, breathing document", this is actually a excuse to make up rules as they go. Thus, currently there is nothing in the "Code" that prompts the condemnation of "bad behavior" in Highsec denizens other than carebears. Perhaps, after pointing out this flagrant flaw, James 315 will remedy it?

      We have seen that the "Code" cannot be enforced on individuals such as Chribba. He is acknowledged throughout the cluster as the Father of All Carebears. He is also a known addict to Veldspar. He's been doing it for years now. He also has a fleet of mining ships, and they go out to mine Veld simultaneously.

      This is definite proof of bot-aspirant behavior. He is, by the definition of your own "Code", the greatest offender of the law. But, since launching his mob against the good citizens of Highsec, James 315 has not said a word about such eminent law breaker. Why? Think of the impact on the hearts and minds of carebears if Chribba was brought to confess the "Code" and live by it! One man dies and millions are saved! What an efficient business approach! But we suspect that James 315 personally craves the killing of his fellow brother or sister, and that is why we are here.

      This is an interesting aspect of the "Code" that really shows us that it is not as powerful as it should be. Also, for a law to be effective and to be trusted, it needs to be enforced on anyone, including James 315 and his agents. Selective enforcement of the "law" will not do. This only shows that the "Code" is only a means to an end. Its agents have not the law in their hearts. Perhaps the reason why the "Code" is so weak at convicting carebears from their sins is the fact that when James 315 announced to the world his evil plans, he called it a "business venture".

      He also claimed to have undergone extensive audit procedures in order show its compliance to Jove Authority Law in the event that some capsuleer would request the termination of his license. The main argument presented by him is that since he is doing what he is doing because it is a business, it is OK to do it.

      Thus, James 315 loses the moral high ground. It's just business, and an evil one. Ultimately, the "Code" is the law of racketeers - yer purse or yer life.

      Considering the extreme prejudice that James 315 has showed toward the carebear community, I agree - Yes, carebears need a saviour. A saviour from James 315!

      I am not sure about what you mean by "Highsec needs saving". If a civilization that nurtures betrayal, awoxing, ganking and murderous behavior is what James 315 is funding, then surely Highsec needs saving.

      My Sisterhood has been assigned to study this phenomenon, debunk it, and to denounce the fallacies, lies, and deception of false saviours, prophets, and messiahs. We hope that by providing light on the subject, others will pickup it up and follow where it leads. Where are not politicians, military leaders, or fighters. We are, as we like to say, flashlighters. We merely point the people to where the light is. This is no easy task.

      There you have my response.

      Last but not least, there is another fundamental question that needs to be answered. "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" Who will guard the guardians?

    7. I would love to gank Chribba's veldernought, could be a fun experience. But I feel GMs would respawn it for him and ban us all. And if not, Ripard would write about it and that would ban us all.

  15. Morgause AquitaniaApril 23, 2014 at 3:31 PM

    @Anonymous at 3:22: That is the main reason why a carebear will never accept James 315 in his heart. The "Code" and the infamous "mining permit": all it accomplishes is outward compliance. And that is not even a real conversion. You can pay the extortion and behave as the code demands, but in your heart you never accepted it.

    That is the reason why James 315 is a false saviour. He has been weighed and he has been found wanting. He cannot reform his theology now, for who could trust a liar and deceiver?

    - I think your cult has confused the shit out of you. A saviour doesn't have to sacrifice his own life for you.

  16. "James 315 has no real power. A carebear needs to do one thing, and one thing only: align his ship to station and warp out when an "agent" comes in. Therefore they will deny any target opportunities to James 315. "

    ATK, heads to safety and stops mining when danger approaches. We win. #yolo #swag #hisecisworthsaving

  17. Jerra Austeus is just butt hurt about how many ships he's lost to us, and all the times he's made a fool of himself in local.

    1. https://www.blogger.com/profile/08405067955793242192

      I am BAAACCK!!

  18. Goonswarm Federation - James' former alliance and current "powerful nullsec friends" - promotes AFK gameplay publically.


    "Fix your sec status - AFKtar or rat or whore on rats in anoms every 5min or whatever."

    There is no logic to doing PVE in this game actively. Everyone knows it, and everyone tries their hardest to be as AFK as possible.

    I maintain that trolling miners about this is in fact FUNNY. Believing the trolls you are saying for fun however is what we call "delusional". A gallant understands AFK gameplay is logical and has fun with miner enforcement purely as roleplay-based trolling. A goofus actually believes what he's trolling about and ends up sounding foolish.

    1. Indeed. It is clear that James 315 has double standards regarding the application of his "Code": it is OK to AFK gameplay as long as you're a Goon, or if you are Chribba.

      Considering that the false saviour doesn't put up a good example at keeping up his own law, I wonder how long it will take until his agents find a way to circumvent the "Code" to their own ends.


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