Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CSM9 Voting Begins

As promised, here's your announcement/reminder that the CSM9 elections have begun. You can vote by logging into the CSM voting page and selecting your preferred candidates in order. As before, you are not required to fill out the ballot; simply rank the candidates that you like.

In case you missed it, you can read MinerBumping's endorsement of Psychotic Monk and DJ FunkyBacon. They'll need your votes. Don't forget that if you own multiple accounts, you can vote on each one!


  1. Before I go any further, you should all place Psychotic Monk and DJ FunkyBacon on places #1 and #2.

    That said, looking at other good candidates for the remaining slots, I can't see many good choices this year. Here's what I picked up after a quick stroll through the name list:

    Aram Kachaturian - Highsec ganker + low/null pvp w/ pasta. Just look at their kb:

    Gorski Car - Honorabru solo losec pvp, nerf links, nerf JFs, but no highsec affiliation

  2. You are right, there's only two good ones this year. The two that I picked are vehemently opposed to CODE. Hey James, if you want the vast majority of carebears to vote for your candidates, don't endorse them.

  3. Psychotic Monk will definitely need all the help he can get. He's busy with "real life" stuff, and is so occupied that his very own blog has not been updated in almost three whole months! So busy! Sooo busy!

    Speaking of which, I sure do hope he isn't logged into the game while he is busy doing that real life stuff, as that would be clear bot-aspirancy. Like when he stays logged in overnight to keep from getting corp-kicked. AFK play is not tolerated!

    Like I said, tell Monktard that if he is busy doing SoO in Pandaria, at least blog about THAT. Just not generating "content" for two full months makes you seem like a Loud. Mouth. Jack. Ass.

    You know. NOT like jemas here.


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