Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cheerful Compliance

Everyone loves a happy miner. And as every highsec miner learns sooner or later, you can't be a happy miner for very long without a permit. Agent Kalorned sent Agent Ophidia Black a follow-up report after she visited Kalorned in the Gamis system. He gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how the SevenDragons corporation became Code-compliant.

As usual, Kalorned outmaneuvered his opponent, who had no choice but to admit defeat.

SevenDragons corp is very professional, as seen in this image from the SevenDragons website. It almost makes you think highsec miners do something. The CEO of SevenDragons, Joshen Legate'Amarr, was also very professional. Having realized that there was no sense in fighting the New Order, he was thrilled to speak with Kalorned about buying a permit:

When a carebear sighs like that, it means their happiness is about to increase.

Joshen was an odd duck. He knew he needed to follow the Code, but he wasn't cheerful about it. He sounded like a rebel. Would he really pay?

The only reason Joshen wanted to get his corp Code-compliant was for the sake of his "investors". As someone who tends to the needs of more than 700 shareholders, I can relate. My investors never suffer, though.

Joshen had "very powerful" friends who did PvP. Naturally, they wouldn't protect him from the New Order. He said "very powerful", not "omnipotent".

Kalorned and Joshen negotiated an arrangement for the whole corp to buy permits. Does this compromise the Code, which demands 10 million per miner? Not at all. In time, everything works out. SevenDragons is now down to 8 members, and Joshen paid 110 million. So he actually spent more than 10 million per miner.

Old habits die hard. Joshen still didn't like the New Order for some reason. At any moment, Kalorned might revoke his permits for Code violations.

Like everyone else in highsec, Joshen had already read the Code. He didn't fully absorb it, but at least he didn't pretend not to be familiar with its terms.

For some reason, Joshen wanted to transfer the isk through a station trade window, rather than just sending the money. Kalorned graciously agreed to visit him at a nearby station.

Carebears lie to everyone, even themselves. Joshen thought he could hold onto his dignity by sending the money from his personal wallet, rather than the corp wallet.

The deal was done. You don't have to like the New Order, but you do have to obey it. On the other hand, disliking the New Order is usually a Code violation, if it manifests itself in a tangible way. Thoughts are considered tangible.

I'm convinced that if Joshen had joined the New Order family in spirit, rather than simply by the letter of the law, he would have enjoyed greater success. His under-the-table purchase of mining permits for his corp, along with his disrespectful attitude, doomed him. Rather than growing, his corp lost half its membership. With ThreeAndAHalfDragons only running at half-strength, I wonder how many "very powerful PvP corporations" ran out of ore? After all, without miners, we wouldn't have any ships! ...Right?


  1. That image is actually from the personality test on EvE's site. SevenDragons may have "borrowed" it, but it is actually the property of CCP.


  3. Well done Agent Kalorned! We shall have to be extra careful checking bios in Berta, and perhaps offer some remedial lessons in the proper respect to be offered Agents.

  4. I was intrigued by the miner picture from their website that our Glorious Saviour posted and looked through it.
    It seems fairly well made. Unfortunately however it appears that their own CEO forgot what was written on his own website

    "Everyone will lose a ship eventually, but our intent is to keep losses to a minimum."

    It seems he did not take his eventual loss very well. Maybe he will be the wiser to the specific instance that caused his ship loss in the first place now, and will not be caught again, after all, it was stated he was already somewhat wise to the Order's activities.

    However I hope one day his attitude to the New Order itself changes, and that he flourishes with his corp....and who knows maybe he will supply Catalysts one day.

    1. The "Miner" picture is copied from the official EVE website:

    2. Hi Anon 11:36 PM, I was also intrigued by the picture, but for wholly other reasons. I did not recognise the figure as that of a miner.

      Some of my forebears were miners - though of tin, not scordite. Their working lives were spent in dirty and dangerous conditions, with low pay. Life expectancy was short.

      My work for the New Order helps me to remind miners of the dangers of their profession. Although their pay is far out of proportion to the amount of effort required of them, I hope to relieve them of at least some of it through my endeavours.

      No, that picture reminded me not so much of a miner as of a bureaucrat.


  5. TLDR: Jimbo mad at miners

    1. we could probably find something more on your reading level I know this great book about a hungry caterpillar I think you'd enjoy

  6. "Very Powerful Null Sec Friends".....

    There is no more powerful a friend than a New Order Agent. He brings you the joy of being CODE-compliant, the social contact of emergent gameplay, relief from knowing you are a target, and of course- is always in need of inexpensive hulls and fittings in bulk.
    Once again, the New Order demonstrates how invaluable it is to a happy high sec. Trust in the CODE, and mana falls from the heavens as Veldspar from a belt.

  7. 'relief from knowing you are a target'

    Oh no, he's still a target. Just not a CODE agent's target.And that's only if he actually follows the CODE. Which I suspect he won't...he's probably AFK mining as I write this.


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