Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #58

And now for a very special edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag. We've had fun observing the crazy, irrational, rage-driven carebears of highsec. Today we honour the sensible, rational, moderate rebels.

Gorila Vengaza is one of the new crop of self-proclaimed "rebel leaders". Though he indulges in a conspiracy theory about MinerBumping having multiple writers, he urges calm and mutual respect. Unlike the "Ganking Is Bullying" extremists, Gorila calls for an end to the hate.

On the other hand, our Agents have access to all of the anti-gankers' private channels...

...and thus ends today's celebration of the sensible, rational, moderate rebels. When we find some, we'll let you know. Back to the rage-driven ones, I suppose.

Simon Graham spotted some Code enforcers in his system and called for real-life lynching, rape, and murder. Just imagine what these miners would be like if our permits cost more than 10 million isk!

Considering the way some anti-ganker activists compare shooting spaceships in highsec to rape, they're surprisingly comfortable including it in their own arsenal.

In case you're unfamiliar with the term, "PK" stands for "player kill", which apparently is a bad thing. ArchDemiDragon believes that if one player in a PvP engagement has no chance of winning, it's not real PvP. I guess that means the New Order never engages in PvP, because we always win?

Hoyz purchased a few mining permits from Agent Alyth Nerun, but he was really grumpy and disrespectful about it. He was one of the angriest customers I've seen in some time.

As a result, all of Hoyz's permits were revoked simultaneously with their purchase. I prefer miners in my territory to be cheerful. We're trying to make highsec awesome.

At this point, I wonder if the "ganking is rape" carebears and the "I'm going to rape you for ganking" carebears should host some kind of a debate about the future direction of their cause.

Reddit was abuzz when miner Juru Jabari threatened to report a New Order Agent directly to The Mittani. What a privilege for a random 1-month-old character to have The Mittani's ear.

After I reported Ledrian Saisima's 24-hour shift in allegiance, he EVEmailed me to let me know he was switching sides again. I'm not sure even Ledrian knows which team he's on these days.

Yes, this EVEmail was the result of spam by Xan Staraider, who was recruiting people to fight the New Order. As regular readers know, he later biomassed and dissolved his rebel organization.

From day one, there was a big flaw in Xan's plan: He was looking for pilots with a willing heart and a warrior's spirit. Those pilots are already in the New Order. It's no mystery why good EVE players are unwilling to associate themselves with the resistance. The rebel culture is just a little toxic.


  1. Zitate: " The rebel culture is just a little toxic. "

    Thats true but it has also some interesting behavior in High Sec.

    Today i came back from a WH op, i (randomly) stranded in System KINO, LONETREK and visited the ice fields.

    An Agent of the NEW ORDER is ONLINE, while BOT fleets and Retriver fleets (all without permit) , all without speed, protected by a lonely Griffon. These ICE MINING maschines controll now high sec and especially system of Kino (the current location of the glorious leader of Minerbumping James 315 as well as the most successfull Agents)

    Link : Screenshot http://s1.directupload.net/images/140617/gbcae8vi.png

    Ye more time the New Order under his glorious leadership James 315 and extreme successfull (afk) Agents (example see link above ) is spending, sometimes fighting the resistance : ye more BOTS , MINER without permit etc.... be / stay / mining in (long time ago) fully controlled ORDER high sec systems like the System of Kino .....

    The main goal of Minerbumping was : see the link in minerbumping named :"THE CODE"

    Last 2-3 months the New Order lost interesting in Minerbumping, Ganking miners .....

    Do you really believe 6 months ago some fleets of (untanked)(without Permit) Retreivers could mine while an Agent is online?

    That was impossible

    Something has changed, i dont know what but something has really changed.........

    1. (1) The New Order exists.
      (2) Bots exist.

      You make the mistake of believing that (1) caused (2).

      If you are unhappy about bots, you have the means to work towards a solution. Use them; become an Agent.

  2. Wow, that twist with Gorila was almost too good to be true.

    1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieJune 17, 2014 at 8:16 PM

      That was probably the funniest thing I've read on this blog. Gorila seems to be a nice guy, but he doesn't get that some people don't appreciate smack talk, and that who you associate with reflects on you.

    2. Agreed. I can't support Gorila solely on the basis that he plays both sides of the field.

    3. JOIN NOW:


      READ THE LIES BY JAMES 315 and his followers

      SEE the REAL pictures OF JAMES 315 & EROTICA 1

    4. Anybody who is surprised by Gorila's rhetoric hasn't been paying attention to Gorila. (Lucky you)

      Some, like Motoko, who have managed to maneuver themselves closer to Gorila, have repeatedly stated that he is better at playing his own people than he is at playing us. He simply isn't a good enough metagamer to impact the New Order directly in any meaningful way. so he focuses on getting what he can from anti-ganking: attention, ISK, and a sense of purpose.

      Amazingly, anti-ganking has begun to recognize what the New Order has always known. Guys like Xan and Gorila are always in it for themselves. If they were truly interested in helping the community, they would join us.

    5. Interesting statement - who exactly is playing who? It is well known fact that Loyalanon your mining ship war operation leader is big friends with Gorila (they went on roam and TS often) and he is passing intel on code to him also. So does that mean Loyalanon has his own interests at heart too?

      Out of those two I wouldn't say there is a fundamental difference but Gorila is certainly the better pilot and is a thorough-bred whereas Loyalanon is a ropy mare who won't engage in real PVP and has a KB full of miner kills plus he needs 3 alts and to multibox to even achieve this - aka Wolf Soprano, Sophia Soprano.

      As for Xan, why even mention him? He was a 3 month old pilot with no PVP skills.

  3. the hatfields and mccoys never had it so good.

    also anon 7:14 - wha? are you trying to say that a single Knight didnt clear out the entire fleet of mining ships in the 60 seconds you were in a belt? maybe your excessive wormholing has caused a bit of dementia.

  4. Omg Hoys! He has been mad since I started playing this game all those years ago, a quick pastebin of one of my first times ever nina salvaging starred him! http://pastebin.com/JujL4DKG and http://pastebin.com/Si0CtG1N

  5. "Just a little toxic." Thumbs up for understatement of the year.

  6. Is this porn? I hope its porn. Erotica1 is hawt!

  7. On the one hand, the gankerbumping site is proof of the saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. On the other hand, the quality of the flattery is minimal -- the equivalent of a Shichidan being told by a 9th-kyu that his technique is impressive.

  8. Gorila's blog is on a 3rd grade writing level. He couldn't even come up with an original idea and had to copy the format and the name of minerbumping. His constant use of the spelling "Spai" just goes to show you that he is a fat 15-year old douche.

    1. If he's do insignificant, why cry about it?

      You're literally doing the things you hate about miners.

  9. As a reformed code enforcer I have to goto the rebles now. I am sorry they are being picked on and need support. This is an open incite for any mining or rebel corp to contact me in game (Lord Jasta) for support and training. I have changed my ways and no longer wish to hurt the innocent.

  10. When I got out of 3rd grade today, I Iogged in and found you guys had actually posted about little ol me. WOW..Im impressed , but as usual you guys never tell the whole truth do ya?
    My reply to the above and the ENTIRE convo can be found on my blog...


    1. No one is going to believe an anti-christ, especially one who's self proclaimed and not fairly elected like James was. get back to your crayons and sippy cup.

    2. jimmy was not fairly elected. One really can't use the proxy of another without permission, so the whole "I voted for myself using the proxy of everyone in highsec" is a FALLACY...you guys are really delusional...

  11. I've been spending time in the 'anti-ganking' channel. After reading what's going on in there it's no wonder the NO is as successful as it is. It's not the game that defeats these idiots, it's their own attitude.

  12. Gorila summary: Let me make this clear -- James315 is an insignificant speck in the vastness of EVE, not worthy of my time. That is why I've created a blog devoted entirely to emulating James315.

    Oh James315, why won't you pay more attention to me? Each morning I arise with hope, scouring the minerbumping blog for a mention of my name. In those rare, glorious moments when I appear in your writings, I print the page and place it under my pillow so that throughout the night I might hear your voice whispering my name. Yet, all too often I end the day in bitter despair, my radiant hope gone to ashes in my mouth.

    Read all about it on my blog:


    Notice me more, I say! Must I send you tickets to Swan Lake? I won't be ignored!

    1. Alright Mr. Wizard, your entitled to your own opinion. But I've never said"James315 is an insignificant speck in the vastness of EVE, not worthy of my time". Your Wizard Hat must be on too tight as you cant see the obvious....

    2. yesterday I looked at the C&P forums and the top 5 threads were about code. I don't care what you think of the guy but you have to admit he's making a bit more of a dent on the game than the average joe (except phoenix ofc)

  13. Face it Gorila, yours is a lost cause. NO is too big now and most people hate AFkers and BOTS and they always have. Killing miners is fun. We won't be stopped. Ever. We have The Code.

  14. Gorila vengaza, the guy who writes that blog that I never read.

    Or as he would say it...

    the GUY who writes that BLOG that I never READ

  15. I have been reading this blog for a few months now (only playing for 2 months) and was leaning towards the carebear side of things. After reading this post I have completly changed my mind and am all for James 3:15 and his agents. I will be donating a few million to the cause as soon as Downtime is over today and will be looking to become an agent. So be on the lookout for Hoh Hachoch Okel when you are out there afk mining. And BTW my alt toon is in a mining corp!


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