Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day One, Part 1

First there was the Code. Then there was MinerBumping. But what happened during the interregnum? The earliest days of the New Order are often considered something of a mystery. Because MinerBumping didn't appear until August, we don't have a series of lovingly-crafted posts to transport us back to that late June 2012 to early August 2012 period. Yet these were important days in the history of highsec--they were the dawn of a new era. As is typical of such dawns, few people were around to see it.

There is some good news, though. The EVE client automatically records game logs and chat logs. I still have all of my logs going back to January 2006, when I first arrived in EVE. In preparation for the second anniversary of the Code, I unearthed and reviewed some of these precious logs. Now, for the first time ever, readers of MinerBumping will be able to catch a glimpse of the first days of the New Order. Come with me...
[ 2012.06.26 22:06:04 ] (notify) Anchoring the selected object, it will take around 60.0 seconds to do so.
The twenty-sixth of June, 2012. It, too, is an important date in highsec's history. It was the first time an in-game action was taken in the name of the Code. Two days earlier, I announced the creation of the Code and raised 100 million isk from the sale of New Order shares. Now it was time to transform the idea of the Code into a reality. Some of the 100 million isk was spent to purchase a set of small secure containers to anchor at a distance from the Halaima ice field.
(notify) Anchoring the selected object, it will take around 60.0 seconds to do so.
(notify) Anchoring the selected object, it will take around 60.0 seconds to do so.
(notify) Anchoring the selected object, it will take around 60.0 seconds to do so.
(notify) Anchoring the selected object, it will take around 60.0 seconds to do so.
(notify) Anchoring the selected object, it will take around 60.0 seconds to do so.
There were no objects inside the containers, but the containers couldn't have been less empty. Each container became a sign post. I set the names of the containers and provided the ice field with instructions on how to follow the Code. Miners often accuse the New Order of not providing them with sufficient "warning". Ironically, my very first act in the name of the Code was to supply the ice miners of Halaima with just such a warning.
luzinski > swtor has a new patch?
Uni fication > what is swtor ?
randop > star wars the old republic
randop > a star wars mmo
luzinski > patch 1.3
twirlz > game blows
twirlz > personal opinion obviously
daniel Saisima > is that going to free to play soon
luzinski > rumors says that it will be f2p :(
As I was anchoring the containers, some idle chit-chat occurred in local. Halaima was a busy system in those days. Still, most of the time it was silent. Not this evening. After the sixth container was finished anchoring, I stood back and admired my work. Everything was good. Now it was time to break the ice--if you'll pardon the pun!
James 315 > ICE MINERS OF HALAIMA: Hi folks, if I could direct your attention to the new cans anchored about 200km from the belt
randop > ?
James 315 > I have taken control of Halaima and will commence bumping miners out of range at will.
James 315 > To be safe from bumping, please send me 10 million isk for a 365-day mining permit
randop > all those in favor of ganking this dipshit?
Just like that, the very first words spoken in response were a Miner Bingo quote and a call for someone else to stop me.
CmdrCally Janeway > ill even damp his ass
James 315 > I would like to caution you all against ganking attempts. I can assure you my ship is quite Invincible
James 315 > Please see my bio for additional details, including a link to the main forum thread on the subject
CmdrCally Janeway > not so invincible when u cant lock shit
James 315 > I can't be jammed
Halaima's miners were pessimistic about my new regime, right from the jump. They made extraordinary threats against my Stabber Fleet Issue. I took pity on the miners and told them quite plainly that it wouldn't be possible for them to destroy my ship. If they had only listened, they could have spared themselves much wasted isk and effort.
James 315 > I know this will be a disturbing development to some, but it's for the best. I will have free reign to bump those who don't pay
Uni fication > maybe james 315 will be unlucky and run into a ganking smarttie BS in action :)
luzinski > whats bumping?
luzinski > whats going on?
luzinski > why 10million to just get bumped?
randop > to not get bumped
randop > all ships, target james 315
CmdrCally Janeway > he's so gutless if he was really going to do something he'd have done it by now
The miners braced themselves. So far, nobody was paying for permits. Would they get bumped, or would this whole "Code" storm blow over?
randop > everyone drop something in a can
randop > if he is going to do something, he will fight for it
James 315 > Amack808 pay 10 million or i bump u
quard > james 315 100m and i wont kill u
randop > Amack808 do not pay
James 315 > don't listen to them, you need to pay
Amack808 > ....
randop > James 315 200m, or the tornados coming to this system will kill you
James 315 > I cannot be killed, I fear no tornado
quard > realy
The first miner to be bumped in the name of the Code was Amack808. He was the bot-aspirants' Adam, if you will. The miner refused to pay, and he began to suffer bumps. The first rebels issued furious threats against me. While randop spoke of fleets of tornadoes inbound to Halaima, quard hinted that he would kill me personally.
randop > who are you? the mesiah?
James 315 > I am James 315, the Saviour of Highsec!
quard > are u high or drunk
randop > or both?
luzinski > wow 10million to not get bumped
luzinski > thats alot
luzinski > can we ask for a reduction lol
James 315 > Sorry folks, it's 10 million
I've always considered 10 million isk to be a generous price for a year of friendship with the New Order. luzinski tried to haggle anyway. No deal. Regardless of what would happen in highsec over the coming years, the price of a mining permit would be a constant.
James 315 > Amack808 if you pay me 10 mill you will be free to mine for the next 365 days
James 315 > Nothing personal, just business
Amack808 > and you can suck my dick
Amack808 > for 5 mil
luzinski > lmao
daniel Saisima > lol
James 315 > I would caution you against showing me disrespect. Those who get written on my Red Pen list have to pay 30 million
James 315 > Check the link in my bio, it's all there
randop > ok, uh.....fuck you?
Because MinerBumping didn't yet exist, I couldn't link the URL in local. Instead, I referred the miners to my bio, which contained a link to the thread on EVE-O with the Code. Sadly, my bio was carelessly wiped away by a GM who lacked the civilized man's appreciation for history.
Amack808 > do i care?
James 315 > Well, I did stop you from mining, did I not?
Amack808 > once again do i care..
Amack808 > i was full
Amack808 > so you just make me relize that
James 315 > I understand that you are full. The question is, full of what?
The first miner was forcibly removed from the ice field. There was nothing he could do but help establish future Miner Bingo squares.
James 315 > i am a man of honour
Amack808 > are you
Amack808 > your out here bumbing people for money
Amack808 > thats honner
James 315 > if you pay me the 10 mill, you have my word that you can mine in peace
Amack808 > go mack your money doing somthing else
James 315 > i have shareholders to consider
James 315 > 100 million worth of investors paid me today to help start this business
randop > peopple are really stupid then
James 315 > they are smart businessmen and businesswomen
In the days before Agents, I was alone. The system was filled with hostility; people tend to fear what they do not understand. However, I did have shareholders. I cited their financial support as evidence that I was a stand-up guy. My investors proved that there was popular support for the Code.
James 315 > Amack808 this is nothing personal against you. I simply saw you mining in my ice field without paying me
Avane Astaad > your just wasting your time
James 315 > on the contrary; if someone is bumped out of mining range, he cannot mine
Avane Astaad > simple warp into the middle of the belt will take a while to try and bump someone out of the middle of a bunch of rocks
James 315 > Avane Astaad i am a professional, i am very good at what i do
luzinski > James 315 anyone tried to kill you before?
James 315 > many
luzinski > just curious
A miner spoke up, telling me I was wasting my time. This bumping business would amount to nothing, he said. I disagreed. Time would tell who was right and who was wrong.
(notify) quard, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
(combat) quard [INRTI](Tempest) aims well at you, inflicting 1288.2 damage.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a miner who had threatened to kill me actually showed up in a tech II fitted battleship and opened fire. It had barely been 30 minutes since I proclaimed the Code. Would my Invincible Stabber survive this onslaught and live to bump another day? Or would the New Order and its Code be destroyed and tossed into the ash heap of history before they had a chance to take root?

To be continued...


  1. "He was the bot-aspirants' Adam, if you will."

    Comedy gold right there !!

    - Guybertini

  2. Saviour!

    Thank you for taking the time to dig up this stuff and put it together; much appreciated.


  3. This is beautiful.

    One day New Eden's greatest historians will teach all capsuleers this story!

    Hopefully the author of the new History of New Eden isn't an anti-ganker who would stifle this truth.

    1. I don't think you'll have to worry about that, history is written by the winners


      I'll just go ahead and leave this here for you.

  4. Amack808 > i was full
    James 315 > I understand that you are full. The question is, full of what?


    The wit that started a revolution.

  5. Too bad there was a beginning. And ending would be more approperiate now. Anyways, I see your CODE monkey bot lobster cum faggots over in the Uedama system ganking defenseless freighters. Try ganking someone who fights back. I know you won't because you guys are a bunch of cowards. Oh yeah, I see Wolf Soprano and Lolayanon and a few others there.

    So freighter pilots, if you are reading this, avoid the Uedama system at all costs. You will get ganked.

    1. you sound upset ma'am.

    2. You must be new here. We gank anyone we please. Freighters, miners, battleships, cruisers, frigates, T3s, battlecruisers. There is an article every other week on this site about it. We are l33t brah.

    3. Anon 12:31am : if you are so brave, upstanding and true, kindly post with your main's name. I saw a lot of rebels mincing about Uedama last night, and not once did they offer any kind of resistance.

      Also, as you're such an upstanding citizen be so kind as to name the anti-ganking alliances that are in the AT.

      I'm waiting.

      Dr Tyler

    4. Kantar are you still mad?

      Remember ganking is part of the game, its not real life murder like you claim.

    5. "Remember ganking is part of the game, its not real life murder like you claim."

      I suppose it's like murder if your entire life is centered around internet spaceships.

  6. "After the sixth container was finished anchoring, I stood back and admired my work. Everything was good."

    For some reason the book of Genesis springs to mind. :D

    1. Except that those cans were actually anchored

  7. 10 million isk would be a great price for a year of peace, if it were true. Unfortunately, if you fly an expensive ship, people like loyalanon will gank you just for the kill mail, permit or not, then justify it as "teaching you not to fly an anti-tanked ship in violation of the code." So why buy a permit? Why would anyone send any money at all to the crew who became famous for the "bonus round"? What's next, the chance to be repaid for your lost ship upon succesful completion of a "bonus round"?

    1. If one shows truth faith , they can get their ship back

    2. I'm sure you have proof of this claim?

    3. @Anonymous

      'if you have a permit you are going to be ganked even harder for being a little girl and giving into a bigger group of little girls.' - Loyalanon

    4. Anon @ 12:04:
      Proof makes it impossible to have faith. This is one of the primary arguments used by Christians to explain why God leaves no proof. The utility of God in our lives (as the argument goes) is only of value in the faith that we have for God and things we do based on that faith. If there was proof of God's existence, there would be nothing to have faith about, and therefore, no need for God.

      Faith is an incredibly powerful motivator, and can even be weaponized. Our set of beliefs define who we are as people and why we do the things we do. So when getting to know someone, it's key to understand their beliefs if you want any insight into the reasons behind their actions.

      So what do you believe?

      I believe I'll have another beer.


    5. Yeah, I can prove it with my in game mails. Bing Bangboom destroyed my first mining barge within 1/2 hour of me getting it when my character was 10 days old (a demonstration of elite PvP skills if ever there was one, attacking a 10 day old miner with no weapon skills) So I bought a permit--as confirmed by Bing's in game mail. At that point I actually defended following the Code in local, and was mocked by older and wiser miners who knew it was just a scam I fell for. I was rewarded for my "faith in the process" by loyalanon's crew ganking and podding me twice.

      Anyone who sends money to the "bonus round" crew will only get a harsh lesson about being too trusting in return.

  8. Wait... was a miner bot aspirant responsible for the origin of the title "Saviour of highsec?"

  9. What you don't know is that CCP put EA guys to rule EVE.
    CODE will be nerfed, high sec will become Trammel
    Money will win against evil again.


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