Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Renting Space from CODEdot, Part 1

First they say you don't matter. Then they ask CCP to ban you. Then they ask CCP to nerf you. Then they ask you to do business with them.
Carry On Friend > sorry was afk how may I help you
Inel Amure > hi hi
Inel Amure > me and my frends gona mining here
Inel Amure > i prefer to pay this 10mil and mining in peace
Inel Amure > coz many times im mining in afk till my cargo is full so i wana prevent any probs
Agent Carry On Friend was off-duty and relaxing in a station when she was approached by a highsec miner named Inel Amure. More and more, the miners are becoming proactive about getting mining permits; they're coming to us.

Just a few lines into their conversation, Inel admitted to Carry that she engaged in AFK mining. Carry rolled up her sleeves and got to work. An Agent of the New Order is never truly off-duty.
Carry On Friend > Well that is fine but you must not afk mine even with a permit
Carry On Friend > - No AFK mining allowed. All miners are expected to remain at their keyboards at all times, and are required to prove their presence by responding in local when requested by the Supreme Protector or one of his Agents.
Inel Amure > hmm with delay is okay coz im mining till i work
Carry On Friend > How often do you afk mine
Inel Amure > best way to work and do something in eve
Inel Amure > i duno maybe 1 time in few days
Inel Amure > im not super super miner
Inel did what a lot of criminals do: She shrugged off her own crimes as being less severe than others' crimes.
Carry On Friend > Because we do offer afk miner passes but they cost ALOT
Inel Amure > like
Inel Amure > ?
Carry On Friend > At least 500 mill a year
Inel Amure > hmm thats 40mil per month ?
Carry On Friend > Yes
Inel Amure > ok lets do this
Then things got interesting. Carry proposed the sale of an "AFK miner pass". Is that allowed under the Code? Had Carry gone rogue? Was it an elaborate sting operation? This is called drama, folks. Keep reading.
Carry On Friend > Where do you mine?
Inel Amure > normal ore
Inel Amure > i need ore
Carry On Friend > But where? I need the system for our db
Inel Amure > here or vouskiaho
Carry On Friend > Do you need a pos protected as well?
Inel Amure > i belive yes
Carry needed more information about these AFK miners and their highsec infrastructure. She got it.
Inel Amure > i can offer ya this lets start with this 10mil if we have any prob we will go to other plan
Inel Amure > in montly payment with 45 mil i thing
Inel Amure > thats 540 per year
Carry On Friend > See we don't do monthly payments because there are alot of scammers out there
Carry On Friend > Its a bad world and Eve is a game where you do not trust anyone, thats why we do not take payments
Carry On Friend > We need to have a year per paid in full
Inel Amure > i see what u mean
Before the negotiations began in earnest, Carry warned Inel that she shouldn't trust anyone in EVE. Scammers abound--even in highsec!
Inel Amure > ok lets make this i wil pay for us 3 - the first month - so we can see how is going here - if everything is well we will pre payid 1 year for afk etc
Carry On Friend > Sorry eve is a cruel game and I do not know you, so you can understand my caution
Inel Amure > its same for me mate i know what u mean
Carry On Friend > Ok how about we do half now and if it works out then we get the other half
Inel Amure > other are moving to hento till we talk i have to talk to them, they are not so afk like me
Inel Amure > im the prob here coz i work till mining
Carry On Friend > Well as I said I would be willing to do half now and half next month for you
Inel Amure > how much it will be ?
Inel wanted to stretch the payments out, while Carry wanted payment right away. She did not want to be scammed by the miner, which is understandable.
Inel Amure > do we can setup pos here in hento ?
Inel Amure > a regular normal pos
Inel Amure > for spot
Carry On Friend > yes we wpuld allow that as well under the above terms
Inel Amure > give me little time let me talk to my frends
Inel Amure > i cant take decision alone
Inel Amure > u can understand me i belive
Given the extraordinary and increasing power of the New Order, it's only natural that we, like the powers of nullsec, should rent out space. Technically we don't hold sovereignty, but neither do nullsec coalitions. Even the nullsec alliances themselves don't hold in-game sovereignty over a system after it's rented out.
Carry On Friend > Hent is our home, we don't like to get scammed
Inel Amure > i dont like also belive me
Inel Amure > i started this convo not to scam at all
Inel Amure > we bouth have benefits from this
Carry On Friend > Yes we do
Inel Amure > im not stiuped and 1 thing i hate - is scam
Inel Amure > same as u do i belive
A lot of EVE players don't like the whole space-rental thing. They believe it turns an allegedly fun videogame into a bunch of work for space lawyers. Yet it is the way of the future.
Carry On Friend > So I have some good news for you, my superior has told me that if you sign a deal with in the hour then we can do 1 billion for one year.
Carry On Friend > Which covers your pos your firends and your afkness.
Inel Amure > sounds good
Inel Amure > im talking to others btw
Inel Amure > im okay for this i dont mind - im wathing other to deside
Carry On Friend > Make sure you link them this because they need to understand the rules they will need to live by
Inel had authority to negotiate, but she had to continually run things by her associates. Carry strongly encouraged Inel to have all affiliated parties read the Code.
Inel Amure > from what i read after we payd we cant break the code
Inel Amure > and i belive no 1 of us will start saysing something
Inel Amure > at all if he gona be killed
Inel Amure > is there anything specific we can do wrong ?
Carry On Friend > Not if you follow the rules listed there
Inel Amure > ok we can do this i did talk to my guys - we will send ya 300mil now - after the first mont over we will send ya other 700 - becouse we do bussines for first time with you - if we all are okay in our deal we are good to go for a realy long tearm as
Inel Amure > relatios
Carry On Friend > Can you do 50%?
For the first time, Inel began to seriously read the terms of the Code. However, she was already dead set on renting space from CODEdot.
Inel Amure > as you say others are afraid of scam like we move and being scamend
Carry On Friend > no I understand but as my director said we can only do the one billion if paid in full
Inel Amure > 1,2 is not a big deal if we have normal relationships
Carry On Friend > I have to talk to him for a minute to make sure we can arrange a payment schedual
Carry On Friend > He thinks that 500 would be fair as a down payment, its not 50% so your not fully commited either
Inel Amure > 1 moment
Carry On Friend > Noo problem, god negotiations are brutal eh?
Inel Amure > i hate this
Inel Amure > im diplo 9 years
Inel Amure > i hate it
Renting out highsec space is no different from renting out nullsec space. The negotiations continued to drag on. However, just as with nullsec renting, it was a necessary evil because there were no alternatives. A miner can't safely mine in highsec without approval from the New Order. Carry and Inel became increasingly confident that a deal would be completed; they simply needed to hammer out the specifics. Would Inel's highsec renting experience be a satisfactory one, or would it end in heartbreak?

To be continued...


  1. Next time on minerbumping: After miner admits he's mining AFK to agent and gives him the location, the miner's Hulk and Orca are destroyed

  2. heres a list with (150% Order free ) systems:

    Agil, Mimen, and so on.......

    Number of high sec systems: around some thousand

    Number of Agents less than 100 different persons(including alts a lot more )

    Only in each 6th or 7th system you may find an Agent of New Order(theyre usually concentrating int he system theyre freighter ganking). So usually every miner is safe, cause the number of miners who are mining daily in high sec is around 10k.

    Number of daily miner ganks in high sec = sometimes less than 40

    The code is a lie.........

    Further infos can be gatheres at our NEW WEBSIDE

    READ THE LIES BY JAMES 315 and his followers

    SEE the REAL pictures OF JAMES 315 & EROTICA 1

    1. This "code enforcer" was podded by a permit holder and tried to revoke the permit after failing to kill a retriever!

    2. Please tell us more about your NEW WEBSIDE

  3. Ya this is hilarious but there is too much foreshadowing. You have the scam remark, the afk mining remark, the link to the code basically saying they can pay a bunch more for the same mining permit. Still looking forward to the chat logs and seeing how much the pos was worth

  4. eagerly waiting for part 2!


  5. my predictions: miners get totally ganked, all their ships get destroyed, pos goes up in flames, and everyone at code will laughing and fapping while the miners are more then pissed, code describes them as carebears who can't stop crying over the scam and loss of ships and pos, but that doesn't matter to code because now they can prove others how much more superior and hated they are then others, which turns them on or something

    these sort of posts are getting old....and predictable.....

    if there is anything that code does it is making high sec more dangerous then low or null sec, encouraging suicide gank behaviour and killing/scaring trail or new players off

    did it make eve better ? yes, there are less bots, but code is going to far by targeting auto-pilot ships, fail fits (not everyone is as good at fitting as you!) and honest people who like teamwork in pve, mining and manufacturing

    doing your own thing in eve, fine, shaping the game itself, fine, but this is going too far.....

    1. But the thing, the essential point, about fail fitting ships is that firstly - we've all done it early in our Eve Career (God it's like Eve is a job!), but the aspirant player will talk, listen and learn about their errors and not necessarily from the person who gave them the fit in the first place, but the player who negated the fit from space.

      The essential point is, remember it's a game, don't cry - talk to people, listen and learn from their experiences as you will from your own experiences.

    2. Suicide Ganking FTW!
      gank gank gank gank gank
      I gank you! you cry.
      I don't gank you...... you live life of bot.

      I gank you = we all win!

      Asante sana!
      I can dance!

  6. I can't wait to see how this ends! I have a bad feeling the miner will go afk...

  7. Maybe you should rent space to a specific corp in high sec, 100mil a month per system, and then promise to weed out all other people in the belts of that system. If a competitioning corp wants to rent the system, just ask 100 mil more for it. Let them bid for it.

  8. DO NOT BUY MINING PERMITS. THIS IS A HOAX. They don't care whether you have one or not. Most CODE members will open first if you are AFK regardless of having a permit. And.. if you show to support CODE, you invite open fire from anti-CODE players who are here to stop them from harrassing miners -- particularly the young players of EVE.

    1. so anti-CODE players are also ganking poor miners? How they differ then?

    2. Any one new to Eve, who still wants to be playing a month later should really avoid mining.

      In fact I'll go further and recommend to CCP that they put all mining related skill books behind the pay wall that is the non-trial account.

      People shouldn't be scared to go to low or null sec to find people willing and able to teach them the "basics" of Eve's pvp and metagame aspects.

      Create a new character and tell everyone in the new player channel to leave their ship, dock in a station that has no ship, remove the 1 unit of trit and go and explore low sec. If they die, talk to those that blew them up. If they don't die talk to the residents. If there are no residents, take on the rats in the belts until someone does.

    3. explain to me how a rookie account can take on rats in null sec belts. I would love to hear your tactics. That would make them quit even faster.

    4. You`ve totally missed the point of this post, Anon.

    5. I can verify that if you purchase a mining permit, display that mining permit, and then go AFK that yes, you will be fired on and you'll likely return to your keyboard sitting in your medical station. Mining permits are only valid as long as the holder of that permit is fully compliant with the Halaima Code of Conduct. As soon as a permit holder is found violating the their mining privileges are revoked and they become a valid target.

      My advice? Buy a permit. And don't go AFK.

      The destruction of permit holders is something that the anti-ganker/rebel crowd like to regurgitate on a daily basis, and as of yet I've not seen any instances where a *code-compliant* permit holder was in fact destroyed.

      As for the gankers who specifically target permit holders, that tactic is far worse than *anything* the New Order does. We at least provide mining-minded players a way to avoid being ganked. Gankers targeting permit holders on the other hand force those same miners into complete no-win situations. Ganked by us for not displaying their permit, or ganked by them for doing so.

      That said, I totally endorse the practice, as it too is a form of emergent gameplay, and if you're a supporter of emergent gameplay you must support all forms of it, even if you find it a bit despicable. Luckily, permit holders have little to fear *for* displaying their permits compared to choosing *not* to. There's far more New Order Knights out patrolling our territory than there are anti-New Order criminal elements.

    6. Aria Stane 5:36am
      Very well said!

  9. Some people are ridiculously naive..just saying.

  10. visited gankerbumping hoping to see secret pics of James and Ero kissing on a beach in the Caymans.

    Saw a bunch of Nazi stuff and other terrible journalism.

    Left disappointed.


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