Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kills of the Week: Burn Aufay Again

The New Order is powerful. Everyone knows that much. But just how powerful are we? Powerful enough to go anywhere in highsec, obliterate every bot-aspirant in our path, publicize it to all EVE...

...And then do it all over again. Our brave Knights returned to the Aufay system to let them know we haven't forgotten them, and to prove that we can return at any time. We did it openly. Any rebel "white knight" who was willing to endure the toxic atmosphere of the resistance had the chance to try and stop us. They knew the time, the place, and the targets. But they were completely incapable of doing anything--other than crying in local and screaming at each other in their private comms. The New Order simply has too many pilots and too many ships with too much DPS to be stopped. If the rebels wanted to stop the ganks, they should have shown up a year and a half ago, when we were small. They didn't. Now it's too late.

During the week of June 15th @ 00:00 EVEtime through June 21st @ 23:59 EVEtime, more than 50 freighters and jump freighters were put to death by New Order forces. Since we have powerful friends in nullsec, contingents from the CFC, HERO, and other coalitions put aside their differences to unite against our common enemy, the carebear.

Marco TheWarrior auto-piloted his way out of a 10 billion isk freighter. Apparently he wanted to lose all of his possessions in a single gank, so he anti-tanked his freighter and packed it all in. Easy come, easy go.

Incredibly, another 10 billion isk freighter made the same fitting choice later that week. Thoreemb didn't learn his lesson from the other unlicensed freighters who died; he had to learn it personally. He could have spent the money on 1,000 mining permits instead--at least then he would've had something to show for it.

For the sake of diversity, various other high-value bot-aspirants were punished for their decadence. VBeacher's 4.2 billion isk Vindicator had lots of weapon upgrades. All that firepower went to waste, because he couldn't fire a shot while AFK. He could die while AFK, though.

To be fair, freighter pilots aren't the only ones who have trouble learning their lesson without expensive losses. doh low is the former owner of a 2 billion isk Orca. This gank was highly efficient, since it destroyed the illegal mining vessels contained within. This saved our Agents the trouble of locating and stopping the carebear's planned mining op.

This wasn't a good week for unlicensed jump freighters. BonSkla lost 11 billion isk because she was too proud to buy a 10 million isk mining permit. Much of the loss came from the 33 Sovereignty Blockade Units she was carrying. In-game sovereignty is a fine thing for nullsec-dwellers. However, when you come to highsec, it's the de facto sovereignty you need to worry about. The New Order owns highsec. There's no use putting your head in the sand; we inflict far more isk damage each week than virtually every alliance in nullsec.

7 billion isk went down the drain the moment Evea Delanora decided to anti-tank her jump freighter and bring it into my territory without my permission. You think highsec is safe? If you lose your ship in a nullsec fight, your losses will be limited, thanks to insurance, alliance reimbursements, and jump clones (to avoid fighting with expensive implants). When was the last time you personally took a 7 billion isk hit? Evea did this week, because she thought "no one can control highsec". Her belief in that myth cost her more than any other mistake she'll ever make in her EVE career.

Sir Porkins was in a big hurry to get his Anshar through Aufay. That's why he indulged in a trio of Inertia Stabilizers instead of tanking up. Our Agents said, "Not so fast, my friend. Let's see your permit." He didn't have one. Seconds later, he didn't have a 7.3 billion isk jump freighter, either.

As I mentioned earlier, a massive thread of tears was posted on EVE-O by carebears who didn't like losing their freighters. Just weeks ago, CCP buffed the freighters. Now even CCP must be frustrated by the carebears' limitless appetite for nerfs. CCP Falcon chimed in:

To build a new highsec--a perfect highsec--the New Order must burn down the old one. Some EVE players are fit for the new world. Some are not.

187 m/s is the speed at which a fully-skilled pod (without navigation implants) auto-pilots through highsec--after its outer shell, an auto-piloting jump freighter, is removed, of course. Some EVE players are content to go through life plodding along at 187 m/s. We in the New Order believe there's a better way.

Are you ready for the future? Do you believe in the possibility of a better highsec? Maybe you have what it takes to become a ganker for the New Order. Contact Agent John E Normus about joining New Order Logistics, a CODEdot corporation.


  1. The Code always wins

  2. The Code always wins - and never forget - CODE. is elite PVP :-)

  3. You say that the recent changes were a buff to freighters. But can they really be called a buff when so many freighter pilots so stupid that they only made themselves easier to gank ?

    1. It's a buff, yes, since freighter pilots have more tools than ever to avoid getting ganked. But as they say, you can't patch stupid.

    2. You can buff the ships. Sadly you can't buff the pilots.

    3. I always buff myself while playing Eve.

  4. I look forward to every minerbumping update.
    But the weekend edition is always something special.

    -Herr Wilkus-

  5. Still waiting for a Chribba KM... Pretty sure he still runs hisec.

  6. Pretty great how that tear thread eventually just turned into everybody agreeing that fac-po is a dumb and useless mechanic, a good sign that the carebears no longer have a death grip on general-forum opinion!

    1. because there whining was getting picked apart by randoms who are sick of the tears.

  7. Remember, the code always wins.

  8. Gorila.. you are a joke. Your blog is a joke. Read this back to yourself:

    "Initially I agreed to talk to DJ as he said it would only take a few min’s… as that few mins turned into over an hour I started feeling bad as my blood sugar got lower. I had to close the chat as DJ pushed for a time and make something to EAT" - Gorila Vengaza. Leader of anti-code.

    Are you claiming DJ tried to torture you in your own home? That is what it looks like to us.
    How did he stop you from getting food? You can't close the chat and get food? What is your major malfunction? (apart from getting diabetes)
    and don't worry, I have saved a copy of your blog with this statement so if you back down and delete it we still have evidence of such a massive fail.

    The Code Always Wins.

    1. seriously? they actually laughed at the death of vile rat?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Vengaza, shouldn't you be over on your blog activating damage control II?

    5. Don't worry he's already posted about it, first time i've actually had a reason to look at his blog in a long time.

    6. I didn't read your blog post Gorila because your blog is bad and you should feel bad. But I see Fallen SEAL is out of your corp, so good on you.

    7. Oh wait! Now Gorila has decided that keeping Fallen SEAL around is cool. From Gorilas blog "I have spoken with Fallen and he admits what he did was over the line and has promised me it won’t happen again."

      yeah buddy that makes it all better. you guys are doing an amazing job of showing the eve community what you are really made of. if your goal was to be hated by the eve community more then afk miners hate the code you are doing an amazing job.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. pick one and stop the bullshit gorila i've only known about you for like 2 days and it's always the same shit with you. PICK ONE.

      1) fallen seal promised you it won't happen again, you are fine with that, and you are not going to publically distance yourself from a dude who who said that the violent murder of Vile Rat by terrorists what "what he deserved" and that fallen seal is "glad he is dead". as long as he promises not to do it again, you are not going to distance yourself from him unless he does it again. you think fallen seal deserves another chance

      2) for the first time ever you actually do the right thing and tell the worst example of the most awful person to ever grace your camp of awful people to fuck off.

      we all know you'll go with number 1. you have never once had the stones to the right thing. the good part is that there were a bunch of people like me there last night who are not even part of the code - we just saw it all unfold right in front of our eyes and requests some helpful evemails and screencaps from friends.

      it's awesome that you have forgiven fallen seal and given him a second chance though. that's going to go over great and make you look even more awesome.

      also, from all of us who knew Sean and were affected by his death - the fact that you still don't distance yourself from this fallen seal dude is fucking deplorable.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Gorilla lets not forget that this is not about you personally and to be honest it sounds like you are wanting more publicity out of this. The comments from your camp and the nerfed alliance go away guys was disgusting - openly mocking someone who was murdered and getting a reaction from local and code goes to show you don't care and are only out for yourself good luck trying to defend fallen seal on every blog and every place you visit

    13. tl;dr and you avoided question it's simple mr gorila

      stop this have it both ways you don't condone what he did but he's gonna be nice now and the next time he decides to sperg out and get all happy about the murder of a fellow player (you know sean like died slowly due to lack of oxygen while shit burned down around him right?) stuff. tell the community you will never have anything to do with this dude

      or tell the community that you are gonna continue to work with him so we are clear where you stand

      it's not a essay mr gorilla it's easy you do or you don't just pick one and tell us man i know you can do it just make up your mind

      and stop the you don't know about it stuff

      you know about it now

      also man you know you just said that it's actually sorta the fault of other people that he did what he did cuz they made him angry? man, that's whack.

      anyway mr gorila no one wants to crucify you dude here I can make this really easy

      from what it sounds like you are not cool with what the seal did but you are gonna continue to work with him cuz he's sorry and he just got angry and getting angry made him talk about how awesome someone getting murdered was and how he deserved to die anyway and man grrrrrrrrrrr code if code was not around he would have not been as angry and not said it so it's kinda codes fault a little anyway cuz code makes him go grrrrrrrr and once he does that he's not responsible for what he says. is that right? or at least close?

      is that about right?

    14. Also your buddy butthurt miner and your camp in the comments section of your own blog sickens me - openly mocking the death of someone and trying to justify it as a mistake even though he was told days ago is sick, I'm definitely looking forward to this being made highly public

    15. So fallen deal was upset with code so he started mouthing off how it's good someone was murdered?

    16. Gorila, you were aware of what was going on around you as it was happening as you were in local. To claim ignorance at this point is a lie, misleading and makes you a bad person who should feel bad.

      Granted, you may not have known who Vile rat was on a more "personal" note, however, you knew that seal was harassing players by making fun of a player by the character name Vile rat and the person behind the character Vile rat was deceased. Yet, you did nothing to stop seal, in fact you encouraged it (more on that in a second).

      This should have been enough to make you drag your friend/corpmate back in line the instant it happened, but you didn't. You are guilty by association and you clearly give safe haven to the type of mentality that is okay with denouncing deceased players from the Eve Online community; at best.

      PS: It shouldn't have matter who the person was, that's the thing. You should have stopped it the instant it happened. You were in local as this was all going down and did nothing; actually, I take that back, you did encourage seal to continue by writing how you'll get more press from this whole incident. I hope you’re prepared for the repercussions that “press” may bring.

    17. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieJune 23, 2014 at 8:14 PM

      Seriously, there's not need to crucify Gorila. I hate his smacktalk, I hate his blog, but unlike most anti-ganker's we deal with, he is not out to get us removed from the game. He's an opponent, not an enemy. Gorila, you really should distance yourself from Fallen though, that guy is way more than just "over the line"

    18. You know, I have to weigh in on this here - I was not aware that Gorila decided to go with an approach of "I condemn what this dude did but now he is sorry and promises to be good".

      Regardless, I don't know about the whole "I gave him the benefit of doubt that somehow CODE. made him mad and that forced him into spamming local with comments about how a fellow EVE player being murdered was just that player getting what he deserved and that he is glad that he is dead" approach. It seems to me that you are saying when someone in your camp says something like that, your first reaction is to assume that somehow it is someone else's fault that he decided to type that out and then hit enter?

      Gorila, for real - have you considered perhaps just doing the same thing that any corporation or alliance in this entire game that is worth joining does? It's super easy - you are the CEO. You tell them this is your corp and you are sick of the crap. Tell them that the next person who you see personally insulting another player is gone. Close with something like "from now on, we focus on doing what we are here to do - fighting the CODE. and killing those guys. If you can't control yourself, get out of my corp."

      You are the CEO, Gorila. Everything that any of your members says reflects on you. When you choose to do nothing while your members make complete fools of themselves everywhere they go - you are endorsing their behavior. That's just how it works. As far as I am concerned - if you choose to allow Fallen SEAL to be part of your group, you are endorsing his behavior. If you see members of your corp personally insulting other players and you chose to do nothing, it is the same thing as you insulting other players.

      For far too long I have given you a special pass where I do not hold you accountable for the actions of your members under the assumption that you would figure it out sooner or later. I can't do it anymore.

      Just fix it, ok? Do you have any idea what would happen to me if Captain Starfox found out that I opened a conversation with some white knight and told him to "Shut his hole, he's just a slimy snake and a cheating loser who is sad and pathetic and that all he does is whine" (By the way, I pulled every single insult used there from a member of your corporation posted on your blog)

      I would get a evemail from Starfox and others who manage the alliance telling me that acting like a idiot to other players like that is not what we do. I would probably lose my roles. Worst? I would know that I had totally disappointed people that I look up to.

      Or how about this - if I was hanging in some high-sec system ganking miners and suddenly someone warped into system and made me angry - so in local chat I tell them that I really wish they would stop playing EVE for a second and find a gun and shoot themselves in the face. Once that person shares what I just decided to say - loyalanon would kick me out of the Conference Elite so fast I would not even know what hit me.

      Why can't you do this? Why do you continue to allow the people who follow you to act like this?

      Finally, you should know by now that myself and others find the concept of a group of people who are "against" us and who fight back against us as something that could be really awesome and create a lot of content. Do you think that in RvB when some blues find some reds the first thing they do is hit local chat and type "Reds are pathetic losers and total morons and fucking cry like 3 year old babies with a loaded diaper!"? (Again, all insults taken from your corp members from your blog).

      The sad part is - we all miss out on so much fun due to your refusal to do your job as a leader and get these people under control. The longer you wait the worse it's going to get.

  9. I know the code wants highsec to see the writing on the wall, but what about the writing on this blog? What. About. The. Writing?

  10. The code always wins

  11. I was having a lot of fun in Aufay shooting at blinkies and making bounty until fallen seal opened his mouth. If that's the caliber of people on the "anti" side, then I hope CODE always does win.
    Keep an eye on the 'anti-ganking' channel too and you can see why these losers will never win, and the CODE seems to keep winning.

    1. It's quickly becoming quite obvious to the entire EVE community that the "anti-gankers" are one of the most toxic and hateful groups of players that exist.

      The insane childish name calling that so much of that community engages in just gets so old sometimes. It's like internet spaceships are such serious business to them they are unable to even communicate with other players without behaving like a fool.

      Yeah, of course the CODE always wins. Know why? Anyone calling themselves a "Code Agent" and behaving in a manner like the toxic "anti-ganking" community would find himself not being a welcome part of our community anymore. We don't tolerate that kind of shit.

  12. Hey Jimmy Neutron, learn math. 10 billion ISK is 1,000 permits, not 10,000. Moron.

  13. "The code will fail. The code will fall" you do know it's miner bumpings second anniversary tomorrow right?

    1. the anniversary of a website doesn't prove much, the website for the robotics development club at my college had its 5th anniversary a few days ago, even though the club stopped 3 years ago

    2. MrRoeljanssen

      Funny how you post about the failure of a 'robot' e.g. bot-aspirant club and their failure...

      code always wins


    3. @MrRoeljanssen

      Hahaha, yeah, sure, keep telling that to yourself "it's only the website celebrating a second anniversary, the movement behind it couldn't possibly last that long or even still be gaining momentum". :)

      The rationalizations and self-delusions of the carebear/anti-ganking crowd are just precious. :)

      Here's a bit of history for you: did you know that the New Order actually started months before this website was even created? You might want to check some of James 315's post history on Eve forums from 2-3 years ago...

  14. You mean the guy who publicly mocks and ridicules Vile rat as a RL person every chance he gets to provoke a response from the New Order folks because he doesn't have the brain capacity to come up with anything better?

    We have screen shots with what he and gorila wrote and you have some random joke pictures? Please. It's sad you guys have to succumb to this, really, I used to respect what you guys did, playing the game your way. Getting some dudes together to try and fend us off exhumers and freighters. Creating your Intel channels. But, I guess the fact that you can't win without putting real effort into it resulting in your movement to fail more often than succeed got to you guys. You know you always refer NO to monkeys, but from where I'm standing it's you and your movement that acts like what a monkey would act like IRL; throwing tantrums and demanding attention with no care to those around you; even if that means causing IRL grief and suffering.

    Tell seal to enjoy his ban, again.

  15. I don't understand how someone could get so butthurt about a game the have to mock the real life murder of someone

  16. Before I forget Butthurt Miner June 23, 2014 at 2:17 PM,
    At least have the balls to post under your EVE name if your gonna stoop to making personal attacks on us and not puss out by using the Butthurt Miner option...

  17. butthurt miner wont hes too.... butthurt about high sec game mechanics.

  18. I don't normally post specific responses...

    To Capt StarfoxJune 23, 2014 at 6:58 PM:
    Far be it for me to call someone an idiot IRL, but you are an idiot. Now you can consider that a personal attack. On the benefit of a doubt, I have to wonder if your were confused and replied to the wrong post.

    To AnonymousJune 23, 2014 at 7:06 PM:
    Now where did I mock the real life murder of someone? Hmm? Oh look, I didn't. The spin comment was directed solely to poke fun at James 315 for my trolling pleasure. I couldn't care less about how he actually spins it. Whatever he does, I'll just troll it. And as for YOUR personalized personal attack, why don't you go back to school and take some classes in reading comprehension? Seriously, I'm making fun of your entire role-playing scheme. If you are having trouble differentiating between real life and EvE, then you need more help than I can provide. I didn't know anything about this until Gorila posted it on his blog.

    Furthermore, as I said, I do not know who Vile Rat is or was, and I have never met him in-game. However, from what I have read, he was a decent human being. What happened to him was a tragedy. The light of this world is a little dimmer because of it. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

    So trolling this time.

    Butthurt Miner

  19. You sound upset.

  20. butthurt miner just got #wrecked


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