Friday, June 20, 2014

Renting Space from CODEdot, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... The New Order's increased power and prestige led to the inevitable: people wanting to rent space from us. Inel Amure contacted Agent Carry On Friend to negotiate a rental agreement for a highsec system.
Inel Amure > i do hate it
Inel Amure > eve diplo
Carry On Friend > Better than some jobs
Inel Amure > if we pay 500mil whats the pre payd period ?
Inel Amure > we will need time till we move in
Inel Amure > for poses etc
As the negotiations reached their end, Inel had a few final questions about setting up a tower in the system. Renters love towers.
Inel Amure > abouth poses do you thing hentogaura have free moons to setup one ?
Inel Amure > i dint chek so far i just come here
Inel Amure > since long ago
Carry On Friend > there are offline pos's but I do not know about empty moons
Inel Amure > you are sure can handle when time comes for a free moon ?
Carry On Friend > Yes
Inel Amure > i thing we have a deal
Inel Amure > can pls send me terms in mail i will send isk
Carry On Friend admitted that she didn't know the status of every moon in the system. However, as an Agent of the New Order, she did govern them.

The agreement was finalized an EVEmailed to the renter-aspirant. Renting a New Order system would cost a total of 1.2 billion isk, to be paid in two installments. Once the full amount was paid, Inel and her friends could experience renter bliss. As always, the renters were required to comply with the Code.

There were also a few boilerplate provisions. Importantly, violating the Code would not invalidate the contract, but mining equipment would be destroyed. Highsec human rights activist Ripard Teg was designated as a neutral third party in case refunds were necessary.
Inel Amure > i also remind i will be afk a lot
Inel Amure > till i work
Carry On Friend > Ok one moment
Carry On Friend > send it to the corp so you know its not a scam
Carry On Friend > Maniacal Laughter Ltd.
Inel Amure > in this time i do trusting on you
Carry On Friend > And we are trusting you
To ensure that it was impossible for Carry to scam her, Inel was instructed to send the 500 million isk down payment directly to Carry's corp, Maniacal Laughter Ltd.

It's absolutely essential for renters to be able to trust their landlords. As a member of CODE., the corp had an excellent reputation. The 500 million isk was deposited.
Inel Amure > 1 moment to transfer other isk
Inel Amure > from our deal
Inel Amure > to your corp ?
Inel Amure > right ?
Carry On Friend > Yes
Carry On Friend > I am just texting the other to get online so we can get this done
A few weeks later, just before the deadline, Inel reappeared and contacted Carry to send the remainder of the 1.2 billion isk rental fee. Once this payment was made, Inel and her friends would be allowed to set up a tower, so Carry rushed to get some assistance from other Agents. She didn't want any unexpected incidents ruining this special day.
Inel Amure > money is send
Inel Amure > 700mil
Carry On Friend > thank you, now just getting someone online to help
Inel Amure > np 1 of mine frends is coming for the tower to anchor
Carry On Friend > perfect, which kind of ship are you brining
Carry On Friend > Just need to know if one will be enough to protect it
Inel Amure > i thing hes in Prorator
Carry On Friend > ok perfect
Everything went according to plan. The remaining 700 million isk was paid, and Inel's friend acquired a transport ship to bring in the tower.
Carry On Friend > Ok so here is the plan
Carry On Friend > What is the fit of the transport ship? Need to know so we can detail our guys properly
Sweet Beery > tower holder
Kav Kraken > Ok good
The transport pilot, Sweet Beery, would be flying a flimsy, anti-tanked Prorator. Carry's fellow Agents met up with Inel and Sweet Beery. The Prorator would be escorted by a Thrasher and a Catalyst.
Anti-Matter Soldier > Ok everyone ready?
Sweet Beery > im ok
nightstocker > Ready
Kav Kraken > yup
Carry On Friend > I am
Sweet Beery > guys what u doing ?
Suddenly, a very shocking thing took place. The Agents turned their guns on the Prorator!
Anti-Matter Soldier > Afk mining will not be tolerated. This is your warning
Sweet Beery > mine ?
Sweet Beery > im here to setup tower
Sweet Beery > not to mine
Carry On Friend > You support illegal miners, your friend there wanted us to allow them to mine illegally
It was a sting operation! Our Agents knew about the illegal mining all along. They knew because Inel repeatedly told them about it.

The Battle of Hentogaira was over quickly. The Prorator and its special cargo were immediately vaporized. Our Agents were exhilarated by the opportunity to demonstrate their elite PvP skills. Another victory for the New Order!
Sweet Beery > Inel whats going on ?
Inel Amure > i duno
Carry On Friend > Clear violations have been made of the code.
Carry On Friend > Please contact Ripard Teg if you have any complaints about our deal
Sweet Beery > whats thats code btw im not familiar to this ?
The criminal couldn't accept her guilt, at first. Sweet Beery pretended not to know what the Code was.
Carry On Friend >
Sweet Beery > and she pay 1.2 ?
Sweet Beery > for this ?
Sweet Beery > + 350mil for the pos and ships
Carry On Friend > Yes, and then violated the code, so its null and void.
Sweet Beery > dont u thing u can tell her before you kiill me ?
Carry On Friend > That is not what what the code teaches.
Carry On Friend > Teach thru examples, after acknowleding they have read and understand
Sweet Beery > do you know only inel know engl from her frends, from i read from code she has full right to mine as she want btw after she pay you
Sweet Beery revealed herself to be a natural whiner. She complained about the 1.5 billion isk Inel had lost.
Sweet Beery > Code violations as listed here will result in decomissioning of illgal mining equipment but do not break the contract.
Carry On Friend > A violation of the code, nullifies all permits and contracts and adds to the red pen lst.
Sweet Beery > so basicly she pay 1.5, and you blame her she do something wrong - you dint give a warning to her, and make contract null
Despite her earlier claim not to know what the Code was, Sweet Beery cited the provision in the original contract stating that the contract would not be voided by Code violations. However, Carry reminded her of something very important. The Code is the supreme law of highsec. It supersedes everything else. Thus, even though the contract wasn't voided under the contract's terms, it was voided under the Code's terms.

In the end, our Agents decided they could not trust Inel and her friends to rent space from the New Order. They kept the 1.2 billion isk rental fee--obviously they couldn't give money to a bunch of Code violators. Highsec is very special. We want to keep it that way. Those who violate the Code have no place here. If you want to rent a highsec system, you had better follow the law. If you're not willing to do that, go rent some space in nullsec. There's plenty of room there.


  1. Hmm, the "code violations will not nullify the contract" part makes this a little scammy.

    But really...they needed an escort for an industrial in highsec? Wtf?

  2. This story is actually kind of lame. You knew where it was going from the beginning. There were no surprises, really. At least, if you know The Code, you shouldn't have been surprised. Intel was pretty dumb for even going through with this.

  3. Love the Ripard Teg clause! Will use such a clause in future when necessary.

  4. Did I mention I hate the loot fairy?

  5. Get ready to fight and failure. CODE company must be crushed. All members must be disturbed. It is time that they were afraid of the arrows of the Hungarians! Hun Reloaded will win the tournament!

  6. that ending was great

  7. Lame story from a guy who got podded by a permit holder.

  8. Always good to see justice being done.

  9. so anti-climatic lol

  10. I thought this was going to be a story about rogue agents we hear about. You know, the ones who don't care about the Code and just scam pilots for isk. What a surprise ending where it turns out the New Order agent was a hero after all!

  11. Normally I read this blog and have fun with most of the stories, but this one was just sad... for 1.2 bilion isk they could rent a system for a month in nullsec where noone would bother them. Instead they sent money to CODE, get scammed and poded. Agent shouldnt take these money in the first place if he was going to kill them anyway. I enjoy suicide ganking myself, I love to kill miners in highsec but this is just common scam - sad that CODE felt so low. Just my opinion.

    1. Maybe they should try renting some space from Goonswarm next time, I'm sure that would go better for them.

    2. "Even the new miners know about the Code. The New Order's presence is too big to ignore, even for a bot-aspirant. They don't need a "warning" before they get ganked. They've already been warned. Carebears of highsec, the time for warnings is over. The time for payment has come."

    3. sjut the hell up and go back to sucking off james 315

    4. Such mad. Did anybody else get the impression that Inel read the Code? I did cause he said he read it: "from what i read after we payd we cant break the code"

      At which point Carry wrote: "Not if you follow the rules listed there"

      Not technically a scam as Inel was told to follow the Code multiple times and encouraged to read the Code. Had Inel actually read this site, he would have known about the whole don't AFK thing.

  12. "Our Agents were exhilarated by the opportunity to demonstrate their elite PvP skills." Demonstrating elite PvP skills by suicide ganking a defenseless industrial? That's a load of crap.

    I broke into the CODE. computer systems over in Berta and I found something astonishing. It turns out that James 315 is sick. Not sick in the head (we all know he his with his cannibalistic activities to feed his glowing ass), but physically sick. Man, we never knew. Just make sure you take your meds and don't infect the rest of your agents. So to those of you who partook of his weird glowing ass, get tested. The last thing we need is a pandemic to wipe us all out.

    This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

    We are many. We are strong. The code will fail. The code will fall. A free highsec is worth fighting for. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    1. Man, you are just awful at internets - has anyone ever told you that?

      Here's a free pro tip from those of us who bother to lurk moar before failing in public. If you say you are trolling, claim to be a troller, or openly admit to trolling, you are not a troll.

      You're missing the entire art of being subtle. If you do things right, no one will even know you did anything at all. Now, get back to 4chan and practice, you have much to learn.

      Or perhaps fail trolling while claiming that you are trolling is just the new meta of fail trolling to attempt to feel better about failing as hard as you do in Eve Online. All I know is that you are awful at everything.

  13. Another happy ending! As always, I'm very proud of the agents for doing the right thing.

  14. I love the CODE and the amusing stories, but this one just felt, even by CODE standards, a bit low. I am disappointed n you CODE.

  15. How did the prorator die with the tower still inside it?
    Did it kind of just... chill at the moon, uncloaked?

  16. This one has gone too far imo. Its not like bonus room for greedy dumbasses that they deserve. These guys didnt even start a spout of insults...

    1. is "gone too far" a miner bingo square yet?

  17. i've recently started reading your blog due to the literacy content and will keep reading them and of all kills this one is just a low blow.

    if i wanted to cheap shot you i'd say when writing up a contract please check your spelling.

    1. And if someone wanted to fire right back, they might mention that anyone who looked at the total sillyness of agent Carry On Friend's "contract" - and after a bit of thinking said to themselves...

      "Yeah, this seems totally legit! I'm going to go ahead and send him half a billion ISK right away!"

      Great job, agent Carry On Friend. I wonder how much else you could have managed to get away with in your contract - I would have considered throwing in some obscure clauses along the lines of:


      or maybe

      "POS modules must be anchored in positions that are aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical. Any POS modules found deployed in a "willy-nilly", "slapshod", "haphazard" or "scrubby" fashion will result in a fine of 50million ISK per violation"

      Man, that's just off the top of my head. The possibilities are truly endless, and of course, we all know the high-sec carebear will not actually read any of it, think about it, or give it any critical thought.


  18. The carebears got what they deserved, they did bring it upon themselves with their obvious failure in doing their research. However with this (expected) turn of events, its obvious that a pretty good idea of highsec code rentals will never take off, simply because no one can trust any code contract. Its a shame because i thought it was an awesome idea in part 1.

    1. yeah its good evidence that code and permits are scams. Minerbumping is about entertainment not making eve a better place. Once you understand that however (i got the inside joke back with the captain lynch scams a couple of years ago), this whole blog becomes so much fun. The tears, the scams and the too die for motto "never give a sucker an even break" having spent a morning being wiped in lfr by scrubs I needed this good laugh.

  19. Cant go an entire week without crying about Ripard Teg...
    Very damn sad.

  20. Well of course, there is not much variety in the life of a code monkey.
    I try to be polite, but still, i can only say i never met more stupid ppl online than with code monkeys when they build groups.

  21. I like what happend!

    "Don't give money to idiots"
    One does not make buisiness with codemonkeys. A miner that submits is a sorry thing, but this? I don't know who despice more those codies or this stupid miner.
    Highsec is EmpireSpace you can't rent something from someone, that someone doesn't control. Those idiots control nothing.

    1. They control the careberas'minds

  22. See what the code is really : Just some scammer like im jita

    1. But you didn't know before????

  23. wow this is back stabbing scam to the next level code agents. nothing then scam and gank glorification here on minerbumping


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