Monday, June 16, 2014

Outfoxed, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Outspoken rebel Toran Saldera convinced the CEO of his corp, BlackFox ASI, to declare war against a New Order corp. Though they wardecced the wrong corp, Agent Skipper Huitzilopoch had his main join the war as an ally against them and the slaughter commenced.

Skipper detected a BlackFox fleet attempting to attack a Customs Office, so he used the opportunity to execute a one-man ambush. The BlackFoxes panicked and fled. Those who couldn't get away died, starting with a battery-grubbing Harbinger Navy Issue.

A fail-fit Thorax was also destroyed in this battle.
Oleg Potemkin > Is this a BlackFox ASI party?
Oleg Potemkin > CODE. Alliance says you decced a New Order Corp
Shnjago > Kill: Vicail Arbosa (Harbinger Navy Issue) Kill: Julan Ekanon (Thorax)
Shnjago > they did
Shnjago > a big mistake actually
Toran Saldera > fuck code
Toran Saldera > and come and get me shnago
Toran Saldera > ya pussy
The BlackFox corp was a bit upset by their inability to strike back at our Agent. Toran Saldera remained the mouthiest member of the corp. However, he still wouldn't put his own ships on the line.

After Toran challenged Shnjago (Skipper's main) to fight, our hero sought out and destroyed more BlackFox members. Among the dead were BlackFox CEO Ananiah Ben-Gurion, who was down to a Rifter, and another frigate pilot.
Shnjago > Toran Saldera wanna fight? undock and we'll fight
Toran Saldera > proteus vs orcale, move away from the station
Shnjago > ah, so you only can fight if you're 80km away and can run away anytime you want eh
Shnjago > Toran Saldera what about planet 10 then?
Toran Saldera > better than station humping
Toran Saldera > fuck proteus'
By this point, it was clear that the members of BlackFox ASI were finally turning against Toran Saldera, whose chest-beating and bad advice had dragged them into an unwinnable war against the New Order. They no doubt encouraged him to take the field himself. Toran would either defeat the Agent or face ridicule in his own corp. Toran was willing to do battle, but only with the assistance of a neutral providing remote reps.

The rebel brought a friend with reps, but the Agent brought the Code. The Code won. Toran's 1.8 billion isk Vindicator melted. It was an extraordinary victory for the New Order. BlackFox ASI's resolve melted even more quickly than the faction battleship. Immediately after the flagship was destroyed, BlackFox's CEO sent a convo request to Shnjago.
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Welp,
Shnjago > Kill: Toran Saldera (Vindicator)
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Yeah yeah, I know.
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > ANd the rifter, and the Navy Harb, Believe me.
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > And the what else, like a indy as well?
Shnjago > war is war
Shnjago > you decced, not I
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Well, yeah.
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > I can admit when were beat.
There was no use denying it. The entire 35-member BlackFox ASI corp was unable to stand against a single Agent of the New Order. Elite PvP won the day.
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Although, I have to ask, how the hell did you melt through that vindi?
Shnjago > actually vindi + neutral logi
Shnjago > auguror was repping it
Shnjago > good dps dude, that's all
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > I know but like what range?
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Consider it a courtesy? I mean, I'm assuming 1500+ but goddamn.
Shnjago > sorry, war isn't over yet and this proteus is my main weapon
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Ah, right. On that subject, any way you'd let us bow out early?
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Because it is pretttty obvious your out of our league at this point.
This wasn't a social call. The CEO wanted to surrender the war that he'd declared.
Shnjago > I need to talk about it with the person you've decced
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > O_o I assumed you guys were the same person.
Shnjago > nope
Shnjago > I'm just defending the CODE-enforcers against hassle of this kind
Ananiah Ben-Gurion > Well, shit. Honestly then it's my bad. Since I fully intended to dec you. Nobody else.
Shnjago > you probably should trust Toran Saldera's intelligence less
There are countless Toran Salderas in highsec. Some days it seems like every highsec PvE corporation has one or two. They encourage their corp to fight the New Order instead of complying with the Code. They only bring ruin upon everyone who listens to them.

The CEO's surrender offer included a polite--if unpersuasive--explanation of recent events.

BlackFox ASI was required to pay a 250 million isk penalty and pledge never to interfere in New Order business again.
Toran Saldera > god fucking damnit
Shnjago > Toran Saldera good war dudes, hope to see you again
Toran Saldera > >:(
As soon as the payment was received, Toran Saldera hid his face in shame. Contrary to the CEO's official line, the 35 members of BlackFox ASI had been miserable throughout the war, and they blamed it all on Toran.

Sadly, BlackFox ASI broke the treaty when a few of them decided to rebuild their confidence by shooting at flashy red targets in a trade hub. They hit one of Agent D400's ships. War was renewed and BlackFox's CEO paid an additional 210 million isk indemnity. Then the CEO quit the corp and BlackFox dissolved. In a few days, it dropped from 35 members down to 2.

And so another anti-Code rebellion wound up in the dustbin of history. BlackFox ASI will be remembered only by MinerBumping readers who note yet another triumph of the New Order and nod approvingly at the steady march of progress in highsec.


  1. Huzzah !!!

    Another great victory for the New Order. Well done.

    - Guybertini

  2. Brothers and Sisters in the Code, Supreme Protector!

    My main is the CEO of the Corp which was dec'ed so carelessly by Ananiah ben-Gurion of BlackFox ASI.

    If it were not for the advice and guidance we received from Skipper Huitzilopoch, not to mention the physical assistance, our small enforcement corp might have been overwhelmed.

    Skipper did not hesitate to join us as an ally in this, our first experience of the wardec. Such is the character of the man. Noble warriors like him will always find a home within the New Order.

    Skipper will probably not thank me for eulogising in this way; but I just wanted to give him some public and personal recognition of his heroic victory.


  3. Code tank, best tank it seems

  4. I blame the missions. The PvE missions make you think you know something about combat. Heck you get a 'fleet' together and run L4s like a boss! But then it turns out that mission rats aren't anything like capsuleers. Stupid OP capsuleers.

  5. Sounds to me like you losers just like picking on low-SP nobodies.

    1. May want to work on your reading comprehension there friendo...

      BlackFox ASI was the one who started the war. Can't pick a fight with an invincible organization like the New Order and then claim that they are picking on YOU.

  6. I don't understand how could lone Proteus defeat Vindicator+Auguror, barring a pilot error. Assuming standard Proteus fit, Vindicator should have significantly more dps and dual webs slowing everything into crawl, making tracking or signature difference of large guns a non-issue. The fight could happen out of the web range, but that would lower the dps of both ships, which would disadvantage Proteus, unless it had significantly better repair capability. The only weakness I see is cap instability of Auguror, it could not repair for a long time unles capboosted.

    1. There was a lot of pilot error on the Vindicator and Augurors part. They were fighting against the CODE.

    2. Proteus is pretty much the best solo counter to a Vindi though. Tech 3 resists against the very damage types the Vindi deals drops the Vindi's effective dps to about 10-15% of what its capable of. Just checked the values on my 'cheapish' Proteus and it has 93% kin resist and 84% thermal. Even if the Proteus is slowed to 0m/s its not going to get any meaningful damage on it.
      Not to take anything away from the pilot though, it still takes balls and skill to go against the odds like that ;)

  7. Confirmed capsuleers OP CCP plz nerf

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  9. Far too much poetic justice in this story to ignore poetic scrutiny:

    Amp Andedare blew New Order "out of his skies",
    Linked a friends kill to prove it was no lie,
    Would gank New Order "all day",
    (Just not today),
    As his boasts proved to be his demise.

    Toran would earn much respect,
    If he induced a New Order wardec,
    But Blackfox ASI,
    They lost their good eye,
    As Skipper kept them in-check.

    Blackfox ASI's now defunct,
    And Toran looks quite like the chump,
    Brought a neut to a duel,
    But look who's the fool,
    As his vindi ends up in the dump.

    Shnjago, he has a gift,
    A death-dealer merciless. . .swift,
    When the rebels stray,
    He gets his way,
    And CODE violators all sent adrift.

    Great job Shnjago reigning in the rebel uprising!

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