Monday, June 9, 2014

Yes, Your Friend

It's fascinating how two people can witness the same thing, yet interpret what they saw in two totally different ways.

A dozen Knights of the Order killed Flora Katelo's Orca. Agent Nitetime Video found it to be an exhilarating battle. Flora didn't.

After the ice-breaker (no pun intended), Nitetime casually mentioned the fact that he sells mining permits. Flora was a cautious consumer. She was only interested in buying a real permit, not a fake one.

Nitetime had the proof of the Code to back him up. Flora said she couldn't believe him. She underestimated her capacity for belief!

Running the numbers, the deal was too good for Flora to pass up. The math is very simple. You'd be surprised how many miners have trouble with math, though.

This is what separates a good permit salesman from a great permit salesman. There's a reason why people who work at fast food restaurants are trained to ask, "Do you want fries with that?"

Speaking with a freshly-killed carebear can be a bit like walking through a minefield, even if they've just bought a permit. You never know what might set them off:

The "F" word made Flora explode. Our hero already had her money, though.

Luckily, Flora cooled off. She knew she needed more information to ensure the safety of her future Orca(s).

Things were touch-and-go for a moment there, but the story had a happy ending for everyone involved, and the two parted as friends. And if there's one thing the New Order has a lot of, it's friends.


  1. Our friendly neighborhood Code Agent spreading friendship and magic!

  2. Huzzah !!! Another successful intervention by the New Order. Well done.

    - Guybertini

  3. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieJune 9, 2014 at 8:41 PM

    I would be nice to get some translations of the code into other languages.

  4. This is just one example of a friendly New Order Agent taking their time to help another player. Every day of the week there are many more such examples to be had if people take the time and bother to actually look for them.

    Contrary to the myths, innuendo and outright lies that the anti-New Order crowd likes to toss around the vast majority of the New Order's agents actually *want* to help other players succeed. Yes, Agents and Knights go about it a different way than most others, but two years of experience I think proves that the New Order's approach is far more effective than merely talking and making suggestions in matters such as fitting a tank.

    Sometimes, if you want to get someone's attention, the best bet is to smack them upside the head with a frying pan (figuratively, of course) and say, "hey, buddy, time to fit a helmet on that head slot." Do Knights of the New Order enjoy ganking their targets? Of course they do, and that's one aspect that I'm sure drew the initial interest of many of the Knights. Do they take pride in their efforts when one of those targets learn a valuable lesson, purchase a permit and go on to be Code compliant? Absolutely.

    To the opponents of the New Order, particularly those involved in the "anti-ganker" community, I present this simple challenge. Take a close look at your community, and ask yourselves if the constant accusations thrown at one another of being New Order spais, the anger and rage, the vulgarities, the insults and innuendos, is really the kind of community you want to be a part of. Whether a community of disparate individuals with no real goal other than looking out for themselves is any kind of a community at all.

    I've spent hundreds of hours watching your so-called community, and still do to this day, interacting with others in it and making efforts to educate, and these are the things that I see on a daily basis. If this is your idea of community, then by all means, remain on the losing side of EVE history.

    If, however, you want something more then I encourage you to get to know the Agents and Knights of the New Order you're so strongly opposed to. We are an open community, a friendly community and a welcoming community, and the only requirement for "membership" in that community is 10 million ISK and a pledge of support -- a pledge of support not only for the New Order, but for the game you play, and the ideas it was built around.

    And to Nitetime Video, I give you my thanks for a job well done.

  5. I'm just working on a german translation of the Code. Some terms are hard to translate. "Bot aspirancy" for example. But I think it's possible.


    The modified dog


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