Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Solitude in an MMO, Part 1

I still remember when I first went to Kamio, a highsec ice mining system next door to Halaima. The Kamio miners claimed that they would not submit, because they were different: "This isn't Halaima, this is Kamio!" They didn't believe me when I told them that all highsec miners were the same everywhere. But it was true.

The Solitude region contains what are known as "highsec islands", systems with 0.5+ security cut off from the rest of highsec by low/null systems. Miners there think of themselves as a superior breed. Incredibly, there are players who think mining in highsec is EVE's "endgame".

Island or not, every system with 0.5 and above security is a highsec system. Which makes them a part of New Order territory. They are all subject to the Code.

A New Order patrol entered this "endgame" area and quickly dispatched the bot-aspirants. The complacent miners were completely taken by surprise.
ZzyyzzxX > CODE in Soli?
ZzyyzzxX > loyalanon & Wolf Soprano in soli...DaFuq?
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Maire
3xpl01d Stash > wtf
3xpl01d Stash > loyalanon Sophia Soprano Wolf Soprano just killed me in here
The miners of the Solitude region couldn't believe that they weren't 100% safe. They thought they had earned immunity from the Code just by jumping through a few non-highsec systems.

Among those whose endgame came crashing to a halt was 3xpl01d Stash. As his untanked Retriever proved, miners are the same everywhere in highsec.
loyalanon > please remember a permit before operating in James 315 territory
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you
loyalanon > Miner
loyalanon > please keep local clean from profanity
3xpl01d Stash > picking on newcomers
loyalanon > as outlined in the code given to us by our saviour James 315
3xpl01d Stash > go to nullsec you little kids
loyalanon > Please keep local clean
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you
Stash was furious. He declared himself a "newcomer" to EVE. If you've read MinerBumping before, you should know the drill; we always investigate claims of newbie status. Stash was, in fact, a 10 month-old character. To his credit, Stash's presence in the highsec island proved he'd at least jumped out of highsec in his 10-month career. That's more than many miners twice his age can say.
Chattox Vyvorant > theyre a suicide ganking alliance
Chattox Vyvorant > leave them to their games they'll get bored eventually and leave
3xpl01d Stash > that doesn't bring me my ship back
3xpl01d Stash > was the last thing i had
3xpl01d Stash > ima quit the game now
Despite his 10 months, Stash was strapped for cash. With his Retriever gone, he was at the end of his rope. Our Agents immediately made good the loss by giving him something even more valuable:
loyalanon > Please remember a permit before continuing operations in James 315 territory
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you
3xpl01d Stash > James can suck my fucking dick
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you
loyalanon > http://www.minerbumping.com/p/the-code.html
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you
412nv Yaken > please keep local clean
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you\
412nv Yaken > sir
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you
...they introduced Stash to the Code. Now he had the means to acquire riches beyond his wildest dreams.
loyalanon > a gf is in order
loyalanon > good fight mate
3xpl01d Stash > suck me
412nv Yaken > do you have a permit?
3xpl01d Stash > lick my nipples
3xpl01d Stash > put a fork in your eye and twist it
However, even the Code is of no use to someone who's unwilling to read it. Stash continued to compound his violations of the Code. He was dangerously close to earning a spot on the Red Pen list.
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you, because of you guys i lost everything i worked for
3xpl01d Stash > fuck you and your permit, killing people who don't know first and saying that shit later
412nv Yaken > as you realise you must submit
412nv Yaken > to the great james 315
412nv Yaken > our father and saviour
412nv Yaken > would you like a permit
412nv Yaken > they are only 10 million isk, they are vaild for 1 year
3xpl01d Stash > Hah asking for 10 mil, after you take all my cash
Though Solitude hadn't felt the pleasure of Code enforcement as frequently as other highsec areas, the miners there seemed to be very familiar with the New Order. Stash was the exception. Paradoxically, it is the ignorant miners--the ones with the greatest need to listen--who speak the most.
3xpl01d Stash > you want to see how pro you are?
3xpl01d Stash > shall i show you?
412nv Yaken > yes
3xpl01d Stash > 3364102
3xpl01d Stash > 0AgdBfk0lASmEJRZx6fuqc8vyZIB1c5kRRz6nkgLPipyVg1lDQnR32ZGwUbMyDav
3xpl01d Stash > 262139903
3xpl01d Stash > thats how pro you are
3xpl01d Stash > oh goodluck feeling so good about yourself
Dillon Hawk > that rage
3xpl01d Stash > no rage
3xpl01d Stash > just pointing out how sad you people are
Dillon Hawk > lol slamming ur keyboard seems like rage
3xpl01d Stash > you guys really need to get some positive energy in your real life. Killing newcomers in eve as a frustration release from your drunk daddy hitting you
Stash wouldn't stop raging in local. He threatened to quit. This was Stash's first real encounter with other players in EVE, so it wasn't a great sign. But the New Order isn't accustomed to giving up. Our Agents love to take risks. They're always prepared to gamble on a long-shot. They believed they could save this miner.

To be continued...


  1. What part of all of high sec do these guys not get?

    Anyway an impressive haul of rebels, well done

    1. Been mining for almost a year in certain high sec systems these fools never have stepped foot in yet..

      All of high-sec, sure keep telling yourself that buddy! :)

    2. You keep mining your veldspar in you ranked skiff ur 1.0 system yelling fuck the code. Little do you know we've already won

    3. your veil of anonymity tells me you probably fear an onslaught of catalysts and stabbers if you told us where you mine

    4. In ur tanked skiff in your 1.0

    5. Oh, I know you'd be more then happy to come ruin my day if I did disclose the system information.

      But tell you what, I'll humor you lot a bit... its a Amarr space. I mostly fly between 18:00 - 22:00 (EVE Time) in two accounts, one running a max efficiency hulk, with a hauler to keep the operation going smoothly. Hauler will be soon be upgraded to a Orca! yay.

      BTW I'm never fully AFK.. Space is a dangerous place to something so silly like afk'in.. but I do watch some series or read blogs while making profit risk free isk.

      How you ask? Simple. I have local open nice and wide on the side of my screen, with everyone who stays in the system set to friendly. If someone who isn't flagged as friendly jumps in, I'll do a quick checkup on the pilot to see if he likes to kill carebears like me in hulks on sites such as eve-kill, wonderful little site I must say..

      If he is just a passerby I'll flag the pilot as neutral and go on with my operation of risk free isk making. If not I'll take the appropriate measures making sure the flow of ISK stays on track.

      Some prep work and playing smart seems to keeps you alive and rich.


    6. well then you accept that high sec is not safe so you are at least some way to being saved from bot aspirancy.

  2. Seriously, how could anyone successfully travel through lowsec and yet fly stuff he can't afford to lose?
    I mean, I really thought highly of Solitude citizens, now I'm not that sure.

  3. if the new order keeps killing them in high sec (which is why kills in high sec these days are so high) then why dont they join a low sec corp and mine in low sec, where 1 kill per 24 hours is registered most of the times......
    if they want to mine afk just move to low sec, less players, less kills daily, more secure then high sec.....

    1. HiSec is, in my humble opinion, one of the most dangerous parts of space in the game. This is ironic, because as you've pointed out, much of lowsec and null is literally devoid of people. It's also far more lucrative, at least in null.

      I think the idea of a free-fire zone like game mechanics permit in low and null scare many of them off, despite these exact areas of space actually being *more* safe *despite* the lack of CONCORD protection provided them. For years, people have made use of hisec as their mostly risk-free ISK printing operation, and I for one am glad to see at least one organization in EVE trying to re-introduce the ratio of risk-reward to the hisec starscape.

      It's certainly going to be a long, uphill battle, but progress is being made every day and the New Order will only grow in strength in the future!

  4. back in 2004 I mined in solitude, but in a .2. I mined enough in my thorax to build a mega, that was the last mining I really did. No one ganked me because I paid attention to local. To be fair though, I only ever saw a roaming gank squad exactly once.

  5. The solitude coalition is, obviously based in solitude, and are a gang of bot-aspirant miners, they think they can escape other players in an MMO, well, as you said james, there is no solitude in an MMO, and i for one am glad to see these bot-aspirants brought down!

  6. Is that an API key ?

    I tried it with api jacknife, either they are not valid or the key has expired.

  7. In the name of Miner Liberation Front I declare Fredagod and Eygfe systems as CODE scum free. Anyone with positive refference to that CODE in bio will be shot without warning.

    Word to the miners in other systems - CODE is dying and now control quite small area so stop feeding them with tears and money. Best response to being ganked - zero reaction. Just ignore their verbal communication.

    Leader of MLF,
    Steelwings Angel

    MLF - honor, integrity, strength

    1. Dear Sir,

      Best response to a gank is well, not getting ganked.

    2. MLF.

      That acronym ... I do not think it sounds like what you think it sounds like.

    3. hahahaha "steelwings angel" that's so adorable :) :)

    4. Hey, if those MILFs wanna gank more miners- more power to 'em!

  8. @anon 6:39

    Dear ____ ,

    if someone will put enough effort you will eventually get ganked. Esp. if you do AFK mining. And it doesn't matter what kind of catalyst trolls they are.

    Leader of MLF,
    Steelwings Angel

  9. I'm glad that loyalanon put my contract of 17 catalysts to good use!


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