Monday, June 30, 2014

Life from CODE

Back in the Dark Ages, before the New Order came to power, people would see terrible things happening in highsec and not do anything about it.

Everyone knows that the New Order has eyes and ears everywhere. Good citizens of highsec still see terrible things sometimes, but now they take action.

Agent Cannibal Kane was traveling through our realm when he came across a wicked sight. A corporation called Death To CODE? With "CODE" in all-caps, even? This could hardly be a coincidence. A new anti-Order rebel organization had popped up!

Kane sent a stern warning to Dragon-hunter Hemanseh, the founder and CEO of the corp.

Even rascals and hoodlums who live in highsec can't deny how dangerous it is to get on Cannibal Kane's bad side. He is notorious for wardeccing and destroying corporations single-handed. His EVEmail prompted Dragon-hunter to contact a CODEdot diplomat right away.
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > I was just sent a mail from Cannibal Kane
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > he is saying that CODE hierd him to go to war with us
DJentropy Ovaert > Well, with a corp name like that - how could the New Order resist?
DJentropy Ovaert > We love PVP and death, it seemed like you guys wanted some war.
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > I didant know that there was an alins with the name of CODE
Dragon-hunter insisted that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. He had no idea "CODE." was an EVE alliance. He must have wished death on some other "CODE". Even so, honour demanded that Dragon-hunter fix the mess he'd made--regardless of whether it was an accident.
DJentropy Ovaert > Ouch! I'd consider this a good time to totally abandon the corp and reform
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > is there any way to get out of the war with out abandoning my corp
DJentropy Ovaert > Hmmmmm
DJentropy Ovaert > Perhaps we can come to a understanding.
Agent DJentropy suggested changing the corp's name by dissolving it and starting over. Since the corp had 13 members and wouldn't be so easily closed and reopened, Dragon-hunter wanted an alternative.
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > I don't know what we cold do
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > I do have a member that has kild alot of miners

As a demonstration of his good faith, Dragon-hunter referred DJentropy to the killboard of one of the corp's members, Katherine Upton. Though the killmails were only available on Battleclinic, they were API-verified. Katherine had indeed killed many miners in highsec. This changed things. For the sake of one righteous person, perhaps the New Order was willing to save the corp from destruction.
DJentropy Ovaert > awesome! Well, I think I know a way.
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > ok
DJentropy Ovaert > Whatever it is worth to you. Be reasonable. Perhaps a token gesture of ISK would be in order?
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > all I have right now is 635,154,518.29
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > is 2b woth it?
Dragon-hunter Hemanseh > to you
DJentropy Ovaert > 2 billion? Well....
Dragon-hunter was willing to bestow a gift of two billion isk. Would DJentropy show mercy by accepting the money?

...And to think, there are carebears who say I'm a bad influence on people!

DJentropy graciously accepted Dragon-hunter's apology and two billion isk. Still, DJentropy felt it was important for corp to take one additional step.

Death To CODE pledged its loyalty to the New Order.

DJentropy disbursed the funds and took a well-deserved nap. Judging from our successes over the last two years, I think it's safe to say that nobody naps better-deserved naps than our Agents.


  1. I think an apt comment on this story would be:

    The CODE always wins!

  2. as an aspiring industrialist I often see this blog flung about randomly and came to see what the fuss was over. Imagine my surprise when I read all within these posts and think to myself, my..they must go through a dozen fleetyard lots of ships every week not to mention munitions and modules.

    I don't suppose there would be an external need for supplies and ships to supply this interesting operation?

    1. I think that if you are interested in supplying Catalysts and fittings below market cost for New Order Agents, then you will definitely find some takers. Alternately, you can just buy shares, the isk goes to reimburse ganking losses.

    2. Anonymous,

      Contact the player Suh Ndamukong in game. Suh handles procurement for CODE. Alliance and sometimes deals directly with manufacturers providing they can manage bulk production in the range of multiple-thousands of catalyst hulls or equivalent numbers of fittings.

  3. Good Evening All (London, UK)!

    "There's no denying it, mankind can only reach its full potential through the creation of a civilization."

    I guess strictly speaking there can't be an 'End Boss' in a game like Eve. Kane's activities are more like a mini-game, but on 'maximum' difficulty. He's a game-within-a-game, if you like.

    The conquest of Highsec by Code-wielding warriors is also a game-within-a-game, and it is a deadly serious game, in which there can be only one victor - The Code.

    Those who have accepted James 315 as their Guide and Saviour are fortunate indeed. For they have abjured the dubious benefits and slovenly ways of the Highsec Carebears, and instead embraced sanity and probity.

    That Cannibal Kane has seen fit to ally himself with our Cause is cause for great joy. Because we are the causeway raised above the sea of space, the firm path to victory.

    We in the New Order are changing the game, day by day. We are indeed Game-Changers.

    A little homily from

  4. I think the ceo is hiding something. He says he only has 600m and offers 2b. I think that since this corp does not have an ECCP, an audit is required.

  5. Back to the story.

    The story of doom.

    For poor tiny BING´s

    About to go boom!

    You hear me assasin?

    Our troops are massin´

    Get ready for the bombing

    The shooting ´the gassin´

    Heres the deal yo! Shit just gor real yo!

    You´ll be crushed

    Under Sun miner´s heel yo!

    1. I just love, love, LOVE that what Bing is doing in Kino is still drawing anonymous tear-filled threats on a post like this.

      I also love that there are some miners smart enough to know they're in a losing battle. I sure wouldn't wanna be on Kane's bad side.

      (Who was in local with Kane one time... it was magical. True story)

  6. The code always wins

  7. you're either really mad, or really in the closet can't tell which

  8. New Order fanfic porn!

    Or maybe he's just RPing?

  9. I think, in a strange way, this is beautiful. It's not in the closet, I think James now has true love from anonymous miners, the truth revealed as to why they spout homophobic slurs.

    What they're truly afraid of...

    Is their love for the Supreme Protector.


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