Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kills of the Week

At the end of the day, the Code is really all about having respect for highsec carebears. We respect them enough to expect proper behavior from them. We also expect that they respect themselves enough to put more than 10 seconds of thought into fitting decisions. When the carebears fall short of our expectations, we penalize them according to the Code. Here are some examples of carebears who were given the death penalty during the week of June 8th @ 00:00 EVEtime through June 14th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Northman is a member of the Against ALL Authorities alliance and a former owner of a 2.1 billion isk fail-fit Golem. The -A- alliance lost space in nullsec recently. But highsec is not a place to deposit one's nullsec trash. Highsec is not the nullsec alliances' toilet. It belongs to me. Agents D400 and IREALLYHOPETHISNAMEWILLF eliminated the filth.

Uh-oh. Some mission-runner judged himself more powerful than an Agent of the New Order. You can guess what happened next:

Even with a safety button supplied by CCP, Liscala managed to get himself killed. He engaged in aggressive behavior against Agent Arden Elenduil and was immediately doomed.

This is another sad story. Someone was offering free kill rights to Orp OrnulfII, who was sitting AFK in a faction battleship. After the kill right was purchased and activated, Agents Aaaarrgg and Pod-Goo RepoWoman opened fire. However, they overheated their weapons, as if conducting a suicide gank. Their guns burned out when the Raven Navy Issue was down to 50% structure. Thus, the bot-aspirant survived. Or he would have, had he been at his keyboard. Our heroes returned to station, bought more guns, and returned to find the carebear still sitting in place at half-structure. They killed him and his 612 million isk pod.

Agent Lord Kailethre sent us an update about the notorious Ikao brony, brony2893, who has been featured in a few MinerBumping posts.

Agent TheWidower couldn't be bribed. When brony2893's diplomacy failed, TheWidower brought the fugitive rebel to justice. His faction battleship was sent to the glue factory.

Ouch! Iohan Sjet was in for a rude awakening when Agent Fabulous Charity relieved him of 3.6 billion isk worth of implants. It's outrageous that carebears think they're entitled to such expensive pods. Our Agents are changing the world, and they usually have empty pods or only use inexpensive gunnery implants. Another case where throwing money at a problem does no good.

It was a bad week for rebel Orca pilots. Our fleets patrolled highsec. Among the fleet commanders was Agent iZaEaRl, who, along with Agent DJentropy Ovaert, sent me a report about numerous Orcas getting fried. Is it just me, or are Orca prices rising lately?

angelafighter had the most expensive of the dead Orcas, weighing in at 1.5 billion isk. Despite its token Damage Control Unit, the Orca was riddled with anti-tank modules. The extra cargo space only meant more of angelafighter's possessions could be destroyed by our Agents. The Knights on this kill were Rick Therapist, Throatslashar, D400, Nitetime Video, NotTheSmartestCookie, Aaaarrgg, Princess Suicide, Mildron Klinker, iZaEaRl, Sophaya Fortelleren, DJentropy Ovaert, Joe Endicott, Nanny State, Vargur Prime, Ima Wreckyou, Habris, Brutal Anna, and Pod-Goo RepoWoman.

This poster was included with the report. Let's make sure every miner in highsec gets the message before it's too late!


  1. Another amazing week of educating miners, mission runners and the assorted solo player riff raff of HiSec about the perils of unrepentant greed, complacency and general fail fitting their ships. I can only marvel at the continued ignorance of capsuleers who delude themselves into believing that HiSec is safe enough to do as they please in violation of the Halaima Code of Conduct.

    As much as I look forward to the Kills of the Week posts, it always leaves me with a sense of anticipation as to what glorious successes will follow in the *next* week. They just get better and better as the New Order continues to grow and consolidate it's power.

    I foresee even greater successes in the weeks and months to come, all thanks to the noble Agents and Knights of the New Order who work tirelessly to enforce the Code. I offer a tip of my LA King's cap to each of the Agents and Knights who participated in this week's KotW!

  2. It took 18 of you to kill an Orca? LOL.

    1. It's not so much that it took 18 to kill it, but that there were 18 available to kill it.

    2. First rule of gunfighting: Bring a gun. And bring all your friends with guns.

    3. You have to remember, that the New Order is not a for-profit operation. Most of the Knights who participate in gank fleets do so because it's a fun and entertaining way to pass the time and/or genuinely believe in the goals for High Sec as set forth by James 315. Why not take down an Orca with 18 people? Why not 30, or 40 or 100 if there's that many that want to participate.

      Overkill has *always* been the status quo of EVE If you're facing one guy, bring two logi along with. If you're facing two, bring a fleet of ten. If you're facing a Myrmidon, bring a Titan (anyone who gets this particular Morsus Mihi reference, good for you!), if you're fighting a small gang, hotdrop a super fleet on them.

      Overkill is a time honored tradition in EVE, and just about every pilot with PVP experience is "guilty" of it at one time or another. The New Order? No guilt amongst the New Order pilots, I bet. Nor should there be.

      Lovely Orca kill! Take 19 next time guys!

    4. Pfft Overkill is a myth, you can never have too much firepower :P

    5. Somewhere loyalanon has a video of use taking down a Mackinaw with 8 or so noob ships. Why 8 noob ships instead of a couple of catalysts? Because we had 8 guys in fleet.


  3. What a wonderful week. Truly, high-sec is becoming a better place on a daily basis.

    Here's looking forward to next week. Spoiler alert: it's going to be amazing :)

    1. This week is already off to a great start with 9 and 10 billion ISK freighter/jump freighters having been brought to justice by combined CODE/CFC forces in Aufay. Can't wait to see what other great successes we have this week!

  4. That is some downright beautiful artwork! I wonder who could have made that...


  5. inb4 gorila rips off this poster

  6. I wonder why mission runners became CODE´s targets since they are not miners or even AFK.

    I see that you grew up from miner without permit (or AFK) ganking alliance with a good philosophy to tards who gank everything in high sec because they can´t defend themselves.

    1. never heard of mission running bots?

    2. Hi Anon 1:11 PM,

      Mission runners also have to learn that they are as vulnerable to attack as anyone else in Highsec. Anyone else who doesn't take precautions, that is.

      This is not a principle which 'grew' out of minerbumping; it was established by James 315 at the start. If meaningful risk is removed from Highsec activity, the path to Eve the Theme Park becomes smoother.

      Just to clear up a common misunderstanding; CODEdot is an Alliance of Corporations who, using the New Halamia Code of Conduct, aim to establish a New Order in Highsec.

      The New Order as a movement includes all supporters and enforcers of the Code, whatever their contribution. It is an informal entity, whose members are widely dispersed throughout New Eden. There is no requirement to join a specific Corporation or Alliance.

      In truth, the New Order is an aspirational movement, founded on rock-solid principles and sustained not - as some would imagine - by Tears, but by the common love of this game, and the determination not to have it slide into powder-puff oblivion.


    3. Most mission runners are killed either AP'ing, or far worse, being AFK on a gate.

  7. Nice kills. Was cool to watch the gank in action in Aufay last night. Too bad carebears don't realize their crying for a safer highsec is what brings stuff like that on.

  8. "At the end of the day, the Code is really all about having respect for highsec carebears. We respect them enough to expect proper behavior from them." Oh James, you are so full of shit that this blog stinks.

    For a blog that smells like roses when compared to this one, click here.

    Normally, I would just troll this shit out of this place, but right now I'm just too fucking tired and lazy to care.

    Butthurt Miner

    To Sasha Nyemtsov: The actions of code is already pushing EvE Online into oblivion. People are canceling their accounts due to highsec ganking. Some are taking 6 months off or even a full year off. Permanent account cancellation is rampant among players who have less than one year in the game. Remember, CCP just recently laid off a number of people. Just because it was due to the cancellation of that project (the name escapes me), doesn't mean that other departments were affected. If enough people cancel their accounts, guess what? CCP will fold and EvE Online will fold with it. Then the whole lot of you will have to head back to WOW.

    This is a Carebears United post....yada yada yada...

    1. I think it's rather disingenuous to assert that the New Order is pushing EVE into oblivion. I have absolutely *no* doubt that some players have likely quit playing EVE after being losing a ship to suicide ganking, but I think far more are lost to two, maybe three other factors that are entirely the responsibility of CCP.

      The first is the absolutely terrible state of PVE gameplay in EVE. It is uninteresting, unchallenging, and almost every aspect of it runs contrary to the PVP nature of the game. The second is the complete lack of any real major game features the past couple years. Without new features, it's much harder for a game to pull in *new* players. And *possibly* a third cause is the new player experience not making it completely clear that PVP is not an optional gameplay mechanic; that though a player can choose to spend his or her days doing PVE activities, he or she is at the mercy of any other player who chooses to force a PVP interaction upon them.

      I think these issues pose a much greater risk to the future financial success of EVE than a couple hundred players who go around suicide ganking players. As for those players who do quite because they've gotten ganked all I can say is that EVE was not the game for them, and I hope they're having better luck in whatever game they moved on to. I'm not sad that they've left... their presence in EVE also puts the future success of EVE at risk.


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