Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kills of the Week

As we wrap up our Christmas celebrations and look forward to the new year, let's not forget what we've lost over the course of 2015. Although our ranks weren't thinned by permabans, we saw the end of the highsec awox era and the hyperdunk (and superhyperdunk). Yet we've gained so much: More highsec dwellers obey the Code than ever before. As for the rest, they get what's coming to them--another week of wisdom delivered by our Agents from December 20th @ 00:00 EVEtime through December 26th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Christmas 2015: koolmech24 packed up his 15.5 billion isk freighter, set the autopilot to pass through Uedama, and let fate take care of the rest. The role of fate was played by Agents Ben Li, Lament von Gankenheim, Cytheera, Velia Canus, Zula Terra, Gentaros, Zahard Ignis, Kristopher Rocancourt, Ryan Aego, and Rex Wolfington.

What's this? Hyperdunking may be gone, but Ben Li's stealth bomber alts are trained and ready to party. I like to imagine that each stealth bomber was dressed up as one of Santa's reindeer.

"CodeHasNoLife" couldn't be more wrong. Code enforcers do have a family. It's called the New Order family. The result: CarebearHasNoFreighter.

Ben Li's drawing, above, makes a good point, though. Sometimes our Agents make an entire family by producing a bunch of alts.

Judging by her cloak and impressive tank, edith sitwell had no intention of losing her 11.6 billion isk Orca. But consider the other evidence. edith lacked a permit, and she went AFK in Uedama. She didn't autopilot, either. Our Agents report that edith's Orca was simply parked near a gate for more than 30 minutes before being brought to justice. In case you didn't hear, Uedama is a no-parking zone.

Agents Talon Calais, Miliana Banistaar, Jiet, Sipphakta en Gravonere, Evil Master, Engin Can, Irisz Renalard, Chocolate Mooses, Bob Painter, Nikonor Drishenko, Weeaboo Hunter, Runeme Shilter, battle Barviainen, Jayson Kusion, Schizz Popinov, Shaari Aviata, Amanantian, Jayneria, Inspector Implant, Jason Kusion, Horatius Maximus, Cipio Alduin, DwaiGuy, BAE B PEW, Izzy Plaude, Askulap Acami, Klarkus Bruume, Oh c'mon, Kiro Feras, Justin Kusion, Mike Waaargh, Joel Kusion, Jake Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Turkey Baster, Jackson Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Rat Orlenard, Joshua Kusion, Marbas Vinganca, and Jeremiah Kusion destroyed the Orca. Apparently this fleet also served as an impromptu Kusion family reunion.

One day, after the New Order achieves final victory in highsec, a "blingy" ship will refer to one that has multiple New Order permits. Until then, bling represents decadence and costly bot-aspirancy. Avery Cane's immodest 3.1 billion isk battleship went AFK and went pop. Agents Zula Terra, Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri, Vilinensis Octoria, BAE B BLUE, V-ktor Dolus, Engin Can, Sophia Soprano, BAE B PEW, and loyalanon grabbed a nice bit of loot and shot down the 1.6 billion isk pod for good measure.

Say all you want about ships that can't shoot back, but Baron Redwolfe's Bowhead was clearly ready for some PvP. He shouldn't have cargo-tanked, though, because our Agents always have a hard counter prepared. Agents Adelaide Brooke, Zula Terra, InferiDiii, Bob Masevski, Karmafleet Is Recruiting, Sasha Cohenberg, Mr Omniblivion, Yabba Dabba Do, loyalanon, Stormy whether, Knackered Old Goat, Where-Am I, Cytheera, Fegette Drath, Chocolate Mooses, Amanantian, and Eure Dincigkeit had some pleasant PvP with the Bowhead and everyone went home happy except for the Bowhead pilot.

The Ishtar has often been criticized in the past for being too versatile or too overpowered. For instance, is it unfair that a ship can use so many different kinds of drones with good damage and fit three salvagers? Yuriko Angel of Sleepless Guardians didn't exactly live up to her corp's name. Members of CODE. never have that problem. Agents Krig Povelli, hellokittyonline, Gist Warlord, Harryette Ballzack, and Yucan Blome proved that Ishtars are not invincible by any means. Arguably the Code is overpowered, but you can't buff bot-aspirancy.

Agent Eleni Helios sunk her teeth into Tastie-O's 3.6 billion isk pod. Interestingly, Tastie-O's was flying a new type of mining frigate called an "Endurance".

One of the secrets to the New Order's success is, of course, its endurance. I received an interesting EVEmail in response to the recent MinerBumping post about the 95% decline in autopiloting shuttles. Agent Aaaarrgg writes:

The pod/AP traffic is WAY down. 4 years ago me and stoner etc. did not need scouts, we would just undock and warp to gate, me in Madirmilire and him in Kaputenen. We were almost guaranteed the choice of a few pods to kill every 15 min per alt, and we had so many alts :)

I was surprised how long it took for the message to get about, took a couple of years, after a while I remember seeing a null vet on the forums I think mentioning/complaining about the rise in high sec podding as if that was something bad. Then the pods on AP began declining and shuttle APing increased.

Well you know what happened next, D400 killing ap shuttles :) and I have to admit to killing a few myself. Most now fly ATK and warp to 0 and real AP pod users are few and far between. Most now are empty noobs who do not know better or empty alts that dont mind being podded occasionally. But of the nice pods killed I suspect most are long time unsubbed chars resubbing and continuing as they did all those years ago, or maybe a lot of the shiny pods are ones on AP that got their ship ganked further up the pipes either by gankers of maybe faction navies.

Well almost forgot what the point of the mail was, but it was to show the latest milestone in my never ending quest for 9001 (over 9000 of course) illegal pods ganked in highsec. The toll by Aaaarrgg alone stands at 7000 now (actually more by now) and way more with my alts but its Aaaarrgg that counts :)

With the massive reduction of AP pods the count is increasing much more slowly, but this is in itself a victory. A victory as so few agents managed to have such a large game changing effect on the entire game universe. And it was literally only a few people. Definitely proof that the Code always wins.

Always :)

Year after year after year of winning. In time, there will be carebears calling themselves "bittervets" who never played EVE before the Code. The pre-Code years will be only faintly remembered as a dark age.


  1. Thanks Cytheera and LvG, also AG fails again.

  2. An excellent week for The Code., proof that antiganking is failing nonstop daily. Over 50bil in shares purchased, Vexors inclusion on SRP payouts, evidence of increased compliance in highsec...

    ...Utopia is near, and James has made it all possible!

    1. I'm always amazed how he spawned such a huge movement in high sec just by bumping miners.

    2. James 315 is a cocksucker along with the rest of your code cock sucking fags

  3. ""CodeHasNoLife" couldn't be more wrong. Code enforcers do have a family. It's called the New Order family. The result: CarebearHasNoFreighter."


  4. "Yabba Dabba Do, Stormy whether, Harryette Ballzack, Yucan Blome"

    Haha great alt names

    1. We have some more good ones that we just made for thrasher alts (which can train in under 30 min. now btw).
      Cumulus Laws Swoll, Smug Greased Illusion. You have to read their bios :) Also the corp "Burdens of the State"

    2. Some ganker scout names are pretty funny too:

      Willie Stroker.

      As in non-stop, daily, 24-7, ALWAYS!!!

  5. Looks like antiganking failed for ANOTHER week!!!!1


    Aaaarrgg is one of the greatest heroes of EVE.

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