Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Superhero of Metropolis, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping...

After losing her billion isk pod, Rhamnousia Nemesis swore an oath of undying hatred for Agent Alt 00. As a Metropolis region superhero, Alt 00 was fully justified in bringing the evildoer to justice. Rhamnousia declared her intention to drive the Agent from EVE forever. So much for player retention!

Life goes on. Rhamnousia retreated to the shadows to plot and scheme against the New Order. Meanwhile, other rebel miners were emboldened by Rhamnousia's threats of force.

New Order Agents are not merely the military leaders of highsec; they also constitute highsec's civil authority. When an Agent is in system, they automatically take on a role similar to that of a respected tribal elder.

Freka Thursik inquired about different career paths in EVE. Alt 00 put on her guidance counselor and EVE historian hats, and began teaching Freka about the game.

Out of nowhere, Alt 00's arch-nemesis resurfaced!

Hours had passed since the last Rhamnousia sighting. The time for plotting and scheming was over. Things were about to heat up in Metropolis.

Though Rhamnousia posed an imminent threat to highsec, Alt 00 couldn't let the terrorist win by disrupting her other activities. Alt 00 continued to advise Freka, even taking the time to direct her to some tasteful James 315 fan art.

Alt 00's arch-nemesis struck again by lashing out in local chat. But... was that all there was to Rhamnousia's plan?

Once again, other rebels drew strength from their new resistance leader. A storm was gathering.

Carebears rallied, hoping to prevent any pro-Code ideas from taking hold in the system.

Alt 00 went to high alert. Was Rhamnousia about to launch her long-awaited counter-strike, with the aid of her new allies? Or had she already completed her plan to say "fag" a few times and leave the system?

To be continued...


  1. "Or had she already completed her plan to say "fag" a few times and leave the system?"

    I'm going to go with this option.

  2. Antiganking always wins while code always always sucks cock and rapes kids!!! ALWAYS!!!

  3. Replies
    1. And again, and again, almost as if they were on permanent failure mode.
      It must be hell on them knowing the most they can do is post kiddie porn refrences as an imposter wolf.
      So much CODE win.

    2. Ah gosh, I must have had too many 10 year old cocks in my mouth again when I typed that. We all know that it is code that failed again!!!!

      I suck all the cocks like a faggot!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    3. Fake wolf soprano has some serious anger issues. His constant referencing of child abuse is also a cause for concern. I think he may need to calm down.

  4. The only big problem I see with Alt 00 is I wanted to do some ganking today but the supply of magnetic field stabilizers in the Metropolis area is basically nonexistent :(

    Now I have to import stuff.

  5. Roll a science/industry alt :)

  6. Better luck next time, antigankers. There there!

  7. Butthurt antigankers are always great to watch them sperg out anonymously on the comments section XD XD

  8. I don't get it. Where's the humiliating somebody part? And it's from a month ago, but that's forgivable. Also, I think you forgot Jim Junior 315. Here he is, as courtesy link for the lazy: https://image.eveonline.com/character/96054972_1024.jpg

    1. You're just jelly, pleb. Also, get out. What do you know about James 315?

    2. Also your "link" is not a link. Learn to tag. Get good.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. (Why can't I just edit to improve the diction and literacy content, instead of having to delete? Please see below for the revised version).

  9. rhymes "Teen" with "Teen". A stretch, and a lazy one.

  10. Ah, I see. I've always thought of him as a "three-one-five" myself.

  11. Woot, I'm famous! I am seriously going to use this to pick up some womens.


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