Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Guilty Bystander, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... While clearing debris left behind by miners in Elonaya, Agent Ezzemiah Delma was attacked by a rogue Drake pilot. Like all our Agents, Ezzemiah truly shines when shooting ships that can shoot back, so naturally she triumphed. Ezzemiah proudly displayed her hard-won killmail in Elonaya local, which enraged a random miner named Tenoh. After expressing some real-life death wishes, Tenoh mused about creating a miner alliance to wardec CODE.
Ezzemiah Delma > why would it? 99% of our people are -10 and can be shot anytime
Tenoh > so what?
Ezzemiah Delma > why would a wardec be any different?
Ezzemiah Delma > especially one made by miners who are afk 90% of the tiem anyways?
Tenoh > your a human scum,nothing to talk about
Grim Pkr > tenoh. youre human too -.-
Tenoh > you defending code fucker? really?
Miners love griping at each other almost as much as they enjoy raging at the New Order. A newbie named Grim Pkr drew Tenoh's ire.
Grim Pkr > no but calling someone "human scum" makes no sense
Tenoh > it is to me
Ezzemiah Delma > Code provides content. Even CCP agrees that it helps retention.
Tenoh > fuck you and content i dont want
Ezzemiah Delma > You dont want to be shot in a spaceship shooting game? I think your in the wrong game Tenoh
Tenoh was too angry to pretend. He admitted that he wanted to eliminate emergent content from our fair PvP sandbox.
Tenoh > moron, why you think i am in high sec
Ezzemiah Delma > because you are confused about the game?
Tenoh > no,
Ezzemiah Delma > pvp in highsec is allowed and alive.
Ezzemiah Delma > everytime you undock you consent to pvp
Tenoh > and your an ass,makes me wanna hate humans for real
Ezzemiah Delma > You should calm down, miner. Is not doing you any good
Tenoh was well on his way to the dark side. It's a journey that begins with opposing the Code.
Enaka Oriki > Tenoh They just do it for attention.
Tenoh > sadly i cant hit her face in real life
Tenoh > id love to do that
Once again, Tenoh didn't bother hiding his true self. If you want to know why the New Order is winning so many hearts and minds, it's because our competition consists of people like Tenoh filling local chat with nonsense.
Grim Pkr > getting mad over a game is pretty childish :/
Tenoh > then why you bother grim?
Grim Pkr > why do i bother with what? im not mad. im having a laugh at you
Ezzemiah Delma > such a violent person. Wanting to cause real life harm over a videogame
Tenoh > yes Delma cause your still a human scum,video game or not,
Grim Pkr > "i hate humans" when you are one. and youre wanting to punch someone over their opinion of a video game.
Tenoh > not the opinion,it prevents me from playing
Tenoh > really,cant wait for ww3
I've remarked a few times recently about the increase of nihilism among rebel carebears. Hoping for another World War to end humanity? Because you lost a Retriever or something one day? I think that qualifies as nihilism.
Ezzemiah Delma > You can play all you want. No one is preventing you from playing
Tenoh > your exist, that makes it hard
Ezzemiah Delma > just buy a mining permit and you can mine all you want in highsec. its only 10 mil a year of code compliant mining.
Tenoh > who gave you the right? your a fuckin mobber
Grim Pkr > wtf is a mining permit .-.
Tenoh > Grim? your that ignorant?
Ezzemiah Delma > James 315 commands it. He gives me the right
Tenoh > that james can suck my dick
An amusing moment occurred when Tenoh chastised his fellow miner--a newbie--for not knowing the Code. Cultural victory, friends.
Ezzemiah Delma > A mining permit is a permit that allows you to mine legally in James 315 space.
Tenoh > that the code is a mob?
Enaka Oriki > It's like a bully taking your lunch money.
Grim Pkr > lol thats funny
Grim Pkr > they think they own some of the game
Tenoh > now you getting it?
Grim Pkr > yeah i understand. still not as mad as you are about it though.
Tenoh > cuase you never had to go through this year after year
In highsec, having the virtue of endurance multiplies one's strength beyond anything you can imagine. Many miners resist at first, but when they experience year after year of Code enforcement, they must break. Carebears, we're only just getting started.
Enaka Oriki > If CCP realized how much money they lose in subscription costs due to gankers they probably would nerf them more.
Tenoh > posted that on their face book, doubt they care
Tenoh > thats why i said that ccp are asholes
Ezzemiah Delma > actually, CCP has said multiple times it helps retention
Enaka Oriki > Not really it drives new players away and keeps them from growing into pvp and moving to null sec.
Our Agent was alarmed when she detected the presence of a carebear myth incursion. But she was prepared.
Ezzemiah Delma > Thats what bot aspirants wants everyone to believe.
Tenoh > bla bla bla
Enaka Oriki > Ezzemiah Delma I've seen it over and over again.
Grim Pkr > well i mean its actually fact. ezzemiah
Grim Pkr > if everytime you logged on somoene was on your ass blowing you to pieces youd give up on this game
Tenoh > now pls tell me i was wrong to let it out on them
The local carebears all agreed that ganking reduces player retention. They dismissed Ezzemiah's claim that CCP did a study on this.
Ezzemiah Delma > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A92Ge2S8M1Y
Ezzemiah Delma > Start watching from 1:40 on
Grim Pkr > i dont want a virus. not clicking the link
Ezzemiah Delma > it speaks about what you guys are arguing so much about
Like I said, Ezzemiah was ready for this.

CCP Rise's celebrated Fanfest presentation on ganking and player retention was originally posted as part of a long CCP Twitch stream (famously, at the 03:15:00 mark). CCP transferred the footage to their YouTube channel. Rise's presentation now has its own video. The carebears were horrified.
Tenoh > i dont carecode needs to die,period
Tenoh > hope eve declines more
Ezzemiah Delma > You can start by killing me, Tenoh
Ezzemiah Delma > oh right.. you rather just sit back and hope someone else does it.
Tenoh > no, ill wait out till you get bored
Ezzemiah Delma > of what?
Tenoh > tell your hitler.. ehh, i mean james, he can suck it
The nihilistic miner eagerly awaited the day that EVE collapsed. If that's what it takes to defeat the New Order, so be it. On the bright side, a global nuclear holocaust wouldn't be required.
Grim Pkr > what happens when someoen stronger comes along and kicks you guys out?
Grim Pkr > then youll have a few choices yourself lol
Tenoh > my choise is to show you code my middle finger ..i..
Ezzemiah Delma > kick us out of where?
Grim Pkr > where ever youre trying to strong arm
Tenoh > Hmm... need to make miner alliance
The newbie showed off his newbieness. Someone stronger than the New Order? Good luck with that one.
Tenoh > and what about the worship of that james ashole?
Tenoh > sounds like a cult
Ezzemiah Delma > I dont worship him. I am appreciative of his work. He is the Savior of Highsec.
Tenoh > savier from what?
Ezzemiah Delma > From Bot Aspirancy, of course.
Tenoh > LOL
Ezzemiah Delma > Read his manifesto and you will understand.
Tenoh > fk his manifesto
Tenoh > i rather play with bots then with asholes like him
The Elonaya conference reached its conclusion when bot-aspirant Tenoh admitted that he preferred the company of mining bots. Coupled with his dreams of nuclear oblivion and the end of humanity, I bet when Tenoh watches "Terminator" films, he roots for the machines. If this guy represents the alternative to the Code, no wonder we're winning.


  1. Truly, an insolent, pitiable miner. Ideally representative of the attitudes that we are looking to eliminate with The Code. It's those kind of attitudes that are responsible for players leaving this game; most people can't stand that kind of potty mouth.

  2. CODE. loses. No mining permit, no miner converted to their twisted cause.

    1. Miner; it is accepted as fact among Highsec circles that there will be times that miners attempt to resist the Code and The Word of James 315.

      This is to be expected. After all, the Glorious Paradise that The Code shall transform what is formerly known as Highsec into, as we all know, will not be built in a day, regardless of how we all think it should be.

      Yea, there will be many carebears who resist the Code when it is first brought to them; but fear not. The Code and the Law of Highsec touches each individual that lives there, and given time, all will be Code Compliant; if all were Code-Compliant now, we Agents of the New Order would not have jobs, now would we?

    2. This is what most 'Grr-CODE' types fail to realize. When when they fight back, resist and slander us, we still win. Why? Because if they are doing that then they aren't afk letting the game play itself. We want you to interact, we want you to fight back.

      You can't stop it because the very act of trying to stop it is a victory.

      CODE always wins, always.

  3. Looks like antiganking failed.... wait for it...... AGAIN!!!!1

    1. Looks like code raped a kid with a baseball bat.... wait for it..... AGAIN!!!!1

    2. oh you, have a code compliant Christmas fake soprano.

  4. Surely Tenoh has more salt to share with us?

  5. "Tenoh > i rather play with bots then with asholes like him"

    Plenty of singleplayer games to pick from. Rebel Galaxy was great fun, and had an awesome soundtrack!

  6. Tenoh made a rather good argument, we have to admit: Its better playing with bots when you are a bot aspirant yourself. To each their own.

    Now for the rest of us who actually PLAY EVE... there's The Code. Praise James!

  7. If someone stronger than CODE comes along they're not going to be the savour of care bears. They'll probably charge a lot more than 10 million ISK to mine in their space. These bot-asperants have never had it so good as under the magnanimous rule of James 315.

    On a side note, I'm happy to report that when I type in "James" on my cellphone, 315 is what the predictive text thinks my next word will be. Another CODE victory.

  8. I'm starting a virtual charity fund for PVP Skill training for Astecus, his alts, and other AG members. This next year will be a year of giving and love. Please send all donations in the form of ISK to Nitetime Video.

    I will be putting together a special team to getting Astecus and his alts the PVP training they need to not fail non-stop daily.

    1. The NO is all about giving and love. They give bot aspirants a hard time and love every minute of it.


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