Monday, December 14, 2015

Superhero of Metropolis, Part 1

It's a bit of a cliché these days to say that ordinary people can be capable of doing extraordinary things. It's true, though. And it's especially true if you can imagine something so remarkable that it can bestow superpowers upon those who come into contact with it.

It's the Code, of course. An inconspicuous, mild-mannered trade alt encountered the Code. Soon, her life was transformed. She became a superhero, an Agent of the New Order.

Our story begins in the Metropolis region. Local carebear Rhamnousia Nemesis peddled her petty wares in Hek, a major trade center. As she hopped into the neighboring Nakugard system, she was followed. Someone was watching over her like a guardian angel.

Years ago, ice fields in highsec provided the perfect environment for bot-aspirant miners. The years of infinite ice came to an abrupt conclusion: The New Order's public awareness campaign culminated in CCP's removing them from the game. Rhamnousia returned to EVE from that dark past, her greed undiminished by the passage of time.

Rhamnousia went to the ice anomaly to scout it out in her naked pod. Suddenly, a superhero appeared, knocking out the villain and making a well-timed quip.

Usually bot-aspirants will at least hide their expensive pods in a shuttle. Rhamnousia's naked pod contained 1.1 billion isk worth of implants. Alt 00 either had really good instincts or X-ray vision. In any case, it was a good kill. Rhamnousia was taken completely by surprise. The billionaire miner's red hair was blown clean off.

Humiliated, Rhamnousia vowed revenge.

Alt 00 was firm and fair. That's the New Order policy on crime. We're merciful (obviously), but not so much so that we put Code-abiding players in danger.

Though Alt 00 had the power of the Code, Rhamnousia was wily and experienced. She was also driven half-mad by her arrogance, greed, and need for vengeance.

Thus was born a new supervillain: Rhamnousia Nemesis. Too on-the-nose? Their names usually are.

Not thinking much of the angry billionaire's threats, Alt 00 went about her usual business, saving Metropolis and putting criminals away.

But Rhamnousia couldn't let it go. Metropolis wasn't big enough for the both of them. Rhamnousia Nemesis would see to it that either she or Alt 00 would be destroyed.

To be continued...


  1. TRUMP/JAMES315 2016!!

    1. So is your mother, but I didn't say anything about that.

  2. Such a rebellious attitude can only lead to destruction. I look forward to another exciting saga!

  3. Looks like Antigankers are failing non-stop daily continously ALL the time!!!!!1

  4. How many parts of this story will there be before our new erstwhile rebel leader buys a permit? The suspense is killing me!

  5. Fake wolfs cry so hard. But we all know it is just BM. Same type of fascination with children and rape. You know what they say about in vs real life morality. Kidding raper in comments must be one irl.

  6. Congrats on the beautiful pod kill, Alt 00!

  7. Alt 00: "Don't even think of ice mining in MY system without a permit."

    I thought the entirety of highsec belonged to Jamey, not to individual CODE. agents? Their arrogance appears to be growing daily, claiming that they OWN an entire highsec system. Jamey needs to watch out for a possible coup attempt.

    1. It's simple, individual agents own individual systems, while the Supreme Protector owns Highsec itself and all those who dwell within it.

      -Galaxy Pig


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