Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Grumpy Old Newbies, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Zopiclone was spicing up the Verge Vendor region when she ran into Lu'Inda, who accused her of picking on newbies. In fact, Lu'Inda had logged more than 8 years in the game. But that didn't stop the miner from mining in highsec with a fail-fit Retriever. Zopiclone helped the miner to the best of her ability, and then moved on.

A few weeks later, Zopiclone was astounded by another bot-aspirant Retriever, which was "unfit" in more ways than one. Clearly, this was a newbie in need of help.

The miner returned to his keyboard several minutes later. His message, which indicated a lack of awareness of the Code, seemed to confirm the idea that he was a new player in distress. Zopiclone opened a channel.

Despite the miner's insults, Zopiclone decided to give him a little isk to help him buy a shuttle.

Gratitude isn't typically a carebear's strong suit.

Clearly, schmuad was in over his head. Zopiclone worried that the miner would quit EVE before he had the chance to ascend the learning cliff.

Upon looking up schmuad's employment history, our Agent gasped. This miner had been playing EVE for over 8 years, too!

schmuad was a denialist. The idea that the Code doesn't exist and has no impact on EVE is a powerful delusion. Miners can stew in the ashes of their ships and still fail to understand the truth.

Zopiclone tossed the miner a lifeline. He could at least claim he'd returned to EVE after an 8+ year absence or something. schmuad wasn't interested.

In-game knife. In-game knife!

schmuad started getting topical. When you think about it, miners without permits are not unlike refugees. They aren't yet at home in highsec. They find our customs and our Code bewildering. And yes, there are some Goofuses among them. That's why we need Agents, to keep order.

MinerBumping is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Some might say it's too sophisticated for children, that it needs to be dumbed-down and simplified for their consumption. But children appreciate MinerBumping precisely because it does not talk down to them.

This is what an EVE player looks like after 8 years of AFK mining in the asteroid belts of highsec.

After the end of the convo, schmuad sent another EVEmail. If he was making any progress, it was taking place too slowly to be perceptible. A few days later, Zopiclone ganked schmuad again. He was in the same system with the same kind of unfit Retriever. His journey was a long one indeed. schmuad might end up being among the final miners to embrace the Code.


  1. "In-game knife. In-game knife!"
    I have my doubts about this :D

  2. ".. brain transplantation" - classic!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm trying to remember the last time I saw an anti-ganker outside of Uedama. Have they conceded the belts to just cry about looting mechanics now?

      Sad but not unexpected...

  4. After 8 years you could be flying anything in the game, anywhere, with anyone. Why choose to mine alone without any fittings? I get mining as a newbro who doesn't know better... But this just hurts my brain.

  5. Hmmm...the more things change, the more they don't. I do have to say, if that's the common response from the agents towards their "students" I whole heartily approve. Are they as magnanimous in defeat as well? When I played we stayed with the rule of silent professionalism towards criticism from our targets.


    1. A miner who actually survives a gank attempt, if he is polite about it, would be offered the chance to buy a permit.

      Said miner actually understands what this game is about.

    2. might suggest, if a miner actually defeats an agent he should get a free permit, after all hasn't he shown he's more Gallant than Goofus because he beat the odds.

      it'd be as much of a reward, and keep encouraging him to fight harder next time.


    3. I'm not a miner, but I survived a gank attempt, even set up the enforcer myself to think I was afk, and killed his 2 bots (yes bots and I have proof that more than 80% of code are bots -- actually we all do, when exotica was banned, there went 80% of code).

      Funny enough that enforcer didn't offer me any invitation. But he surely did curse a lot in local (still have the screenies of those tears, never to be forgotten, Kalorned)

  6. Even dumb animals know to keep an eye on local and not go AFK when the Lion King is in the area (hi sec).

  7. It is amazing that players in this game for so long can be so ignorant.

    CODE has made it clear that anyone in highsec without a permit and/or AFK will get ganked. Fit a tank, and keep an eye on local, and consider that a Permit tank is much cheaper than a a bunch of asploded mining barges.

    Anyone who thinks EvE ( Everybody vs. Everybody ) is not a PvP game is a fool.

  8. Hey CODE. Do I have your attention? Feel free to re-post this on your home page if you so dare :)
    Let’s start with this. I’m not anonymous – this profile is close to 10 years old. I’m not a carebear because I love hunting you guys down – your salty tears are always the sweetest. And I’m not a bot, and report bots and EULA violations wherever I find them. I also don’t AFK while outside a station – ever. In fact, you are so predictable I’ve actually had a lot of fun toying with you guys.
    Your agent so loves to without merit pew pew miners, that he was intentionally led right to me one day in my Kronos having all the appearances of being AFK, you know, not responding to him in chat because, I felt like it and wanted the little brat to shoot. Now, to my surprise, just 2 seconds after he asked “.. are you AFK?” his two BOTS warp in, and start shooting. I then lay the hell into them like hell hath no fury. I killed both agents and your scout fled the scene as concord jumped in. Little did your agents know my Kronos wasn’t set up as a carebear cap tank as he thought, it was a buffer so his cap saps didn’t help, and even with the scouts help they couldn’t break the tank nor could they outdps a railgun build (sad, real sad guys). The cursing in local, was real. Real funny actually. I had no idea you had sailors in CODE, but I had confirmation this day.

    As I start, I’ll let you know one thing else. I HATE bots and I HATE cheaters. Its too bad your little show is just that, a show, a façade to line your pockets at the expense of any grub you can scrooge up.
    I'm now responding to your "CODE":
    Allow me to start out by stating on the face of the introduction that this seems like a great plan. In fact, if I didn’t play EVE and get to see my HighSec counterparts actually getting blown up by CODE, I would have gone on for the rest of my life thinking, now here is an up-standing statesman that can proudly call himself a savior.

    However as reality sinks in, I start finding some fallacies of logic, in which I realize this CODE is nothing more than the longest pieces of rhetoric (and manipulations) I’ve read in my life. You think Obamacare was bad? This takes the fucking cake. But I’ll explain my logic.


    1. “There's no denying it, mankind can only reach its full potential through the creation of a civilization.”

      Can you define civilization for me? I dare you. No really, try it. Ok, let me help:

      “the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization.”

      So, lets draw a few parallels to real life, being as we’re using big fancy words from real life like “civilization”.

      Let’s take our most advanced civilizations, and compare them with the developing world. So in this case, I’ll use the United States and Somalia.

      The United States has a set of laws. The state itself is governed by the “rule of law”. This means that certain things are not allowed by anyone, regardless of their authority.
      In Somalia, they have a dictatorship, thereby a single person has declared himself a “Savior” and has taken control of the country and employs the use of piracy, extortion, and other acts which he deems illegal upon his subjects.

      Let’s clarify this: the United States is the “civilized civilization”. So, which of the two, does CODE most compare to? The United States’ Rule of Law or Somalia’s Dictatorship?

      I’m fairly certain this point is prima facie. So let’s continue, shall we?
      “Highsec miners may say they come for the ice and ore, but I give them what they really need”

      What they really need you say? Now, pardon me if my education in English has not elevated me to the standard of yourself Mr James 315, but wouldn’t the implication of you stating per facto that you know the needs of a miner render you a once-miner? Am I interpreting this correctly? Was the “Mighty James 315” once a carebear? This can’t be right, can it?

      Well, I would need more information to clarify this question, so let’s keep reading.

      “I save the miners from themselves.”

      Is it not the miner’s extortion money that protects miners from you? Are you a miner, currently? Because that is the only logical way in which this statement becomes true, is IF you, Sir, are a current MINER, a CAREBEAR. Indeed, I now see prima facie that James 315, by his own admission was and is still is a carebear.
      “Consider that I cannot bump all miners simultaneously.”

      Because it is so very difficult to bump yourself it seems.

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    5. But let’s continue to disassemble the man that is James 315 and know who he really is.
      “By enforcing a system of just laws”

      We really need to work on your vocabulary Mr James 315. “Just”, in legal speak, means that you are behaving in a manner that is morally right and fair. “Morally” is a subjective term so I’m going to skip over the slippery slope of fallacies that result from that discussion and head right over to “fair” side of the definition. Fair, means balanced, as in equals. To be fair to miners means you have to be equal to them. Mr James 315, are you saying you are equal to a miner? Let’s table this question for later.
      “profit is a primary motive”
      Now, we are getting somewhere. Finally, after 2 paragraphs of absolute hyperbole and empty rhetoric of Mr James 315 trying to explain to us how he is actually a miner helping miners, and delivering HighSec, the nature of the beast begins to rear its ugly head; GREED.
      “Those who consistently violate the Code will be at increased risk of bumping”
      I’m somewhat confused. At what point did Webster or any other dictionary change the definition to bumping to mean “ganking”? Is it simply that you have not updated your website or made a typographical error? Are are you still trying to manipulate your audience?
      “to my expectations”

      Oh yes, there we go. A wild tyrant makes an appearance.
      “The New Halaima Code of Conduct is the product of a truly democratic process.”

      Let’s begin another vocabulary lesson today class. Today’s word is “democratic”. Democratic means to support a democracy, or a system of governance that an entire population (not a sample or select group) is eligible to be members of its representation through ELECTION of that population (and again not a sample or select group).

      You see, Ladies and Gents, this is where the manipulation should become very obvious as you are told, very plainly that James 315 aims to profit by means of text-book extortion, furthermore declaring that his rule is “civilized” and through which is a democracy.

      I submit, that if your bullshitometer isn’t already rocketing past the moon and on to Alpha Centuri, you really should have it checked out, because it is so very obviously broken.
      “It was written by the entire community.”

      I would object in that the entire community did not write this, because I, nor my community, which is a part of the EVE Online community had no hand in this filth.

    6. “I represent all of the individual members of the community and acted as proxy when drafting the Code.”

      Now we have come full circle in this circular logical fallacy. It is a democracy, written by the entire community, in which a single person has declared himself the only representative of a civilized society in which he has instilled his rule for the well-being of all its population. A pi chief specializing in bovine fecal matter filling couldn’t be more circular of never-ending of bullshit.
      “This means that everyone who enters New Order territory is deemed to have agreed to its terms.”
      And you see, this is why real civilized worlds have contract law – so unsuspecting people don’t stumble into a store and find they owe their life’s savings because of a microprint clause under the doormat stating “Entrance fee $10,000,000 USD, to be paid after entrance or be killed” that is shown to them only after entering the store.

      “Since the Code is a living, breathing document”
      As a constitutional lawyer (current holder of public office in my state) and US Army Veteran serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is incredibly painful to watch as ingrates usurp the documents written by my founding fathers in effort to spew manipulative garbage at the masses.
      So let me set you straight, kid. A living and breathing document is one that changes, not one that still indicates “bumping” as the primary form of discipline where pew pew is your current and has been for years and it is most certainly not one that is timeless. “Living and Breathing” is the antithesis of “Timeless” as you previously stated. Let me speak in smaller words, the two meanings are opposite.

      “Miners should strive not only to avoid botting, but to avoid even the appearance of botting.”
      I can see it now, the legal system gets the guys that actually go in the hole, you job is to get those that play outside the hole or are thinking about going in the hole. Yes, this sounds as ridiculous as I wordsmithed it.
      No one but the Chinese farmers are going to say botting is good, however it would seem that you have built an alliance with these Chinese botters by allowing them to pay an extortion fee to keep botting and slowly bleeding this game’s economy. Did you know by the way that the EULA states that you can’t knowingly accept trade or transitions from a botter/cheater? That’s kinda funny because you actually outright state that you take money from botters which is an obvious EULA breech. And you wonder why CCP is banning you in droves? You can’t be that daft. My bad, I just read your code again.

    7. “Bot-aspirant behavior is not permitted.”

      So let me get this straight. I report every bot I see. I never go AFK. I’m generally polite unless disrespected. But I’m still a bot aspirant. You know why? Because I dare insult James 315. *shudders* Oh how the dogmatic, servile fanbois are morons.
      “No AFK mining allowed. All miners are expected to remain at their keyboards at all times, and are required to prove their presence by responding in local when requested by the Supreme Protector or one of his Agents.”

      Again, if I were not of this world I would read this and think to myself, “Hey, that’s great, I think the same darn thing!” and then I realize, “Noap, I’m from Earth, and reality is neigh, this lunatic doesn’t even realize he’s killing people for no reason and his enforces are pew-pewing before even asking if they’re afk”.

      If you are going to run a griefing organization, grow a pair and say it. Stop beating your genitals on the “peace drum”.
      “New Order territory is a safe space for suicide gankers. Miners are required to put aside their prejudices and treat gankers with respect.”

      Seriously. Snorted my coffee. I show your gankers the same respect as I do the maggot in my trash. You feed off the lowest in the game, the most defenseless and you think that makes your epen bigger? Now that’s Grade-A comedy right there. In fact, I just realized that you and Michael Jackson have a lot in common come to think of it. It seems that you both seem to have performance issues when Miners aren’t present.
      “No excessive mining. Miners should not fall into a routine of mining all day. I want well-rounded people in my system, not ice-mining machines.”
      See, this is rhetoric. Even if you could find a way to vilify this action you absolutely have no way to enforce it legitimately by means of record keeping.
      “Keep local clean. Miners should be courteous in local and should refrain from the use of profanity.”
      Just miners you say? That’s right, I almost forgot, you’re a miner and know the precise psyche of the miner and that’s all you know. Damn carebears.
      “Respect for elected officials. As Saviour of Highsec, I acted as proxy when electing myself Supreme Protector. Miners should respect the will exercised by the people when they made this choice.”

      People? I see, so you have split personally disorder now and recognize yourself as different people. I think I see Alice and a white rabbit, oh, and there! Look, it’s the Mad Hatter!

    8. “Prejudice toward minorities is not permitted. For the sake of clarity, this cannot apply to all groups claiming minority status, but only discrete and insular minorities, which are defined as suicide gankers, Goons, and others who oppose highsec mining.”

      Claiming, so if they are.. Did you know that gankers are a majority on EVE? Have a look at the market. The trade of salvage is much higher now than ore. Surely I’m allowed one fallacy in your swarm of never-ending oceans of fallacies.
      “Red Pen”

      You should get that checked out. Sounds painful, perhaps you should stop rubbing it too hard and use lube next time. Actually, I’d recommend crazy glue, maybe it will keep you off the internet for a while.
      I rest my case… I can’t take any more reading this garbage. My IQ has already dropped, and the next thing I know I’ll be drooling in the fetal position in the corner somewhere… But hey, at least I’ll make a GREAT CODE follower.

    9. TL:DR

      Also... post chat logs and screen shots of your tear collecting from agents or it did not happen.

    10. @Mike

      Oh wow. You're going to make me do a point-by-point rebuttal of your arguments, aren't you?

      And you know what kills a Buffer-tanked rail Kronos?
      You won't believe the answer.

    11. 'Mike' simply needs to calm down and refrain from making any further comments.

      Much as creationists manage to grow ever more fanatical when faced with mounting evidence, the characters at the bottom of EVE's hierarchy who dwell in 0.5 backwaters now appear to be at the point of denying even the existence of the New Order.

      No amount of statistical evidence from Zkill will alter their view, and the best possible response is to simply humour the carebear. (And confiscate their stolen vessels/illegal pods).

    12. I'm not CODE, probably wouldn't be even if I still played. I'd rather be part of a Corp/Alliance that got paid to attack others. TBH, in the real world, folks that take money to kill other people are actually really bad folks normally. They're not good human beings. In EVE it was another tool to wage war between two sides and you needed that extra military firepower that practiced PVPers could bring to tip the scale in your favor.

      I'm sure Agents piss off a lot of folks, but it isn't as bad as when Goons or other gankers use to drive bombageddons towards the jumpgates in populated systems destroying frigs, shuttles and pods alike.

      as far as I can tell, the CODE is sort of a big RP group that kills folks in high sec but if you're not afk and you pony up a ransom it's good for a while. That's better than dealing with pirates in low-sec where you pay everytime they catch you. And it's not like they're aren't normal defenses to it, be aligned, keep an eye on local, set your flashies properly, keep BM's handy, even when I did mine occasionally (usually in 0.0) and multiboxed my hauler to take the contents of the jet can away, I still always knew what was going on around me.

      And if they do piss you off enough, pay someone to kill them. Not that bounty crap, hire a Merc Corp (looks like MC is back) and put a "pay per kill" where they turn in the bodies and killmails for money. That's the great thing about EvE, at least the way I remember it, if there's someone you don't like you can pay isk to the right people to make those people dead, repeatedly.


    13. @Mike

      Okay, “Mike, You have my attention.

      And not only am I going to re-educate you in the model of the Code, I’m going to make you look stupid for doing it, Mr. “Constitutional Lawyer Vet.”

      First, had you actually been a “Code-hunter” as you claim you are, you would have to have some killmails indicating this. Since you don’t provide these up front, you don’t have them.

      Secondly, your rail fit Kronos couldn’t have killed two catalysts in fifteen seconds. Let me explain why.

      First, New Order Scout would have scanned you down and determined you were buffer-tanked before even attempting a gank.

      Secondly, if they had done so, your amazing rail-fit Kronos would not have been able to hit them at close range- even a Catalyst orbiting at 100m/s would have been able to out-track your guns.

      Third, the most you would have been able to do would be to maybe get on a killmail, while CONCORD did the dirty work- that is, if you were engaged as a suspect.

      However, you haven’t been able to provide that killmail that you’re so proud of. So I’m calling bullshit on that, right away.

      Now, having exposed you as a liar, let’s rebut your analysis of The Code.

      “There's no denying it, mankind can only reach its full potential through the creation of a civilization.”

      First, I have also used Somalia in defence of the Code before. However, you seem to be assuming that “one person” is in control of the whole country.

      How ignorant of you. Al-Shabab is an organization, with an ethos, that militarily controls all but a square block of area in Somalia. It’s more than “one person.”

      In addition, Al-Shabab uses the rules through the fear inspired by their reign. They use torture, subjugation, and real-life murder to enforce their edicts.

      The New Order does none of these things. We rule on the basis of the Code. We perform community outreach. And we enforce our Code through in-game executions, something that I’m sure you will agree is a miniscule price compared to that of real-life murder.

      We do not torture, nor do we real-life kill every miner who doesn’t automatically conform to our rule. We are in this game to win hearts and minds. And we are winning at that every day.

      “Highsec miners may say they come for the ice and ore, but I give them what they really need,

      Yes. Many current Agents were once carebears, including James 315, and myself. We stand as testaments to the redeeming power of The Code. Our entire mission is to reform carebears.

      So certainly, you will see Agents who have once been miners. In fact, those now-Agents are some of our best.

      In fact it was Gorila Venzaga who gave CODE. one of its greatest victories when he gave New Order Agents full control over the Anti-Ganking Channel. What a glorious day that was.


    14. “I save the miners from themselves.”

      And No, your argument is incorrect. It is not the miner’s 10 million isk that protects them from enforcement by our noble Agents; it is their compliance with the Code that renders them immune from New Order Enforcement.

      Case in point- do you know what the Real life cost of 10 Million Isk is? It’s $0.02. I’m not sure how you think that we can keep an organization as successful as The New Order going with such measly tributes, and guess what? We can’t.

      It is, instead, our Faith and the Gifts from Those Who Believe in The Code that are responsible for our miraculous success and current well-being.

      In fact, we are close to having sold our 1 billionth share of New Order stock. Ponder that will you? The New Order has made 10 Trillion Isk in donations alone. Surely the New Order is more than just words on a page to amass that kind of wealth.

      Now, let’s turn to your fumbled definition of “just and fair.”

      “By enforcing a system of just laws”

      “Fair,” as defined by Merriam Webster, (because you love quibbling over definitions,) is “In accordance with rules or standards; legitimate.” It is not, as you say, merely “equal.”

      We enforce The Code in a “Fair and Just” way; if you are not compliant, you will be killed, at a time of our Agent’s choosing.

      “Profit is a Primary Motive”

      It states right there in the Preamble of The Code that The New Order is a business. It is not a non-profit. However, you neglect James’s Statement (praise him) that States: “One can do good by doing well.” Thus we learn that It is indeed possible to profit personally and help others. This is the primary concept of Capitalism; I encourage you to educate yourself on the concept, although given your liberal leanings, I completely understand if you are unable to comport yourself in such a manner.


    15. “Those who consistently violate the Code will be at increased risk of bumping.”

      Nothing in your statement denies that the miners indeed are at increased risk of bumping. And precisely because the Code is a living document, The Savior can indeed declare that ganking is a useful tool for Agents to have in the Holy Toolbox of Code Enforcement.

      “The New Halaima Code of Conduct is the product of a truly Democratic process.”

      Unless you were living under a rock in 2012, (which you obviously weren’t as your account is almost 10 years old,) There was an election held for the Office of Supreme Protector, and James 315 was the clear winner.

      I’m not sure where you get that there wasn’t an election, and as for your “Bullshitometer” comment, I would encourage you to check your potty mouth at the door. The New Order looks down on profanity.

      Furthermore, I admit that you may not have had a direct hand in crafting The Code, but you did contribute indirectly .

      By choosing not to run for Saviour Of Highsec, (which you had the option to do) James 315 decided to cast a proxy vote for himself in your favor, (which He had the power to do) as well as take your best interests at heart in crafting the Code.

      As the Father of Highsec, He is Allowed to take such actions for your direct benefit.

      “I represent all of the individual members of the community and acted as Proxy when drafting the Code”

      You’re damn right. As Saviour of Highsec, again, He is empowered to make decisions on your behalf, just as the Pope is empowered to make decisions on your behalf that affect your life.

      “Since the Code is a living, breathing document”

      First off, you aren’t a holder of public office. You are a miner. And miners are prohibited from holding public office, not through any official device, but because they are unable of garnering support because of their unbelievable propensity to lie and/or argue incoherently.

      Why else can it be that CCP regards miners as “second-class citizens” with their refusal to allow miners to serve on the CSM? (Or even defend themselves?)

      Furthermore, even if you were a “constitutional” lawyer, (which you are not,) you would understand that the First Amendment contains a provision allowing for the free and open expression of ideas, commonly referred to as “Freedom of Speech.”

      This allows pretty much anyone to say anything they want to about the Constitution- as this is one of the primary freedoms granted by said Constitution.

      And, to rebut your point about the Code not being a “living, breathing, document,” The Code indeed has changed.

      For one, as you have pointed out “Ganking” has been added to the definition of “Bumping.” And Freighters have been added to the profession of Mining, having been required by The Saviour to purchase Mining Permits, as they are, indeed Miners as well.

      This most certainly satisfies your definition of “A Living Document” as you and Webster define.


    16. “Miners should strive not only to avoid botting, but to avoid even the appearance of botting.”

      You are certainly right. You should “wordsmith” your words better so that they are legible.

      But furthermore, as to your point, we are not CCP and we cannot ban botters. We can only gank them, which we do with aplomb.

      True botters cannot and do not give us money; since they cannot respond to us in order to give it; because they are bots.

      And as to your comment that CCP is banning us in droves, I simply point to the fact that over 5000 venture accounts were banned in 2014 for botting, and only 13 Agents have been banned for reasons that CCP won’t officially disclose.

      “Bot Aspirant Behavior is not permitted.”

      Even if you are disrespected, you are not allowed to return that disrespect. At no time are you allowed to show disrespect if you are to be compliant with The Code. And Especially not to James 315, The Saviour of Highsec, Father of The New Order, and Supreme Protector of Highsec.

      “No AFK Mining Allowed. All Miners are expected to remain at their keyboards at all times, and are required to prove their presence by responding in local when requested by the Supreme Protector or one of His Agents.”

      This clause is clear. It means you must respond in local within at most 30 seconds of being addressed by a New Order Agent or risk being deemed non-compliant.

      If you have purchased a permit, an Agent will always check to see if you are AFK before starting a gank.

      However, if you have refused the opportunity to purchase a permit, then we will not have to ask to see if you’re AFK, because you are already non-compliant and your ship is thus forfeit.

      And furthermore, we do not claim to be a “peaceful” organization. We are an organization dedicated to improving the conduct in Highsec. This means we are pushing miners to be more amenable to the idea of PvP, at any time, at any place.

      It is the miners who “just want to be left in peace.” No. We do not let miners “Mine in peace.” To do so violates the bedrock principles of this game.

      “New Order Territory is a Safe Space for Suicide Gankers. Miners are required to put aside their prejudices and treat gankers with respect.”

      I’m going to ask you to calm down, here miner, for your blatant disrespect you show just to attempt to prove your point. Disrespect to the New Order is not tolerated. You seem to be getting hot under the collar, and you are literally using child abuse to make your point.

      “No Excessive Mining”

      Our Agents are experts at keeping records; ask Agent Liek Darz, who has kept a fastidious record of every miner He has sold a permit to. Or LoyalAnon, who administrates the Miner Permit Database. Like Santa Claus, We know exactly who has been naughty or nice with respect to The Code.


    17. “Keep Local Clean. Miners should be courteous in local and refrain from the use of Profanity.”

      As you have been unable to do with your post, Agents of the New Order do not use profanity, and neither should you.

      Profanity only makes people look down on you with pity, as they see that you are unable to express yourself in a more effective fashion.

      And remember, once a miner embraces the Code, and begins enforcing it, they stop being a miner and instead become an Agent. It’s all there in the Code. Look it up.

      “Respect for Elected Officials. As Saviour of Highsec I acted as proxy when electing myself Supreme Protector. Miners should respect the will exercised by the people when they made this choice.”

      Remember, the fact that James 315 elected Himself Supreme Protector with the backing of all of Highsec and the resultant fact that The People elected him Supreme Protector are equivalent and interchangeable. James 315 speaks for all highsec residents, including yourself.

      “Prejudice toward minorities is nor permitted…”

      I do not believe your wild claim that “Gankers are a majority in EVE” can be verified with independent data. As a matter of fact, the majority of the population in EVE Online is the Highsec Carebear variety. This data was produced by CCP Quant, who provided figures and charts to back them up.

      “Red Pen”

      You have certainly earned your spot on this list for your incredibly funny and wild-eyed invective.

      I rest my case.
      The verdict is, in the end, that The New Order has countered every single argument you could throw out on your best day. You have been soundly defeated, proving that no matter what Carebears attempt to throw at us, on the battlefield or on the debate floor, there is ONLY one outcome:

      The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

      Praise James 315!!!1

    18. that was the opposite of TL/DR

    19. You know that moment when you find out your too old and been gone too long to not be on the new kill boards.

      @Mike, you don't need to really go into a long version of law stuff, if you don't like the CODE, kill them. It's EVE that's allowed. Remember "Kill it with Fire, it's the best way to unwant something" It'll be more fun than writing posts. :p
      Bring a friend, it's more fun to share when there's blood in the water

      (think I found a way to be something other than Anon lol)


  9. CODE space:

  10. Grumpy old newbies story platform is indeed entertaining. I have to agree if you don't like the code "Kill it!" Reviews from other players are useful, might want to check out the ones from review of GrabMyEssay service.


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