Thursday, February 18, 2016

If You Say It Enough Times

Every Agent of the New Order has rock star status in highsec. With each victory, their celebrity status grows. Needless to say, Agent Zopiclone has a big following in the Verge Vendor region.

Iria Eloh couldn't resist the temptation to mine AFK. She paid the price.

When not in an AFK coma, rebel miners live in constant fear of the New Order. As soon as a member of CODE. enters the system, they scatter like cockroaches. Wouldn't it be nice if those people followed the law, got documented, and came out of the shadows?

Two hours later, Zopiclone returned to the same system. She could only roll her eyes when she saw that Iria Eloh was up to her old tricks again--in the same asteroid belt! CONCORD was still in the belt from the previous gank; Zopiclone pulled CONCORD before performing the gank. Iria apparently wasn't alarmed when she saw CONCORD withdraw.

Iria lost her second Mackinaw. It had a different fail-fit this time, sacrificing some shield in favor of more capacitor. (Because capacitor tanking is a thing.) You might assume Iria was just another self-destructive Goofus, but she had an ace in the hole.

Iria sprang the trap: She was a space lawyer!

Iria laid out all the evidence she had on Zopiclone. To hear Iria, it was an open-and-shut case. But Zopiclone kept her cool.

As usual, the space lawyer had supreme confidence in her own knowledge of the game's rules. Iria didn't betray any doubts she might have had about the contents of the EULA. A new player watching this conversation in local would probably be pretty impressed.

But Zopiclone wasn't your average EVE player, and she certainly wasn't a newbie. She'd defeated countless space lawyers.

Iria had another thing in common with all the space lawyers we've seen before: She was completely wrong.

When Iria realized that Zopiclone wasn't intimidated by her threats, she left the system in disgrace. Did she begin to have doubts about her case? Or did she add a new entry to CCP's stack of frivolous anti-Code petitions? We may never know. One thing is certain: The New Order won a great victory that day.


  1. Wooooo another victory for the new order!

    1. Every minute there's a victory for the New Order. :D

  2. CHODE. agent engaged in an exploit in order to grief other paying customers. Nothing new here:

    If CHODE. agents are the true heroes of hi-sec then why are they always at odds with CONCORD, the true arbiter of the law?

    1. @Anon8:26

      Have you ever heard of the theory that the reason that we are always at war with CONCORD is because they are actually on the wrong side of the law?

      Think about it.

      CONCORD isn't bot-aspirant. They're full-on bots.

      They show no emotion, say nothing, no player interaction. They just perform a function, and are incapable of playing EVE Online.

      Doesn't it make sense that the #1 organization in EVE that fights bot-aspirancy, the One True Authority in EVE, which is The New Order, would attract the wrath of the pinnacle of bot-aspirancy, actual robots?

      Sadly, much like a heroin addict, bot-aspirants will never and can never realize their dream of being like CONCORD.

      It is the New Order that seeks to rescue them from this self-induced exile, by introducing them to the in all cases better activity of PvP in EVE.

    2. Man you're right, those CONCORD are like the machines from The Matrix...

    3. @Anon 9:12

      Who said I was "hating on aboriginals?"

      I am detecting more nonstop daily failure by the antiganking community!!

    4. fit your cat

    5. @Ming Tso 8:54pm

      Then what is Jamey & CHODE. doing to defeat these ultimate bots, CONCORD itself? One can logically conclude that until CHODE. gankers defeat CONCORD, to make them flee hi-sec space forever, that Jamey and his minions are LOSING the war.

      Losing, and losing daily.

    6. @Anon3:37

      The solution is simple: CONCORD is completely and utterly irrelevant to the New Order.

      Let me explain to you how this is true.

      Not a single time in the history of the New Order has CONCORD ever stopped a gank and saved a mining ship that the New Order marked for destruction for the crime of violating The Code.

      This means that CONCORD's success rate in preventing ganks is exactly 0%.

      And because CONCORD doesn't prevent ganks, it does not contest or interfere with the process of establishing New Order Rule across James 315 space. All they do is simply consume the "ammo" that we use to enforce our rule. Similar to how a gun consumes bullets.

      Which makes your argument similar to claiming that "CODE is losing because we no longer have the ammo that we expended upon you after we have fired our weapons and destroyed your non-compliant ship."

      It is a silly argument you make, to be sure.

    7. fit your cat

    8. @Ming Tso 3:49pm

      "Not a single time in the history of the New Order has CONCORD ever stopped a gank and saved a mining ship that the New Order marked for destruction for the crime of violating The Code. "

      Please provide links to verifiable, objective data proving this claim.

      Thank you.

    9. @Anon6:49

      Unfortunately, there is no data on ganks that were stopped by CONCORD, as there have been none.

      All I can provide you with is this: The record of all the ganks that CONCORD and Anti-Gankers failed nonstop to stop, sorted by day.

      Here is the verified, objective data proving this claim.

    10. Could you be kind and explain why I see CODE ships killing fellow CODE ships. Is this to prevent loss mails for victims, a usual outcome from fleet gangs, or exactly what causes this effect? Not quite understanding the game mechanics that causes this. Thank you for any explanation.

    11. Most gankers have bounties. Once a target is destroyed, if you apply even a miniscule amount of damage to one of your fleetmates before you and they are concorded, you earn bounty.

    12. I just wanted to put out there this:

      At the bottom of that post:
      Reminder: This announcement concerns a specific method of delaying Concord's response time to the scene of a crime. We would like to clarify that all methods of delaying Concord's response time are considered an exploit.


      Straight from the developers. Argue with that.

    13. @anon 10:08pm

      It is clear you do not understand the concept of what delaying concord means. It is also clear you have never read other posts regarding the subject at hand. Most if not all agents pull concord at one time or another. If your point was valid, then it is just a simple matter to report the players and get them banned for exploiting, right? Why don't you go and do that instead of lawyering about it? See how many you can ban. When waiting for CCP to ban agents, I recommend you sit down, though. You might have to wait a while.

  3. I love you talos, I love you so much...!

  4. Well done Zopiclone! A fine victory over an implacable enemy.

  5. Who rapes a dumpster?

    1. I bet Oscar is sleeping uneasy tonight.

    2. @anon10:48: GODAMMIT! Now I have to clean dinner off my phone.

  6. The Code has expanded! I joined a game on Farming Simulator 15 and bumped people until they tipped over! lol I wish I had recorded it

    1. Wait... Are you being serious? Is this a thing you can actually do? (I know nothing about this game.)

      Could we actually sell farming permits?

  7. Just when you think you're safe... suddenly a Talos falls out of the sky and lands squarely on your mining helmet!

  8. Wasn't much of a victory, it was just a code agent doing the good work.

  9. James i love the 2016 election language being woven in here. I just think that more could be done to combat the problem that everyone knows about but doesnt talk about: illegal immigrants to your territory in high sec.

    I don't think enough is done to deal with the challenges of illegal immigrants in EVE. They immigrate to high sec illegally thinking that they can just start mining and take from your ore. They think they can just cross the border without speaking to one of your Border Security Agents responsible for regulating the flow of capsuleers trying to transition from low/null to high sec. These illegal null sec immigrants do nothing to help the economy and, as we have tragically seen, they all too often commit heinous crimes that go relatively unpunished. Is it fair for compliant high sec miners and pilots to suffer through such non-compliant injustices just because these rogue subhumans thought they could live in your territory illegally? No. Either you have borders, or you don't; either high-sec is James315's sovereign space, or it isn't. Illegal highsec immigrants have been lowering wages for permit-holding complaint miners for far too long. Do you know why the cost of trit is down? It isn't the New Order making things more efficient and increasing the supply through legal methods, no no. It is illegal high sec immigrants using James 315's territory to flood the market with cheap ore! Do you think that helps you or HURTS ALL OF US?

    Get compliant today, scrubs. Petition CCP to let James build a wall.

    1. James has now approved amnesty to each and every illegal immigrant that comes to live in highsec. Shake off your illegal status! Get your permits here, for the low low price of 10m isk! It lasts you for a full year!


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