Monday, February 22, 2016

Out of PLEX and Excuses

Miners often complain that they weren't given a warning before being ganked. In fact, miners desire a warning so much that they see in the Code a guarantee of being provided one--though no such provision actually exists. They love to say, "I would've bought a permit, but now I won't." But what happens when a miner is given an invitation to buy a permit immediately before the gank?

Having some extra security status to burn, Agent Zopiclone slowboated up to Dashh Rendar and invited him to a convo. The miner was instructed, point blank, to buy a permit or die. Apparently this wasn't warning enough.

Zopiclone added antimatter for emphasis.

Dashh claimed total ignorance. He was wrong to say he'd never been asked to buy a permit. Didn't Zopiclone ask him only a few seconds ago?

Although Dashh had never encountered the New Order before, his inner carebear took over. He instinctively reached for the word "extortion".

Dashh's was a tragic story. He needed to earn enough money to buy PLEX within four hours. If he didn't make it in time, he would be forced to leave the game. Or, you know, pay the subscription for a subscription game.

In local chat, fellow Agent Shinkiro Sayonara proclaimed Zopiclone's victory. Dashh informed everyone in the system that he ran the risk of not earning "free" game time.

It's getting tougher and tougher to play the Rip Van Winkle card these days. The Code has been around for many years now.

As Zopiclone pointed out, Dashh had ample opportunity to buy a permit. Even with a Catalyst pointing guns in his face, Dashh declined. So much for the "I would have paid..." crowd.

In my experience, people who are going to do something don't say "I would have done it, but now I won't." They just do it.

The miner was repeatedly instructed to calm down. He refused this command, too. Judging by their behavior, you'd think calming down was even more difficult than paying 10 million isk.

Time was running out. Dashh was very dramatic about the whole matter. Were our Agents supposed to be anxiety-ridden about the possibility of EVE losing another highsec miner?

Dashh bitterly suggested that he would've been ganked even if he had bought a permit. I guess we'll never know?

Caught in multiple lies, Dashh suddenly lost all interest in arguing his case in local.

More Agents entered the system. As Zopiclone and Shinkiro greeted them, Dashh grumbled that he hoped another miner would give them what they deserved. I hope so, too: For starters, they deserve 10 million isk!


  1. Right. Like the thirty million he lost puts him just short of a PLEX that costs about one and a quarter billion ISK.

    This miner just wants something to cry about. I was waiting for him to start whining about how PVP makes people quit a game that proudly states that PVP is allowed everywhere, just like it's been for over a decade.

    1. yep, people just want an excuse to be outraged.

  2. I haven't played in a while, but pretty sure you aren't going to make enough to PLEX an account high sec mining in a solo Retriever.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Pretty sure a Retriever makes around 5m/isk per hour. He would have to mine for about 10-11 days non-stop to accumulate the isk necessary to buy a plex.

      More holes in his story I suppose.

  3. Miner, calm down. Perhaps a New Order Mining Permit will help dry your tears. They are on sale for the low price of just 10 million ISK per year.

  4. You know, if you disagree with the Code, feel free to express your disagreement in the time honored tradition of EvE. I personally always liked Rails or Missiles, but I was Caldari. In fact you could keep track of your munitions expenses and let them know you've reached 10 million ISk in ammo. Technically you would have given agents 10 million isk then. Maybe they'd give you a permit. After all, the Code might allow for the trade of goods worth 10 million isk as far as payment goes.

    I'm sure the game hasn't changed so much that if you unwant something, fire isn't always the appropriate answer to the problem.


  5. Ten million is so much a pittance. Even if CODE. were extortionists, it would be economical to pay every time one were engaged by an agent. As it stands, paying so little for so much benefit to all of New Eden sounds almost too good to be true.

  6. @Qayos

    Unfortunately, the 10 million isk fee must be paid in isk. However, to your benefit, the transfer mechanism for liquid isk is much greater, allowing you to buy a permit at a much faster rate of transfer than that of attempting to put Ammo into CODE hulls. It would take you many weeks of trying (as well as many ships lost to CONCORD, since most of our bumping alts keep our noses clean with them) to put 10 million isk worth of ammo into our ships, (that would only be destroyed in seconds anyway, denying you the value of your donation.)

    Isn't it fortunate for you that we only take isk? James 315 is so smart. He thinks of everything.

  7. Fit your Cat

  8. Sounds like Jamey doesn't approve of the PLEX mechanic in EVE. Does he pay for his account(s) with cold, hard cash?

    Of course he has enough isk, courtesy of his CHODE. slaves, to allow him to PLEX his account(s) for many, many years.

    Nice racket.

    1. @Anon3:30

      On the contrary; The PLEX mechanic allows CODE. to force carebears to realize the mistake of non-compliance with ever increasing penalties.

      Most of the reasons that these scum transport PLEX in their cargo in the first place is the mistaken belief that they can attempt to transfer them "outside of mechanisms by which they can be tracked by CCP" by doing it in space through containers or by ejecting from a ship containing the PLEX.

      The New Order once again excels at our mission of stopping illegal RMTing by destroying such ill-concieved notions, protecting the community of EVE PvPers and the New Eden Economy in general.

      What a great job CODE. does!

      Also, to point out, you have made an unintentional mistake in the spelling of the CODE. alliance in your comment; which is unsurprising given your undesirable status as a carebear, with the common lack of intelligence that prevents them from making posts lacking spelling errors.

    2. yet another day of Ming Tso failing incredibly hard! Will it ever end?

    3. Ming Tso @3:49pm

      And you fail to answer the question. Just more rants about how great CHODE. is.

      How does Jamey pay for his Eve Online subscription(s)? With "real life money" or with PLEX earned on the backs of his slaves?

      How do you, Ming Tso, pay for your Eve Online subscriptions(s)?

    4. @Anon7:27

      It's easy. I have indeed answered your question, though I since I suspect you might be a little bit on the "dim-witted" side, (since I noticed that you accidentally misspelled CODE.,) I'll go ahead and clarify it for you.

      You see, you clearly imply that Saviour of Highsec James 315 (praise Him) does not approve of PLEX mechanics. And while I am certain this is true to some extent because He is a Loving Father to All of Highsec, and does not wish to see His children fail, He is Wise enough to not spare the Rod with which to beat those children that foolishly decide to move PLEX outside of the safety of Jita 4-4. The Pain of losing PLEX has been deemed acceptable punishment by James 315 for disobeying the Code, and its severity has been ruled just upon review.

      It is very possible that The Saviour pays for His Accounts in PLEX; because it is easy enough to purchase them with real money. Being the PvP expert that I am, I also purchase PLEX with real money when I am in need of ISK, or when I want a new Capital Ship, or Black Ops Battleship, or other expensive doctrine ship. I also have been known to pay for my subscriptions with PLEX, since buying them from CCP is quick and easy, and supports the game that we all love.

      But most of all, PLEX is an easy way to raise money to purchase New Order Shares with, (which are a fantastic investment with an even greater rate of return) to support the New Order.


      By all accounts, it appears I have collected no less than three tear-filled responses to my one post. I consider that to be A Hat Trick! And also yet more unimpeachable Truth that The New Order is Winning!!!!1

    5. @Ming Tso

      Pointing out your incredible failures is hardly tear filled. You thinking that your cult is winning due to having your failures pointed out is yet another reason why you, Ming Tso, is failing incredibly hard yet again!

    6. @Anon 5:17
      And here, here I see it yet, an additionaltwo teary-eyed rage-filled responses to the Truth of the New Order, whom has never and cannot be defeated!

      Today is a special day indeed.

      Anon, Please tell me, when you set out to post, are you intentionally attempting to imitate the winning style of New Order Logistics' famous and powerful CEO, Wolf Soprano, and his signature posting gimmicks, (which stress how much he wins all the time) in a laughably futile attempt to figure out how the New Order wins so much? Maybe because you are tired of Always Failing Non-Stop Daily?

      Well, I can understand your point. And to help you out, (Since the New Order is all about helping people,) I can give you a few pointers.

      First, you must give James 315 10 million isk.

      I realize that this must be hard for someone so rigidly angry as you seem to be, but trust me on this, you will have to take a deep breath, calm down, and transfer 10 million isk to James 315, or one of His Agents.

      Secondly, you must take the permit that you recieve and post it in your bio. Never remove it, unless instructed to by a New Order Agent.

      Thirdly, read, and follow the Code, make it yours, and take up CODE Enforcement for yourself. Be the difference you want to see.

      This is the only way I can help you in being as successful as the Hero that you imitate, Wolf Soprano.

      Let go, and Let James 315 change your perspective. Calm down, embrace the Code, and let your soul find peace.

      This is the only way that people will stop pointing and laughing at you.

    7. LMAO I appreciate the laugh you just gave really did make my day. First off let me just say this, James or this cult will get 10 million isk from me the day I'm dead and someone forcefully logs into my account to do so.

      Second off, no rage or tears here as no code member has ever destroyed any of my ships. I enjoy screwing with code both in game and out. If someday I happen to lose a ship, I really don't care as it's part of the fun. I would not enjoy PvP if I was invincible and won all the time.

      Thirdly, you jumping to your cult's defense with pathetic attempts at convincing people you are winning is yet another reason you are failing incredibly hard!!

  9. I'm pretty sure james 315 has stated on numerous occasions his reservations regarding the introduction of plex selling as it encourages lazy play and pay to win mentality. As for whether he uses plex to renew his account I couldn't say.

  10. @ Ming Tso

    A fair point, inserting expended projectiles into a ship about is about to be Concorded would probably be destroyed before it could be transferred in value to the Code. (personally I would only put ammo into ships that were valid targets for shooting, after all, I'd rather transfer ammo instead of My old Rohk, Scorpion and Raven were my favorites, wonder what T2 425mm and cruises are going for nowaday, it might be quite a bit of ammo before you get to 10M anyways.

    Though *sigh* liquid isk does sound a little less fun. I would ask if that makes me abnormal, but judging the responses agents normally get, I'm probably a very sick puppy that's twisted beyond all carebear*cough* I mean,

    Anon 2:48...I hardly ever used a Cat, do you have a current SnipeRohk fitting? :)

  11. Don't you guys need permission to use peoples names, specially as you are ridiculing them on a public site?

  12. Interesting, I wasn't aware of that context. I guess it makes some sense, thanks for the history lesson!

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