Friday, February 19, 2016

The Anti-Ganker Speaks

Agent Perlo Tissant is new to the Order. Perlo recently wrote to me,
"I have recently joined CODE. in an attempt to make highsec a better place for everyone. So far it has been going well, with a number of miners buying permits, or finding more enjoyable activies to persue in New Eden. However there's a minority of capsuleers that object to our activities, and I'm having a hard time understanding..."
Like our other Agents, Perlo is filled with compassion and pity for the Anti-Gankers. Seeking to gain a better understanding of what makes the AG crowd tick, she decided to interview one of them.
MalkePigen > what do you have to say
Perlo Tissant > hi i assumed you'd have blocked me!
MalkePigen > not yet
MalkePigen > you have a problem?
Perlo Tissant > I just don't understand the anti-CODE. thing you seem to have
Perlo managed to arrange a convo with MalkePigen. You might recall MalkePigen from a MinerBumping post earlier this month.

In that post, we saw how MalkePigen's head was filled with conspiracy theories concerning the Kusion family and CCP.

There's no question that MalkePigen feels strongly about the Anti-Ganking movement and the Code. She was the perfect person for Perlo to have a chat with, especially since she hadn't blocked Perlo (yet).
MalkePigen > all you did by trying to make high sec more dangerus is scare away all the content here
MalkePigen > all my fun
Perlo Tissant > Your fun is mining?
MalkePigen's main complain centered around the dramatic increase in danger that the New Order has brought to highsec. Clearly, she was not one of the denialist rebels who claim that we have no impact on the game. MalkePigen was firmly in the "CODE. single-handedly ruins the game" camp.
MalkePigen > and you sitting here and not in a mining ship in 0.0 makes me sad
MalkePigen > and the fact that the carebears that you shoot pays for your game time.
MalkePigen > its fucking wrong
MalkePigen > and in the process destroys small corps fun ans solo players in high sec
The Anti-Ganker was convinced that our Agents make all their money by preying on highsec carebears. If she had her way, we'd all be mining in nullsec instead! That's no way to save highsec. This is why we don't put Anti-Gankers in charge.
Perlo Tissant > But CCP did research and showed that people wo got ganked are more likely to stay playing the game/
MalkePigen > you just fucking suck
MalkePigen > hyperdunking
Perlo Tissant > they stopped that
MalkePigen > no
Perlo Tissant > CCP stopped it
MalkePigen > no
Each rebel carebear has his own little quirks. MalkePigen's special problem was a fixation on gankers who use multiple accounts. She hates the Kusions with a passion, and she strongly suspects there are still hyperdunkers prowling the trade routes.
MalkePigen > you cant even play the game without exploiting all the shit you can
MalkePigen > hiding for the consequenses
Perlo Tissant > They did stop hyperdunking - you can't board a ship in space while your a criminal any more
MalkePigen > running in pods with insta docks and alt that sell bounty for huge prize
MalkePigen > you are the canser of eve
From MalkePigen's point of view, the New Order is filled with EULA violators. There are cheaters everywhere. It's the only explanation she can think of for why the Anti-Gankers always fail.
Perlo Tissant > But people who get ganked ar emore likely to keep playing... CCP researched it
MalkePigen > thats fucking bullshit
MalkePigen > more quit cos this game suck
Perlo Tissant > They did a talk at a fanfest about it
MalkePigen > lol
MalkePigen > its fucking bullshit
MalkePigen > what a stupid claim
Like most carebears, MalkePigen wrapped herself in the "subscription numbers" flag. Hers was a long-debunked claim--debunked by CCP itself. (Ironically, it was the pro-theme park crowd whose former CSM members insisted CCP do the study.)
Perlo Tissant > Arre you saying CCP lied?
MalkePigen > yes
MalkePigen > they like the amout of accounts it takes
Perlo Tissant > Why would they do that?
MalkePigen > ^^ read
Perlo Tissant > Read what? Why would CCP support something that hurts their bottom line?
MalkePigen > [22:09:27] MalkePigen > they like the amout of accounts it takes
The more one speaks to an Anti-Ganker, the more their paradoxical views come to the surface. MalkePigen believed that CCP's study on ganking was part of a conspiracy: CCP lied to protect the gankers because ganking requires so many accounts. But earlier, MalkePigen said that ganking hurts CCP by making players leave the game. So CCP doesn't care that ganking lowers subscriptions, because ganking increases subscriptions.
MalkePigen > to make a fair game where there are room for all professions and noone is forced to play the game in a fixrd way
MalkePigen > where are the small corporations mining ops?
MalkePigen > the solo players mining in hulks?
MalkePigen > the mission runners in sivala?
MalkePigen > the war decs that had another reason than just "to get targets"?
Thanks to the Code, highsec has changed dramatically. MalkePigen recognized this. She saw a highsec stripped of PvE'ers. The New Order destroyed them all.
Perlo Tissant > Why would you mine solo in a hulk? That's greed over sense. There are other mission systems than Sivala - Arnon has a good Sisters of EVE story you can do
MalkePigen > my old dad liked that
MalkePigen > just sitting solo and mine
For the older Anti-Gankers like MalkePigen, nostalgia is a painful indulgence. They remember the way things were before the rise of the New Order. EVE was easier back in those days. Even your parents could play the game in peace.
MalkePigen > well you got your ansver to why i do this..
Perlo Tissant > Not really...
MalkePigen > lol
MalkePigen > i shuld have known.. you are a codeDOT kid
MalkePigen > waste of time
The convo ended the only way it could--MalkePigen blocked Perlo. Although our Agent wasn't able to make sense of MalkePigen's motives, she did learn a great deal about the way Anti-Gankers think. Rebel carebears are angry for a lot of reasons, and we can add one more to the list: They know they're on the wrong side of history.


  1. antiganker logic - just be angry about other people having fun while you watch freighters blow up on your face!


  2. If I was an Anti-ganker, I would be wondering where I was and why I couldn't stop the ganks too.

    Good thing I'm an Agent of the New Order!!!!

    1. This comment just made you look stupid.

      Ming Tso failing non stop daily!

  3. MalkePigen got his purse full of salt dumped all over minerbumping :P

  4. I'm sorry for your loss, would a free mining permit make you feel better? There's only a small processing fee of 10m ISK!

  5. Looks like there was more salt in that purse...

  6. So no one is gonna mention Mike's language huh Ming? Wanna read back a few weeks and go through those comments, Ming?

    Ima laughing with you friend, even if you are not.

  7. @ 1144 malke
    Get a permit or get rekt! Or if you are into it, Mike has a boot with your ass' name on it. I bet he can fit it deep, fill the Void so to speak.

  8. New Order is full of bullshit. And sadly most the miners don't help themselves with their lack of tanking as well. I'll also admit a lot of them don't seem bright either.

    1. No they aren't. If they can enforce a highsec government without violating CCP's EULA, then they have every right to do so.

      My mining alt has paid for his permit, and giggles as CODE. eliminates his untanked, unaware and completely AFK competition.

      All praise James315!

  9. Totally agree with this


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