Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Destroyer of CODE, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Chip Patton went around Elite Dangerous claiming that his organization had completely destroyed CODE. by "defeating CODE in a war with nearly 8 nullsec corps, 22 lowsec corps, and 170 highsec corps" and collecting evidence that allowed "CPP to ban nearly 90% of the organization". Agent loyalanon got Chip into a convo and questioned him about this marvelous tale. Chip had some difficulty explaining himself.

The linchpin of Chip Patton's total destruction of CODE. revolved around the permabanning of CODE. member Nemuritoru--who turned out to be neither banned nor ever a member of CODE.
loyalanon > some random non-code person gets banned, how does that affect us?
Chip Patton > You can try that if you want, but all the sudden he's talking mad shit on behalf of code (oh and calling me a liar and everything else like you are) and then up and surrenders and doesn't log back in for nearly a year later...
loyalanon > considering our alliance is still active im not sure i understand how we were destroyed?
loyalanon wasn't interested in stories about shadowy side characters. He wanted to get into the meat and potatoes: Chip's doing something--anything--related to CODE.
Chip Patton > Didn't eve news or something report 1 trillion isk or something like that in that pos you guys had setup with IKR alliance?
loyalanon > what pos?
loyalanon > dude we have one pos and thats in low sec
loyalanon > the conspiracy theories are real XD
Chip had a new theory for how he might've destroyed CODE.: He had faint memories of indirectly stealing or destroying a trillion isk of CODE. assets. Chip was unable to elaborate or remember more details. Considering Chip's long history of amazing feats, a trillion isk here or there is only a minor incident. Hardly memorable at all.
Chip Patton > It was in high sec.
loyalanon > we dont own pos's in high sec lol
Chip Patton > How is it a conspiricy theory?
Chip Patton > Kill: Caldari Control Tower
loyalanon > i dont even know who that alliance is XD
At last, Chip was able to find some documentation. He had a killmail for a POS. Unfortunately, it didn't belong to CODE.
Chip Patton > Nem contracted them.
Chip Patton > To wardec us.
Chip Patton > With nem's dummy alliance.
Chip Patton > And then surrendered. Along with IKR
loyalanon > dont even know who they are XD
Chip Patton > Do I need to speak plainer?
Once again, Chip and loyalanon found themselves in the weeds. Somewhere there's an elaborate corkboard-and-yarn diagram that explains all this.
loyalanon > im not sure how this is related to code
loyalanon > but im open to you telling me how its related to code
Chip Patton > Nem even on your site names him as a member.
Chip Patton > If not pretty high up.
loyalanon > show me the link
As CODE.'s highest-ranking member, loyalanon was reasonably familiar with the alliance's leadership. He didn't know Nemuritoru. It was time for Chip to educate him.
Chip Patton >
loyalanon > being a shareholder doesnt mean you are code XD
loyalanon > anyone can support the alliance
Chip Patton > Yes, that would be a great way to cast doubt and keep the veil if not for
Nemuritoru's status as a high-ranking member of CODE. was supported by Chip's discovery that he owned 1,500 shares of New Order stock--making him the 81st biggest owner of shares. loyalanon dismissed this, since people outside of CODE. can and do own shares. But that's where Chip's other piece of evidence came in. He linked to a post made by Gevlon Goblin.

The post in question was Gevlon's ranking of the most active pilots in all of EVE, sorted by damage inflicted. The post included a listing of every single EVE pilot who did more than 10 billion isk in damage during 2014. Nemuritoru was indisputably on the list. It was all right there in black and white!
loyalanon > i dont even understand whats going on now
loyalanon > XD
loyalanon > you are quite funny ill give you that considering code is still active and apparently you "destroyed" code XD XD XD
Chip Patton > Personal incudelity is what you're going with?
loyalanon mocked Chip's dogged investigation and/or alleged destruction of CODE. Chip couldn't believe it: Was loyalanon really going to sit there and act like he didn't see how all those dots were connected? Really?
loyalanon > im going with - keep the tinfoil hat on
loyalanon > codes still around
loyalanon > you didnt destroy anything
loyalanon > you can find me in uedama if you decide to undock
Chip Patton > You to Loyal (btw isn't thinks like the 3rd convo we've had about nem?)
Chip Patton > You have split personality disorder now?
After enjoying a good laugh, loyalanon went back to work always winning, always. Chip was bitterly disappointed. Why couldn't loyalanon see how CODE. had been destroyed?

Chip was like a dog with a bone. The convo was over, but his investigation was not. He would call upon everything he'd learned in space law school and prove to loyalanon once and for all that he'd destroyed CODE.

This was only the beginning. One way or another, Chip Patton, the Destroyer of CODE, would be vindicated.

To be continued...


  1. Is Chribba in CODE? I'm confused.

    1. Considering CODE blew him up I'm somewhat doubtful.

    2. But wait... isn't Chribba a shareholder? How could this Chip monkey miss that?

    3. @Anon8:16

      Chribba isn't a member of CODE. because he's a member of Otherworld Enterprises. However, if he owns shares, that means he's a CODE. Supporter.

    4. Just like you support code by not undocking and babysitting the code tentacle monster? Tell me something, you wouldn't happen to be a japanese school girl, would you?

  2. In the end, Chip Pattern will just be a...
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    ...miner bump on the road to victory.


    2. Well done you two, a good joke is a virtue. Jesus would approve.

    3. "Patton", phone. Sheesh.

  3. Meh, since these so-called 'chat logs' are not actual screen captures their accuracy is dubious at best. Probably faked.

    Also why does the CHODE. slave loyalanon end a lot of his sentences with the letters "XD"?

    1. If he posts screenshots you can simply declare them shopped. If he links zkillboard you can declare it fake or CODE alts. James can't do anything about the reality you choose to accept.

      On the flip side, the rest of us can choose to believe that you are a lonely, bitter carebear railing at the fact that we're having so much more fun than you, and there's nothing you can do to stop us, so I guess that works out for both of us.

    2. Well shoot...

      Ya got us. Everything on this site is fake. EVERYTHING. Including me, including you! (you don't exist, you are just a figment of James' imagination just like me)

    3. "Also why does the CHODE. slave loyalanon end a lot of his sentences with the letters "XD"?"

      u jelly

  4. Incredible. At this point I would expect Chip Patton to file a petition for exploiting. Reason: A closed alliance cannot war dec.


    1. And for another day, I blow my fat wad into the ass of Wolf Soprano while he SCREAMS at me about anti-gankers failing in Uedama.

  6. Chip off the old Foxbolt, mang.

  7. What the hell is this guy even going on about? Definitely Foxbolt-crazy.

  8. Well care bears already think themselves space lawyers (that somehow cannot understand a EULA) so it doesn't surprise me that now they are 'private detectives' too.
    Anything but be a useful member of the Eve community. All that time going over old Evemails to prove.....nothing....when this player could have been out ganking miners and making New Eden a better place for us all. Just sad.

    1. Yet CHODE. "agents" view themselves as space lawyer/judge/jury/executioner on a daily basis. And isn't Jamey's slave loyalanon's supposed actions in this 'story' a form of detective work?

      Pot. Kettle. Black.

    2. You know the funny thing about reading the UELA and then reading this website is that this site actually opens a loophole for people to get a refund on their subscription money.

  9. Thank you and all the CODE agents for interacting with all these crazy people in EVE. I'm surprised on all the "lawyers,police, and investigators" and other players in the criminal law enforcement field who seem to be the main opponents of CODE. It's like you guys are both the Justice League and Legion of Super Villains all rolled into one.

    Keep the posts and interactions coming; loads of laughter after a hard day's work.

    1. Yo, you want some real lulz after a hard day at work?
      Gank a miner in hisec. The lulz will arrive soon after, usually in the form of hate mail or a tear filled convo.

      Is fun :)

    2. Just found out that Chip calls himself a "Space Paladin" in ED; he MUST be the elite of the elite.

    3. You guys are sick using a RL Murder/suicide to further your agenda's. You really are mad Nazis.


    antiganker kills himself and his child in real life.

    1. My condolences to his wife (also in AG). Thoughts and prayers are with you Rosaria.

    2. @Anon11:15

      My god. I know we always make jokes about anti-gankers being abusive to their wives and children and that we in The New Order are proud to "take the hits so that they don't have to" but this is actual proof that we were right.

      Anti-gankers really are family abusing psychopaths.

      And Kalynn Shardani is dead. RIP

      From the link:

    3. Oh well, i lost all faith in humanity a long time ago

    4. "Shelley Tortuga > The player behind Kalynn Shardani was always very encouriging and nice"

      No, from what little I saw of him, he was hateful, spiteful, and filled with rage. And clearly also in need of professional help. It's terribly tragic, deepest condolences to his wife.

      On the other hand, it's not terribly surprising that one of AG's best and brightest turned out to be complete garbage.

    5. @Alana

      I feel like there is a passage in The Code that is quite prophetic, given these events:

      "when the miners spit vile insults at me in local, I do not respond in kind. Why not? See if you can stand in the highsec miner's shoes for a moment. I have bumped him out of mining range, ruining his mining op. I destroyed his last shred of dignity, if he had any to begin with. That miner has to have some kind of comeback--his kind always does. So if allowing the miner to vent his profanities toward me in local saves his wife or children one extra beating, that's something I'll gladly take. The miner has to take it out on somebody, and I'd rather it be me than some household full of children out there."

      -James 315, The New Halaima Code of Conduct

      Unfortunately, in this case, the Anti-ganker chose his family over us. Sometimes, I hate it when we are right.

  11. AH Code lost a great deal and then denied it. The usual SOP.
    The world of EVE is a hurtful place even for code Nazi's.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

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