Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mourning in Hysec, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Mourning Hyland finally made her grand appearance in local after being ganked by Agent Alt 00. Our Agent's instincts told her that Mourning could be saved from her self-destructive bot-aspirant tendencies. For now, though, the miner steadfastly refused to have anything to do with the Code.

Mourning was an odd duck. She claimed to own a permit, but refused to use it. And she sounded for all the world like a total Goofus.

Things got nasty. At least, I think they did. Can anyone guess what Mourning's "GF" stood for?

Rebellious miners resemble rebellious children. Alt 00 decided that instead of talking about how much the miner needed guidance, she'd simply give the miner guidance--the best way she knew how:

Quoting me is always a good plan. On occasion, my words can soothe a savage miner. Even when they don't, they're edifying and useful for instruction.

The defiant miner was in a downward spiral. Alt 00 took pity on her. There was still a glimmer of hope: Mourning actually admitted that she didn't have a stockpile of extra Retrievers. A more obnoxious carebear would've played the "loss has already been replaced" card.

Mourning was semi-familiar with the Code. She had no interest in it. The Code wasn't her "thing". Carebears, if you live in highsec, the Code is everything.

Mourning and Alt 00 parted ways. She was no more willing to become compliant than before. Were our Agent's instincts wrong? Unruffled, Alt 00 resumed her duties.

Our Agents are never discouraged. They're perfectly satisfied by the knowledge that they're doing the right thing. That is its own reward.

Unexpectedly, Alt 00 was reunited with Mourning Hyland.

An experienced Agent knows how to read between the lines. Mourning was adrift, abandoned by a corp filled with isk-driven carebears. Despite her tough and prideful exterior, Alt 00 knew the miner must've been feeling neglected. Lonely.

Alt 00 didn't express her pity openly. She projected a sense of order and stability--which is exactly what she knew the miner needed.

Mourning Hyland's rebellious attitude softened.

Another reason why our Agents are never discouraged: The CODE always wins. Always.

No matter how much they may protest against the New Order, there's a Code-shaped hole in every miner. They can try to fill it with isk and Miner Bingo quotes and Anti-Ganking toxicity, but only for so long. Eventually, they'll come home. (Or quit EVE.)

Whenever a rebel is rescued from a terrible fate, the other rebels are disgusted. But their time will come also.


  1. If only antiganking stopped the original gank! but they failed non-stop daily continuously ALL the time!!!!1

  2. I only sell collectors edition permits so he should have been proud to display it!

  3. Wow, this is like two redemption stories in three days!

    Just look at the Code winning, ALL THE TIME!!!!

    In fact, there hasn't been a time where the Code didn't win!!!!

  4. I think that Mr. James 315 needs to write an article about Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome in eve online and how people have gotten trolled by pro-Trump troll masters.

    I'm sure some kind of anti-Trump rage contest could be held. The person who gets the best Trump hate from a miner wins a prize? Bonus points if the agent uses the phrase "Eminent Domain" while trolling the miners, explaining to some hapless idiot that the rocks he was mining are to be seized by the savior via Eminent Domain laws that apply in EVE. Of course, the roids he was mining are to be seized to build "the largest ore pipeline in the game" which will hopefully siphon all the ore in the game into a pipeline that leads directly to the mittani and the goons.

    1. If the Saviour didn't already own the rocks, it would be easier to announce that He was "Eminent Domaining" them. However, I do like your idea, although The Mittani and Goons are not ultimately where all the money that The New Order makes ends up. It's all pumped back into more Code Enforcement, making The New Order one of the best and most honest non-profit organizations in the game.

    2. Fit your cat

  5. Phra... wait, are we still doing 'Phrasing'?

  6. antiganking is failing hard non-stop daily continously ALL the time


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