Friday, February 5, 2016

Raising Legal Awareness

The New Order's extraordinary impact and level of fame are nearly unsurpassed in EVE. Aside from the Goons/Imperium, no other group is as well known as we are. Partly that's because we operate in what is by far the most densely populated area of EVE.

On the other hand, lack of awareness of the Code remains a significant problem. How can this be? Bot-aspirancy. Bot-aspirants do not feel the need to become aware of their environment.

Imagine living in Imperium space and not knowing about the Goons. If you're a miner and you haven't noticed the New Order by now, it can only be because you're a bot-aspirant. Thus, not only is ignorance of the law not an excuse--it's actually a violation of the law in and of itself.

After chatting with Agent Zopiclone for a bit, Tasha Burton began to understand the importance of situational awareness. Victory!

Tasha had a long way to go. Once a miner becomes aware of the existence of the Code, he still must learn what's in it.

If Tasha had bothered to learn about the Code before breaking it, her Retriever might have been saved. That would depend on whether she obeyed the Code upon learning about it.

Tasha submitted a "review" of the Code. What is this, Yelp? (Granted, highsec miners frequently yelp when they get ganked.) Tasha's main complaint was the Code's lack of publicity. I've noted this paradox before: Half the miners agree with Tasha, but the other half complain about the New Order's excessive self-promotion--to the point that they accuse their fellow whiners of being CODE. alts in disguise.

Of course, Tasha had no cause for complaint. She should've known better. A lot better, in fact. Tasha has been playing EVE for over nine years. Disturbingly, her fail-fit Retriever was capacitor tanked and had 'Citadella' 100mm Steel Plates.

Meanwhile, Agent Bing Bangboom reports some troubling news. Though some may be tempted to wardec Luxembourg, I must caution that they do have a tendency to batphone their allies.

More space lawyers in the making, I'm afraid.


  1. Antiganking is failung incredibly hard right now

    1. failing to spell failing. What a goofus


  2. Some time in the near future:

    Scientist: The craft is nearing the asteroid and about to make-


    Scientist: Alert! Something is impacting the-

    Intercom: Calm down, miner.

  3. I saw a young pilot killed today during a war dec while he was in a mission. He dropped corporation and was ready to quit EVE until I intervened and helped him out. Speaking to him, he had no war targets on his watch list, was not watching local and basically thought he should be able to do whatever in game without any risk. Sadly he is from a pretty decent corporation that aligns AG/NRDS. Many times I have seen such an event where a decent young pilot quits because they are guided incorrectly by well-meaning individuals. Truth be known, a lot of corporations and experienced players do the new players a huge disservice by ignoring the basic bedrock foundation of pvp in New Eden. All the extra stuff in game from PI through missions is just the trim work.

  4. Can confirm that Luxembourg should be ganked on general principles, on account of it being a terrible place. Nothing good ever came out of Luxembourg, only drunken eu tax dodging bureaucrats.

    Come to think of it, they've been ganked quite a few times in the past, so surely they've on got themselves to blame.

    1. Someone needs to contact Luxembourg and let them know that laws are already in place and that a mining permit is only 10 million ISK (EVE in-game money, of course) per year.

  5. Zopiclone - hero of the verge vendor! Spreading the word to the ignorant!

  6. Hey! o7
    When you see a single player with 5 or more account in ice belt (couple of Skiff+orca+freighter) can't you just gank them ?
    Maybe better than ganking a poor noob retriever mining veldspar ?
    Code are made for stop BOT? Do it correctly ;)

    1. I disagree with that, if each character has a miner permit and he's not afk while mining, I would say that a player multiboxing a mining op would be inline with

      Kusion Family Values


    2. I don't think all of them have a permit, will try to look at next hsec trip.
      And sure is more easy to kill a poor noob 5k hp retriever than a 60k hp skiff.
      At my pov Heavy multibox bot is pay to win...
      I like to bump them and see +5 skiff flying away everywhere =)

    3. Yes but quite often, losing your very first retriever (you named it "Ice-Melter 3000") has a much more profound psychological impact on the bot-aspirant player.

      Don't forget about them retriever's y'all!

      -Galaxy Pig

  7. Looks like ag failed for ANOTHER day XD1111!!!

    1. hmmmm...

      Just wondering, by what standards are you using to consider that AG fails. Seems each blog post about a few ships being destroyed is an AG failure. Obviously nobody could stop every gank, maybe it's more along the lines of picking their fights with ones that they know they'll win. Surely some agents have been destroyed by the AG.

      While the MC never lost on a contract, sometimes we lost an engagement. Not often, after all the whole point is to make more isk than you spend in a war. We picked the ones we could do the most damage to with the least amount of force (like our frig squads ganking battleships)


    2. You know, quick question, is it still mining if I'm taking chunks out of other ships with my guns. Technically I am removing processed ore from it's floating object in space. That's a lot like mining right?


  8. You're right I do need to calm down, but to be totally fair, I needed all that ore for my Phoenix. After all, why pay market prices and haul it out to the station when there's giant rocks floating all around that I could harvest for free.

    Thusla's Doom needed even more, even if it didn't last very long huh? But that was way back in past, you can probably forgive me for having mined back then. I swear it was for a good cause, and I was totally compliant then, it's 0.0, ya gotta be.

  9. "Mifia", that is my new favorite word



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