Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kusion Family Values

Sec2Cube of the 8606 Corporation looked and acted like a bot as he AFK'ed his way through Madirmilire. He might have gotten away with it, had it not been for the courage of the New Order. His 2.7 billion isk Orca was ganked by a New Order fleet, which mostly consisted of members of the Kusion family.

The Kusions are a model highsec family. They have traditional values. They strongly believe in law and order. Everyone in the family has taken up a career in Code enforcement. They adamantly oppose carebearism, theme parkism, bot-aspirancy, and the like.

After Sec2Cube's Orca was destroyed, the carebear failed to offer a "gf" in local. But the Kusions wanted to acknowledge him anyway, so they waved in local.

Local Anti-Ganker MalkePigen took notice. She didn't like what she saw.

MalkePigen took a break from her busy schedule of continuously nonstop failing daily, and she petitioned one of the Kusions for botting.

MalkePigen's frivolous petition drew mockery from the locals. But she insisted that she had ironclad proof that the Kusions were botting.

The dizzy Anti-Ganker believed EVE time-stamps displayed milliseconds (or "milisecunds"). If true, the EVE client uses a rare kind of clock that doesn't display the hour. Then again, there would be no need: By MalkePigen's reckoning, there are twenty-four minutes in a day.

In fact, the Kusions' ganking operations are 100% EULA-compliant. They're frequently streamed on Twitch, so you can see exactly how it's done. MalkePigen had seen the stream, but was unconvinced.

According to MalkePigen, the Kusion stream doesn't show "hooked progs" and "network mitm bots".

MalkePigen didn't buy the cover-up, not for one milisecund. The truth was out there. Way out there.

The Kusion conspiracy went to the highest levels. CCP knowingly harbored bots in order to boost its subscription numbers.

The simple reality is that the New Order has always, and will always, act entirely within the EULA. We don't break the rules; we respect EVE and CCP far too much for that. It would never even occur to the Kusions to cheat, much less bot. Those aren't Kusion values.

Eventually, MalkePigen stopped talking about the Kusion conspiracy. Still, the typical Anti-Ganker has difficulty accepting that the CODE always wins (always). Since Anti-Gankers always lose, they imagine that winners must be cheaters. I extend this invitation to the AG crowd: Try ganking some miners and autopiloters. Try enforcing the Code, even if you don't believe in it at first. Once you get a taste of victory, you'll never want to go back.


  1. They're ganky and they're CODE-y
    Mysterious and multi
    They're altogether winning
    The Kusion Family

    Duh-duh-duh-DUN! *snap* *snap*

    ...Now I have to go watch Addams Family Values again.

    1. Good job, i was loling on line one! XD

  2. why are AGers so angry all the time?

    1. all that fail is a heavy burden to bear

  3. Interesting how hypocritical you people are. Talk about bot aspirancy and being against it. Yet this entire post is bragging about how you yourselves have bot aspirant behavior. Other than being an actual bot, nothing comes closer than what you have shown right here.

    1. The best part about it is there is nothing you can except whine anonymously on our blog.

      Thankyou for sharing your tears that don't matter XD

    2. I would assume, actively multi-boxing would not be botting right unless you were doing it afk.

    3. @Wolf Soprano

      It's not whining when it is speaking the truth and obviously I struck a nerve with you, good to know. Also, you can call it tears all you want, I don't give a flying fuck. I do my own ganking and taking care of those that appear to be botting so I do my part. I don't, however, preach that I am against something such as "bot-aspirants" and then resort to the same bad behavior.

      I was just making a point here that your group claims to be against "bot-aspirants" and yet you advertise doing the same thing. I was trying to make a valid argument here but all you seem to think is that it is whining and tears? Whatever bro.

      @James 315

      if you are reading this, please know that when I first started watching and following your cause, I thought it was great and a good thing to stop the botting and bot-aspirant behavior. I just hate to see your agents doing the same thing you are against.

    4. those tears that i didnt even read

    5. And who exactly are you, Anon? Every so often I see a random dude, sometimes even an outright carebear, who says that he's a "pro gankah" and claims to have been "ballz deep in botting miner's hull" just 5 minutes ago. The discourse on ganking gets exceedingly emotional sometimes, and, unfortunately, many players seem to be trying to cheat and use the "I used to support you, but..." psychological leverage - without disclosing their identity to validate their rather faulty point, of course.

      So, if you want to be heard, Anon, you've got to disclose your characters' names and present your awesome killmails that you're claiming to have aplenty. Because in this alliance, if you want to call the tune, you've got to gank, and gank hard. Nothing keeps you from becoming the next xxBLACK SKULLxx or loyalanon - from what I've heard, the latter would be grateful to have someone lighten his burden of being the leader of James' troops - but you won't influence our Agents' opinions without inspiring them with your own example.

      I belong to the moderate wing of gankers - that's why I'm explaining all this to you in such detail. However, Agent loyalanon is right in dismissing your statement as tears due to your reluctance to disclose your identity and your obvious misunderstanding of the term "bot-aspirant".

      Salah ad-Din

    6. @Agent S

      Why would I disclose any information when all you guys are trying to do right now is insult me? I give out my information and you insult me in game? Or try to prove a point and hunt me down as your next target?

      Oh well I'll just continue doing my own thing...I may not have been doing it long and would appreciate tips and what not, but I don't think I deserve someone acting like a douche towards me.

      I'm sorry I see what was done as bot aspirancy but that is my point of view. You can't have 100% attention on all clients at one time. That's just how I see it.

    7. CODE,meet bot-aspirant miner.
      Pot, meet kettle.

      Love your site and blogs, but think you got called out correctly on this one.

    8. Your being afraid that someone will bother to "hunt you down" because of some unsubstantial rant in the blog comments once again proves my point that you have a rather vague knowledge of ganking and highsec warfare mechanics in general - unless you are a reincarnation of Admiral Foxbolt, in which case your discretion is understandable. There is nothing bad in lacking experience or having your point of view on things, but I've never seen a single group or community, in-game or real-life, which would look kindly at someone who visits it without introducing himself and starts talking like he owns the place - and then you're wondering why people are dismissing your opinion.

      If you look beyond the facade of the usual Uedama smacktalk, you'll see that our community is very open and hospitable towards newcomers - you may join us at any time, even incognito if you wish. However, in order to steer the community's opinion in the way you want it to go, you've got to work your way to the top. After you've been leading regular ganking fleets for a few months, when you start getting evemails and convos from players asking you when you're staging your next op - feel free to dictate your opinion to the alliance and keep people from multiboxing or whatever you dislike personally.

      And I want to stress once again that multiboxing for the purpose of ganking or whatever else is NOT bot-aspirant per se. Many miners multibox and are perfectly Code-compliant, for instance. As for Jason, he puts tons of extra effort into his horde: I have trouble managing three accounts at once, and he manages dozens. And instead of using that horde of his to rat safely somewhere in Deklein, he ganks the non-compliants who otherwise would remain unganked. No, sir, I believe that Jason is an exemplary Knight of the New Order, and all Agents should be inspired by his exploits. Having a dozen accounts is optional, though: everyone enforces the Code at their own pace.

    9. @Anon11:42

      Let me ask you a question: Do you think people are automatically entitled to respect?

      Especially in a game like EVE Online?

      You are incredibly thin-skinned for such a game. And because of your thin skin, I openly question your commitment to James 315.

      You cannot serve James 315 because you are not good enough.

      Also, you are wrong.


      Love Ming

    10. @Ming Tso

      lol whatever bro, believe what you want. I know what kind of person I am and how good I am.

      Also, saying "you are wrong." without giving an argument on the matter just proves you have no defense against my accusation.

    11. Hello anon, thank you for emptying your purse all over the comments section.
      Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus?

    12. @Rev. Hocker

      Sup man, how's Jesus?


      Hey "Bro,"

      If you have misgivings and complaints as to how people are carrying out Code Enforcement, especially if you are telling us that Code Enforcement is too harsh "on the people we are trying to help," then what you need to understand is: "We aren't being harsh enough."

      We hear your words daily from all the guilty carebears that we judge. "They aren't happy that we blew up their ship." "We aren't following our own Code." "Wah Wah Wah."

      The only way for someone to be qualified to make assessments on how the New Order carries out Code Enforcement is to actually be a member of the New Order, carry out Code Enforcement, and lead by example.

      It does not mean making a statement of sycophantic support for the Saviour and then daring to offer a suggestion on how He would better enforce the Code that He wrote so that is more amenable to you, the carebear.

      The Code was written so you could have a set of instructions by which you can stop being a carebear.

    13. Jesus is CODE compliant. He leads by example.

    14. There is no community more accepting than this one. As an Enforcer, I spend my time cleaning the asteroid fields of anchorables and abandoned containers and wrecks. I have ganked twice in my career. Yet miners call me a ganker, griefer and a coward. I go suspect at the asteroid belts and go face to face against targets larger than me, and fight increased odds. I always give the miner a chance. It is them who inititate combat and make the decision to loose their ships.

      No matter what we do, no matter how merciful we are, carebears will only be content when they are allowed to mine afk and autopilot everywhere with no consequence. They loose their ships due to their own lack of spatial awareness, and still bitch about it. Do you get mad when you walk away from the kb while playing WoW and a random npc kills you? I didn't think so.

      Games are intended to be played. If you are not at the keyboard, you should be docked. If you are not, then you only have yourself to blame when you are blown up. Your fault, really.

      We will never stop doimg what we do, because it is our duty. Call it zealotry, call it roleplay if you want. I call it content, and it is what I pay my 15 bucks to do. Don't like it? Do something about it then! After all, I am almost always suspect, and I don't hide in stations :)

  4. "I extend this invitation to the AG crowd: Try ganking some miners and autopiloters. Try enforcing the Code, even if you don't believe in it at first. Once you get a taste of victory, you'll never want to go back."

    As an Ex-AG turned Code enforcer / shareholder, I can confirm this is true.

  5. MalkePigen thinks CCP allows bots because of sub money, but petitions Kusions for botting anyway. Makes sense.

  6. Antiganking is failing so hard right now

  7. Pigen tears = Best tears any time of the year lol

  8. James 315: By ganking Clockwork Orange's freighter, we won the 2014 AT.

    Donald Trump: I don't care what the numbers say, I won Iowa.

    Now here we have two individuals who people follow and both are showing signs of delusion.

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