Monday, February 15, 2016

What Are the Odds?

When it comes to elite PvP in EVE, reading MinerBumping can be the difference between victory and defeat. For example, MinerBumping readers have known for a long time that it's illegal to use an ORE Strip Miner in highsec.

Lyra Arji, it's safe to say, was not an avid MinerBumping reader. Agent Nicolas Dupre spotted her using an untanked Retriever worth half a billion isk. The inevitable gank followed.

Lyra was chastened by the loss. She wanted to speak with an Agent of the New Order. Encouragingly, it was so she could buy a permit, not yell at him.

Alas, Lyra's flirtation with Code compliance only lasted about an hour. She was caught in another half-billion isk Retriever. This time, she was autopiloting! Lyra was promptly destroyed. Scratch another pair of ORE Strip Miners.

Lyra was unnerved by the experience.

Enraged beyond reason, she threw away an additional 50 million isk. At least she didn't buy another ORE Strip Miner.

Lyra categorically denied that she'd been autopiloting. But Nicolas had her dead to rights.

Then Lyra concocted an extraordinary excuse, based on an actual game mechanic: If a ship doesn't have enough capacitor to warp all the way to its intended destination, it will go as far as its capacitor allows. The ship will then fall out of warp and land at what is essentially an unplanned safe spot. According to Lyra, that's what happened to her Retriever.

Nicolas was amazed. What are the chances of a Retriever running out of capacitor exactly 15km from its destination?

Lyra's story was certainly creative, but not enough to overcome Nicolas' suspicions. She was guilty of bot-aspirancy. It was a good kill.

Though the miner maintained her innocence, she knew it was useless. The only way to ensure her safety in highsec was to get another permit.

Nicolas was willing to give Lyra another chance, so he graciously accepted more of her money.

...But less than 40 minutes later, Lyra lost yet another Retriever worth half a billion isk. She still couldn't resist the temptation of using ORE Strip Miners. Nicolas Dupre followed a simple rule: If it's a decadent fit, you mustn't acquit.

Lyra was one unlucky miner, and that's not even counting her alleged unintentional 15km warp exit. In the space of a few hours, she lost three Retrievers with a total of six ORE Strip Miners, and she'd had two New Order mining permits revoked. What a jinx! But the truth is, anyone who opposes the New Order has no better odds than Lyra Arji. As the saying goes, fortune favors the Code.


  1. @Lyria, it's called "Warp to 0" for a reason sweetie. Not warping to 0 is a capital crime.

  2. If only antiganking were effective and saved someone for once

  3. If only antiganking were effective and saved someone for once

  4. I remember the days when you needed BM's so you could land on a gate instead of trucking along from 15km to the gate. Those BM's were precious and valuable. *sigh* guess not anymore...


  5. Talk about stupid criminals!
    What do you call doing the same thing over and over,yet expect different results? Well, at least she didn't claim that "my dog ate my mouse".

  6. How the hell are these dipshit carebears finding their way into EvE?

    1. They do what they do. All that bling could have bought a PLEX and a set of Stripminer IIs. Oh well, more fuel for the highsec fire.

      All praise James 315.

    2. Because Elite: Dangerous is a boring mess.

    3. Let's not even get into "Star Citizen."

  7. This blog article is an example of code failing hard non-stop every day.

  8. A CHODE. agent actively engaged in griefing a fellow EO subscriber. Color me shocked.

  9. @Anon12:56

    "Griefing," as you call it, does not exist in EVE Online. Here we call it "Emergent Gameplay," and it is completely legal and encouraged, which is why EVE Online is such a great game. Also, "CODE." is the proper way to address the Alliance of The New Order. You have been misspelling it. Please use the appropriate term in the future. K thanks

    1. Ming Tso @1:14pm

      You say potato, I say potato.

      You say CODE., I say CHODE.

      Continue your griefing ways. Although I should say other CHODE. members continue to grief since you apparently never undock to grief.

  10. I don't always fly Retrievers, but when I do, I make sure to land 15km off the gate!

  11. It's protected to mention, hasn't been a keen Miner Bumping target audience. Real estate agent Nicolas Duper identified the woman employing an untanned Retriever value 1 / 2 some sort of billion is.


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