Saturday, July 30, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #111

Players should get flagged for engaging in passive-aggressive activities, too. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Our Agents have experimented with a lot of different methods. So far, though, there's no surefire way to make a miner calm down.

As accommodating as we are, the miners act as if the requirements of highsec conduct are unreasonable.

Carebears don't just haul in-game items; they bring their personal baggage into the game, as well.

I've never met a highsec miner who actually had any powerful friends. Excepting, of course, the Agents of the New Order, who are the miners' only true friends.

John Ralar claimed to know who the bad guys are in EVE. Then he identified the New Order as the bad guys. Facepalm!

John further complained that he couldn't "make a cigarette" without being ganked. I wonder what kind of cigarette he was talking about? Miners, that's not why it's called "highsec".

Miners whine about being ganked for "no reason", but they only get even more irritable when they're told about the reasons.

Carebears are always moving the goalposts. First they say that ganking doesn't count as PvP. Then they say it's not "the good old PvP".

Aristoden Vishnu's message was slightly garbled, since it was filtered through Google Translate. The sentiments expressed in the original EVEmail made it through mostly intact. It doesn't always work that smoothly.

Agent Eva Mavas took one look at Ant Alidar's EVEmail and knew that Google Translate was going to have trouble with it. Our Agent wasn't wrong:

Fortunately, Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri was on hand to produce a more precise translation:

If only the Russians put as much effort into their Mackinaw fits as they put into their tearmails!

In case you were curious, I believe these are the Imps that the Russian miner was referring to.

Those sound like the actions of a genuine Agent to me. One thing, though: Please don't assume that your son "isn't a PvP type". Let the boy decide for himself whether he wants to leave the carebear life behind. I bet he does.


  1. So many Code tears. Don't forget to remember that life is brutal then you die. Also don't forget your Ritalin! Ritalin is easy! You may now continue your code nonsensical spew.

    1. If any agent did have ADHD, ritalin would help him focus, making him even more effective in removing carebears from CODE sovereign space. Good advice!

  2. What happens when the code stops following its own code? Loyalanon happens! Failed so hard it will embarrass the code forever! Such a fail boat! Tug tug... catch that Ritalin buddy! Ritalin is easy!

  3. So many more examples of why hisec should be removed, carebear miners shot, and mental testing given to anyone who even acts interested in afk mining in a pvp sandbox.

    Why does CCP let these hisec miners ruin EVE? Such nasty people would have already been removed from any other social situation.

  4. Man the comments are already filled with impotent hisec carebear whine.

    CODE always wins! Always!

    You carebears better thank your lucky stars that James chose to save your worthless asses. Anyone else would have just shot the lot of you and been done with it. You dont belong in EvE, and nobody wants you there.

    1. 836 do you post here because you cannot get hard with women other than your mom?

      Can i petition your mom?
      Is your mom welcome in EvE?
      I'm welcome in your mom, she was just saying.

  5. I didnt need to say anything this morning for the tears to come out in force lel.

    antiganking failing so hard they resort to anonymous crying on our blog!

  6. "Let the boy decide for himself whether he wants to leave the carebear life behind. I bet he does."

    I bet he does too, like a 12 year old boy wants out of the catholic church.

  7. So exactly how are highsec miners ruining the game? They mine ore and sell it on the market. Many plex their accounts, but the plex are not seeded by CCP, they are bought by other players and sold in-game. So CCP still gets the money, actually, they get a few dollars more because plex costs more than the monthly sub.

    The only way that I can see them affect the game is the market prices of minerals. Since James has said that all minerals can be had from lowsec/nullsec, I am assuming it has something to do with this. Maybe their goon overlords can't get a decent price on selling minerals because they don't control the market like they do with other materials so they target miners to reduce the supply?

    Dunno, but if that is how they want to play the game, then let them.

    1. So you don't understand how risk free hisec mining produces so much liquid isk that botminers cause inflation, because they never spend it on ships to blow up.
      Just basic economics, but i guess your compsci degree (lol) didn't cover that.

  8. Damn, so many active trolls on here.

    Good job fellas.


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