Friday, July 29, 2016

The Birth of Civilization, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned struggled to teach the miners of Abudban. It seemed Kalorned was incapable of making them love the Code, no matter how many of them he killed. But our Agent refused to give up.
SNIPER301090 > Gankers are back Krominal Kibbera Keraina Talie-Kuo
Krominal > Kill: Vitaliy Bessoltsev (Covetor) Kill: Vitaliy Bessoltsev (Capsule) Mining AFK in New Order space is not permitted
Remyo > Kalorned is CODE. Immediate gank warning.
SNIPER301090 > Remyo Too late
In his journal, Kalorned reflected: Remyo is late again. I wonder why I'm so fascinated by Remyo... I guess I've just never seen a more persistent failure up until now. I almost feel I have to better understand him as a benefit to all society in general. If I can understand Remyo's motivations, perhaps we could better deal with the mentally ill in general?
Remyo > Kalorned has the three CODE gank alts, it is not "them" as such as it is only one guy with 4 alts
SNIPER301090 > 4 alts ^^ crank ^^
Remyo > Snip you CODE propagandist or what
SNIPER301090 > i dont understand ^^ i am german and my english so not well
Remyo > Oh now you no habla English eh
Remyo's condition and paranoia seem to worsen by the day. An innocuous comment by SNIPER301090 seems to have triggered Remyo into thinking Sniper belongs to the New Order. If only Remyo took a moment to check his killboard, he would see Sniper is one of the miners he's attempting to "help".
SNIPER301090 > i hate the code guy... he ganked my hulk and mackinaw.... =(
Ch'lly > he bumps you to stop aligning so they can suicide gank you in blaster cats
Remyo > Apparently he has a bad day at kindergarten or something
Remyo > Kalorned would make nice psychopathological study for some criminal psych student
Remyo > He does nothing but griefs miners and traders
Even as Kalorned studied Remyo, Remyo studied Kalorned. Nevertheless, New Order Agents know much more about miners than miners know about Agents.
ArcAngel702 > hello
ArcAngel702 > questions does anyone know what is a good ore type to mine??
Remyo > Arc as long Kalorned is active NONE
Remyo > IF you mine when he is around, you will get ganked
Remyo > Arc perhaps try Rookie Help channel, local with CODE around is suicide
Remyo > Kalorned just cleared the Suspect flag, expect more ganks soon
At the very least, Remyo is educating newer miners to avoid mining. The method may be unorthodox, but the message is getting across.

I'm reminded of the old adage from my First Person Shooter days: Eventually you live to see the day you're so good at what you do that you're accused of being a cheater. I think the term used in FPS circles is "wallhax".

I can't help but laugh at the irony of Remyo insinuating I'm a bad pilot, as if he were some master pilot. His occupation and killboard say otherwise in any case. What is this, though? Another Retriever mining without a permit...

Naturally, the unlicensed miner refused to answer Kalorned--until he lost his mining ship, that is. Afterward, the sullen miner couldn't keep quiet. Carebears really do everything in reverse, don't they?

True EVE players often taunt the carebears by saying things like, "Go play Hello Kitty Online if you don't like PvP." Given the miners' penchant for playing other games while "playing" EVE, maybe they already are.

This miner seems to have taken his loss pretty hard. I need to remain careful not to aggravate him further.

As the miner continued to rage at Kalorned in local, the other residents of Abudban perked up.

The New Order has always tried to get people to pay more attention to local. Perhaps the miner's tears were the best incentive.

He calls me a terrorist; I consider myself the opposite. It's always interested me, people from different cultures looking at the same thing and having wildly different conceptions of it and what it means. To most, the New Order of Highsec and its Agents are viewed rightly as the saving organization of highsec. But to the minority, something has gone wrong and they perceive it to be anarchistic. It's so strange, and yet so fascinating.

Although the miner disobeyed Kalorned's command to calm down, the rest of Abudban started warming up to the New Order's presence. Was our hero finally getting through to them?

To be continued...


  1. Lol so because the guy won't obey your weird little attempt at a governing body he is mentally ill?

    1. Got us some real mature adults here...

    2. Get us some Ritalin quick! Ritalin is easy!

    3. Can you fags not seperate game from RL. No wonder everyone hates hisec carebears.

  2. I'm very much enjoying this series! Kalorned is a roll model among us agents. :)

    -Galaxy Pig

    1. Yeah he is a t"roll" model for sure. You can't do math or spell bud. Make sure you aren't skipping too many night classes to play EvE. Real life is more important than video gaming. Admire a role model someone like Zopiclone. Praise his name. He's a story for the kids and grandkids for sure!

    2. Miner, calm down.


    3. Oink stay in school.

  3. The only mentally ill people here are all Code "agents" aka drones, lemmings, nitetime video police plebs and loyalanon implosion fail boats. Ritalin for all Code agents! Now you may blabber on about how this is a forum for mentally stable people only after you embrace the Real truth agents. Ritalin is ... EASY!

    1. Ritalin is easy! Repeat it over and over until you are on a non retard conversational level. We believe in you code agents. You made some mistakes by joining code because you are broken human beings IRL but it's never too late to just go out there and mine in a Covetors! Never too late!

  4. James is a pedo? Oh... Everything makes sense now.

  5. "I'm reminded of the old adage from my First Person Shooter days: Eventually you live to see the day you're so good at what you do that you're accused of being a cheater. I think the term used in FPS circles is "wallhax"."

    Kalorned doesn't use scripts to achieve success - only the Code!

    1. What happens when the code stops following its own code? Loyalanon happens! Failed so hard it will embarrass the code forever! Such a fail boat! Tug tug... catch that Ritalin buddy! Ritalin is easy!

  6. All these chicken shit anon carebear fags and their tears are teh lulz!

    More and more reasons to kill carebear pedo scum. And all they can do is salt up the comments section.

    'Spectator' is all ag will ever be gud at.

  7. CODE kills miners, ag murders their own defenseless children in RL, then their pedo support group posts tears here.

    Win win!

  8. Kalorned for CSM?
    Hell yea!

  9. Lmao love the anon code tears. Even funnier is that they cry hard anonymously about anon posts. Cry harder. Don't forget the Ritalin! Ritalin is easy!

    1. 931 tryhard anon,

      If you don't support CODE, you support RL terrorists and child murderers. Why do you willfully align yourself with human trash?

    2. 1020: What a bold-faced lie. Everyone knows that code is ran by ISIS.

  10. Pottymouth anon 843, 846, 851, 1020, 1022, etc.:
    While the New Order appreciates your support, it would be better if you would refine your language and stop posting filth on the forum. It is good that you understand that AG is a toxic "community" but there is no need for you to be so base and vile. You might as well be one of them.

    Besides, true Agents of the New Order post with their character names and not anonymously. It makes me think that you are some AG fail-troll trying to give us a bad name. Feel free to message me in-game if you think I am wrong.

    1. I am. You revealed yourself as both an idiot and an impostor. In the future, please wait with the rest of AG to post until you have proper permission from an Agent of the New Order.

    2. I will post what I want, when I want, and there is nothing that you can do or say, in game or on here, that will change that. Now bend over and take it in the ass so I can film it for some night time video viewing.

    3. You are such a bad liar Nitetime Police officer. Lying to yourself like that. The only people that are toxic are carebear police officers like you. "Don't do this, don't say that, don't attempt to play a game the way you want to play it". Take some Ritalin and just enjoy life bud. Take your head out of your ass. Ritalin is easy!

    4. While you were braying on our blog and spewing nonsense, Agents of the New Order killed another billion ISK in illegal equipment.

      Perhaps you could take a break from adding to the visitor count of our blog and try posting a story on the hisec militia blog that no one reads.

    5. you cry so hard. love it.

    6. "cry"... You keep using that word.

    7. @233
      NV was not even referencing your posts. Overreact much?

      @NV. You fight fire with fire, there is no 'too far' when it comes to dealing with hisec child murdering carebear pedo miners. It's the only language they understand.

    8. @ pedo anon 415 Sounds like you are fucking whining. Again.

    9. 520 do you know what whining is? It's what you and your ag friends do after you fail EvE and right before you kill your children in RL.
      Maybe you should call social services before you hurt someone.

    10. 415: Actually, he directly responded to me. I do not know who the other anons on here are, but 233 & 259 are my posts.

      233, 259

    11. 509 is a typical hisec pedo miner. Uses vulgarities and rage to try and compensate for all that fail.

      Remember, all you hisec miner pedo scum:

      CODE kills miners, ag fails in game so they kill RL children then themselves. If you ag fags dont have any RL children, feel free to skip that part.

    12. @211 i will quote the NV comment that got the ag pedos mad.

      " Pottymouth anon 843, 846, 851, 1020, 1022, etc.: "

      The "ect" may be you of course. Did you even comprehend what NV was saying? He was admonishing me because i allowed myself to have too much fun while i called out ag for being murderers and cowards.

    13. Murderours? How many people has AG killed IRL? You keep recycling one losers example and spew pedophile remarks non stop. Homophobic much? Or just ignorant. Scared of real life much?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. CODE kills miners, ag kills innocent children, then threatens RL harm on anyone who tries to play eve correctly. If you continue to ally yourself with ag you will be judged accordingly.

    The title 'white knight' is used the wrong way, and the players called that don't deserve to be in EvE. The only protection ag offers is to bots and criminals.

    1. 509 learn to play correctly.
      Whining to CCP for potection is not how you do it.
      AFK mining in hisec is not how you do it.
      Threats of violence and wishes of disease on those who play correctly is not how you do it.
      Killing your children in RL because you fail in EvE is not how you do it.

      EvE is a miner killing game, not a minor killing game.

    2. 509 please don't take out your rage over losing at EVE on you children in RL. Feel free to AN HERO! Just please spare the children.

    3. 203, 225 don't lose sight of reality and spew the same shit day in and day out re some loser that muder suicided. Plenty people die daily. Get over it. Go save some people in real life instead of playing a video game if you truly care. Otherwise keep medicating yourself to feel better about your safe basement dwelling.

  13. But where is fail boat wolfie?

    1. Wolf went to the B4R channel to complain about how successful AG was in trolling this blog and then offed himself.

    2. But he didnt kill his kids, so he is still better than ag.

    3. Fixated on one losers death a bit too much anon? Apply it to everyone that posts contrary views to your own much anon? Check and check.

  14. ag supports child murderers and cowards. Join hisec failitia today if you agree with them. Maybe ag can teach you all how to AN HERO.

    That would be the only way ag ever helped EvE.

  15. You Code Anons are so fixated on one loser that killed his family and apply it to Everyone in Eve that doesn't comform to your twisted Eve view. Makes it seem you have a narrow world view yourselves. Drank too much of loyalanons cool aid? He blamed everything on that one murder suicider and look where it got him. Half way to a mental asylum, banned, chastised by half or more of code and still posting drivel on this forum as an anon. Don't be like wolf/loyalanon. It leads no where quick.

    1. Loyalanon, he may have the title of #1 PvPer, believe it or not. There are other ways to get that title. Loyalanon got that title by making cheap shots on miners and freighters. Ever since he showed his face around in Uedama, I warned him that this isn't going to end well if he continues with these cheap shots.

      On April 16th, 2016. He was permabanned, along with his alts. You might as well forget about him, he's not coming back.

      As for Kalorned, I have been watching him for years in his crackpot campaign in Gamis. Well, I have news for Kalorned. This is your last chance to walk away. You don't realise how many people are pissed off at you for the damage you caused. I know why you pick on these miners, you claim that you're doing Jimmy's dirty work. Here is your first day to redeem yourself at rehab. In order to prove yourself worthy, first of all, why don't you lay off the heavy drugs that Dr. James 315 prescribed to keep you at bay. If you don't, you're going to end up just like Loyalanon.

      As for all of you drug addicts here, allow me to inform you that I am not a guy to mess with. I will let you in on a little secret or a clue of what I am capable of.

      Everyone knows that MBC is primarily responsible for kicking Goonswarm out of nullsec. Let tell you what went on behind closed doors. It all started when I tried to join goonswarm a few years ago, the director at that time...I sent him a PM informing him that I wanted to join, I did everything he told me before I sent the application. After that I was rejected for no reason. Big mistake, If goonswarm won't take me, I would make sure that Goons will never hold sov ever again. So, I turned a bunch of gamblers into a unstoppable fighting force which EvE hasn't seen since the glory days of BOB. Within a few months, we torched the beehive and we owe it all to a simple, rejected application. It wasn't just a message for the whole eve community, it was a warning. What we did to Mittens, we caused trillions in damages and I know it will take years for Mittens to regain what he lost and we are keeping a close eye on him. If he tries anything else to get revenge on us, there is always someone watching and laughing. If I were mittens, I wouldn't backstab any of my corpmates, charge rent for sov in nullsec. He never learns, and that is why he will suffer the consequences for his blunders.

      I know why you administrators at Minerbumping, are just begging to delete this post. Try me. When Mittens knew who was really responsible for World War Bee, he tried to pull the plug by using censorship on all of his blogs so that nobody except those close to him, would read our messages trying to figure out how we operate in times of war.
      I'm the one who sent Mittens packing, I'm the one put Moneybadger Coalition in power, and here is the last clue I'm going to reveal to the new eden universe before I strike again, but on a bigger scale.

      "My enemies check under the bed for a crucifix, my friends checks the closet for corpses, enemies screw their grunts while my friends are my family, and all who knows my name only assumes out of the ordinary. I am Cabal, I pledge loyalty to my followers."

      If you have a solid lead of my whereabouts in New Eden, how far will you go to hunt me down? I am very tricky. Better buckle up, because the hunt is on.

  16. Yes comform the game to cater to only one play style. Please. Petition it since posting it here doesn't seem to help. I wonder why? Perhaps you are narrow minded?

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