Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Birth of Civilization, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned went boldly to Abudban, a system plagued by bot-aspirancy and unauthorized attitudes about the Code. Though Kalorned and his gank alts proved themselves honourable warriors by destroying mining vessels, rebels began to speak against Kalorned in local.
Kalorned > I only want peace and harmony in High Sec
Kalorned > If only every miner would see the benefit of an orderly, compliant high sec
Shaun Thiesant > yeah orderly and words hurt with safe spaces bullshit
Shaun Thiesant > fucking millenials
Some call our Agents "millennials", apparently in reference to the belief that the New Order's rule over highsec will last a thousand years.
Remyo > Lol I locked Kalorned and he ran like a shit
Kalorned > Remember everyone, permits can be obtained for only 10m ISK per pilot per year
Azure Momaki > So can ammo
From Kalorned's log: Local reached a point where they began threatening violence. I considered it might be that the locals only understood aggressive speak. Maybe that was the only way I could wrest control of the conversation.

Kalorned's bumping Orthrus engaged the rebel in honourable 1v1 combat. The result was a nice Hurricane Fleet Issue killmail. Apparently some rebels really believe our Agents can't kill ships that shoot back. That mistake has cost many rebels their favorite ships--and their pride.
Kalorned > That doesn't really help much, just ask Shaun Thiesant
Kalorned > Kill: Shaun Thiesant (Hurricane Fleet Issue)
Kalorned > Now permits, permits are an excellent value
Shaun Thiesant > meh, shitty fit
Azure Momaki > XD That fit is shit
Shaun claimed his defeat didn't count because his ship was badly fit. Yet he'd had all the time in the world to properly fit the ship. Indeed, he was only one jump from Rens. Kalorned could only conclude that Shaun Thiesant was bad at PvP and at ship-fitting. The one did not excuse the other.
Azure Momaki > Kalorned The ISK that you have on your head is a waste of everyone's time.
Kalorned > oh my
Kalorned > I have ISK on my head?
Azure Momaki > Yeah, go ahead and self-destruct. You'll get all of it.
Kalorned > Well there's no need for that
The locals seemed to be responding to tough talk. Threats of violence have subsided to mere suggestions that I commit self-harm. No one has spoken for a good 10 minutes now, I believe my work here is done for the day.

Kalorned enjoyed a well-earned rest. The very next day, he went right back to work in Abudban. He arrived not a moment too soon.
Kalorned > Afternoon Edek Hawker are you AFK?
Keraina Talie-Kuo > Kill: Edek Hawker (Mackinaw) Kill: Edek Hawker (Capsule) Mining AFK in New Order space is not permited
Remyo > Code gank warning Kalorned is Code
Kalorned > o/ - too late
Remyo was attempting to warn other miners of my presence, claiming I was CODE. I thought I had sufficiently explained the difference between The New Order and CODE. to him. As I alluded to earlier, though, I feel he simply may not care. In any case, he was too late, not that his warning would've mattered if he'd been on time, since all these miners seemed to be AFK.
Shejidan > well?
Shejidan > shit of get off the pot
Kalorned > whoah
Kalorned > whats with the nasty language?
Shejidan > being plain in my speaking so there is no misunderstanding
Shejidan > now, do something or unlock
I spotted another illegal mining operation. This one was escorted by a Muninn, the pilot of which, in true Abudban fashion, could only use coarse language and threats of violence to make his point--whatever it was. I had to de-escalate local, and the only way to do that was to remove the one inciting violence.
Shejidan > not looking for trouble, but...
Psimana > catas come in

Catas did indeed come in.

Three of Kalorned's ganker alts landed on the Muninn, which had apparently been anticipating an attack from Kalorned's Orthrus instead. In this case, the Orthrus merely provided a warp-in. The gank was executed perfectly.
Krominal > Kill: Shejidan (Muninn) Kill: Shejidan (Capsule) Interference with New Order operations is not permitted
Mining Mechanic > Lol.
Shejidan > nope. scum like you is beneath me
Kalorned > Except apparently your beneath us
Kalorned > losing in honorable PVP
Kalorned > a shame
Once again, rebutting with strong and aggressive language seemed to be the only way I could get a handle on local. It has gone quiet for 10 minutes since my last statement to the locals; the situation now seems to be under control. I suppose now I can get back to enforcement.
Kalorned > Afternoon Calinea Igeria are you AFK?
Calinea Igeria > no
Kalorned > great
Kalorned > you dont have a mining permit
Briggand Moore > Ooo, the big bad miner hunters are back
Miners can be so strange. If you obey the rule about not going AFK, why would you not take that extra step and get a permit?
Krominal > Kill: Calinea Igeria (Retriever) Kill: Calinea Igeria (Capsule) Mining without a permit in New Order space is not permitted
Briggand Moore > We're so impressed
Krominal > well thank you
My efforts in this system seem to be paying off. Slowly the locals are coming around to appreciate my work and the Code. I've recovered Calinea's dropped assets now and wait... this Thrasher is locking me up now...

To be continued...


  1. antiganking is failing so hard right now

    1. there is no reason for antiganking to exist right now. CODE barely can control few systems for a few hours per day now. No amount of alts can help.

    2. Hey 1021, wanna back up that claim? Link your miner's name and system.

      Yea thats what i thought.

  2. Thrasher locking the Orthrus.


  3. Jeezus, they just feed you kills over in Abudban. It's good to see someone killing off these foul, nasty pedo miners. Good job Kalorned, keep the pressure on these WOW refugees.

    Why do we still call them 'anti-gankers'? I guess because they are the opposite of everything that makes an Agent great.

    ag losers fail again. Always!

    1. shhh, it's only bad memories now.

    2. in truth, AG has won. code can only control a few systems for a few hours per day. highsec is huge and vast.

    3. 1023 like your mom?

    4. Anon 516: Yawn. Come up with something better will you? Oh wait, I forgot, you are to stupid to form a coherent thought.

      Anon 1023

  4. Killing miners with alts? What a disgusting example of bot-aspirancy.

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

  6. Arguing with agents is like talking to wall. They are as dumb as bricks.

    1. why are you arguing with walls?

    2. He's a carebear, nothing else will listen to his kiddie porn child murdering drivel, just the wall.

  7. CODE kills miners, ag kills minors.

  8. Kill all carebear miners!
    Kill all carebear miners!
    Kill all carebear miners!


  9. Great job, Agent K! This is impressive work. You put that Muninn pilot in his place, but like a typical Carebear he showed no grace in defeat. Save the killmail so you can link it in local if he starts mouthing off again.


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