Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Birth of Civilization, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Hope came to Abudban in the form of Agent Kalorned, who encouraged the local miners to embrace the Code. Despite practical demonstrations of the importance of the Code, miners rebelled and spread propaganda based on outlandish conspiracy theories. Undaunted, Kalorned resolved to arrange even more demonstrations of how difficult highsec can be without the Code.
Krominal > Kill: Zaiks Kovrov (Venture) Kill: Zaiks Kovrov (Capsule) | Kill: Zakarius Bishop (Venture) Kill: Zakarius Bishop (Capsule) Mining AFK in New Order space is not permitted
Lady Darksied > lol
Lady Darksied > what a bunch of crap
Kropotkis > what a little shit
Lady Darksied > orbit the rock
Kalorned recorded his thoughts: It's a little strange to me that miners seem to only announce "advice" after it's too late. It's very similar, I've noticed, to the miners who claim "You don't need a permit" only after I've finished ganking a person. I'll just ignore him, maybe he'll go away.
Kalorned > Venture roundup time
Lady Darksied > somebody pod them before he types about the permit
Aubrey Anstian > lol
Krominal > Kill: Dirk SS-Nachfahre (Venture) Kill: Dirk SS-Nachfahre (Capsule) | Kill: Pheary Darkfall (Venture) Kill: Pheary Darkfall (Venture)
Another group of mining frigates and pods were destroyed. It must've pained Kalorned to see Ventures used for AFK mining in highsec when they were designed for lowsec ninja-mining.
Lady Darksied > fail
Krominal > Kill: Raven Atarto (Venture) Kill: Raven Atarto (Capsule)
Krominal > Mining without a permit in New Order space is not permitted
Lady Darksied > damn it
Lady Darksied > arg
Lady Darksied > orbit the rock
I've made a terrible miscalculation. By not intervening soon enough, Lady Darksied has become consumed by bot-aspirancy and is blathering nonsense now. I now know not to ignore a person in need within local ever again. With this loss, I will retire for the day... I think I've had enough.

The Code is a wellspring of joy. Each day, our Agents are refilled. That's why time is on our side.

I can't let yesterday's failure to intervene on Lady Darksied's behalf get me down. I have other business to attend to that requires me to stay docked today, but I will remain online to provide a comforting presence to the locals at least.
Remyo > Gank warning. Kalorned is CODE. If he comes near you, you are about to die.
Kalorned > o/
Kalorned > the one and only
Remyo > Kalorned watch out for this one
Remyo > Gank warning. Kalorned is CODE. If he comes near you, gank group is coming.
The fame and celebrity status enjoyed by our Agents is due in no small part to the anti-Code rebels themselves. New Order Agents are the center of every conversation in highsec--even when they're merely docked up in local and AFK for hours at a time.
Remyo > Gank warning. Kalorned is CODE. If he comes near you, you are about to be ganked.
Remyo > Gank Warning. Kalorned is CODE. Beware.
Metamorpth Sevi > u AFK kalorned?
Metamorpth Sevi > think kalorned is asleep, just left his eve logged in
Ithuriul > lol
Metamorpth Sevi > he is in station
I've only just returned to the client and can begin normal operations, but it seems in my absence Remyo has been issuing warnings to local every 30 minutes or so. Is he deranged I wonder? First the conspiracy theories, now the delusion that his warnings will have any effect on a lost population. I'd engage him in conversation and seek to get him some help, but he's still had me blocked since the other night. This is most unfortunate.
Svipull > Keraina Talie-Kuo , Kibbera , Krominal @ RENS + Kalorned ...
Svipull > the miners should look for another business this afternoon
Metamorpth Sevi > u back kaormed
Metamorpth Sevi > just all mine in a different system
Ah, Svipull, another regular around here who suffers from the same delusions as Remyo. I wonder what would motivate a parent to name their child after a terminal illness? Was Svipull an unexpected child, or perhaps he was expected but so difficult to handle during birthing the parents somehow grew disdain towards their child? Both of these possibilities are extremely depressing. It would be best that I not dwell on them for long, and simply focus on enforcement.
Ithuriul > any newer players on?
Ithuriul > what the fuck ass hole
Metamorpth Sevi > he is out of the station
Krominal > Kill: Ithuriul (Mackinaw) Kill: Ithuriul (Capsule) Mining AFK in New Order space is not permitted
This is why Anti-Ganker intelligence networks never succeed: Too slow, and too little intelligence. Yet Remyo persisted. Weeks later, he continued to report on our hero's every movement.
Remyo > Gank warning. Kalorned is CODE
Sanmigg > plzz diont
Krominal > Kill: Sanmigg (Hulk) Mining AFK in New Order space is not permitted
Sanmigg > u guys are nearly the think to quit eve
Remyo > Do not say that, they touch themselves if you say that
Another carebear quirk is their tendency to say "stop" or "please don't" while a gank is in progress. Such poor timing. It's better to make those types of requests much earlier--and to include a 10 million isk payment.
Remyo > Kalorned Keraina Talie-Kuo Kibbera Krominal one and the same guy
Sanmigg > big eggs to kill minner but to fight conncord not. go out auf six kin base
Remyo > Kalorned is still lurking around
0rangina > he stays in Six Kin Development like sanmigg say
Remyo > Belt 1-1 gank group remnants cleared out
0rangina > he left six kin
Remyo > He is looking for targets
Remyo is basically a fixture in the system now. He hasn't realized yet his efforts are futile. He has stepped up his efforts. Rather than simply announcing my presence in local, he has lately been "touring" the aftermath of ganks. Warping to belts and finding the leftover wrecks, he then relays the belt location to local. I'm trying to determine why he does this. I can't for the life of me think of a reason why such old intel would be of use to anyone any more than a vague warning I'm present would be.
Sanmigg > well i am going off and think about eve and my carrer.
Kalorned > It's good to always have a 5 year plan in place for your career
Kalorned > Lest you get complacent in your position
Kalorned tried to encourage the locals, but they stubbornly continued to play EVE the wrong way. "How do I reach these miners?" our hero must have wondered. Was Abudban doomed to fall behind the rest of highsec?

To be continued...


  1. Thank you again, bears, for waiting to post until proper permission is given.

    1. You may now speak, but please remember to calm down and read the Code at least once before you comment.

    2. Furthermore, as subjects of James 315, you must refrain from using any personal insults or profanity towards an Agent, and remain a polite and courteous demeanour in your following posts.

      Remember, Agents are here as mentors and friends – not just to kill you.

    3. Take a proper dose of Ritalin bud. Ritalin is easy! Nitetime is such pleb police officer. Make sure you don't beat down too many black people IRL too. All lives matter.

    4. Didn't you read the above...

    5. Alt 00, you still worship that rotten mummy?

    6. Im confused - were you adressing to miner carebears or ganker carebears? Btw, you're welcome.

  2. It seems like there's a Remyo in every system.
    Remyo's warnings fall on deaf ears because:
    - Miners don't read local chat
    - Miners are AFK
    - Miners assume it will happen to someone else
    - Miners only learn the hard way

    1. ^^^ I wholeheartedly concur with this statement.

  3. Loving the antigankers hanging their heads in shame at their inability to stop the code!

    1. Yes, and fantasies about controlling highsec, those hot too! Spanking crying miners! Oh man, i need to smoke.

  4. To all CODE members. Please remember to take your Ritalin. We wouldn't want you not to succeed IRL because of your obvious disabilities. Ritalin is Easy!

    1. Hey ag pedo ritalinanon, killed your kids yet? You know it's just a matter of time. And its the only way to keep the molestation a secret.

  5. Zopiclone for sleep issues. Ritalin for day time functionality. Ritalin is easy! Zopiclone not so much.

  6. CODE kills miners, ag kills innocent helpless children.

    Who do you support?

    1. I heard that ag guy killed his kid to keep him quiet about the molestation.

      That monster's wife still plays, and supports ag.

    2. So ag is like a cult? I knew somehing about them gave me the heebie jeebies


  7. Cult members commenting about cults. Hilarious.

  8. That Remyo girl sounds like some elementary school child calling the teacher's attention to other students just trying to have fun. 'Whiney bitch' is my first thought when i see those PSA style announcements in local.

  9. No pretty sure they banned him because he was a shitlord. Thank god he got robbed before the ban. Such a cherry on top. I love seeing code wannabes failboat.

  10. I am sure James 315 will write about it since he's such a well balanced reporter.

  11. James is more biased than the KKK. The truth will never be reported on this forum. This is only for warped sense of humor code kids. No real reports here. All highsec care bear stuff. But loyalanon was a care bear who lost it all. Worst care bear of all. Wah wah.

  12. But where oh where is Ming?

  13. I was AFK mining in Eygfe whole day and I can tell you - CODE doesn't control highsec.

  14. James 315 is wailing in grave, seeing how his empire falling and his agents abandoning his cause.

  15. I see you speak a lot about pedo. Do you have some unhealthy fixation on this topic or simply unable to come with any more intelligent insult?

  16. Lone wind howling
    In CODE forum
    crows circling around
    the omen of future

  17. James is a pedo? Oh... Everything makes sense now.

  18. Orbiting an anchor won't stop a gank lol.


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