Monday, November 28, 2016

Calming the Miners of Osmon, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Osmon miner gslayer bought a permit but soon found himself on the receiving end of a gank from Liek DarZ, the very Agent who'd sold him the permit. Liek patiently lectured gslayer about the miner's Code violations. Though gslayer was satisfied by the explanation and bought another permit, the residents of Osmon showed signs of not understanding the Code.

Highsec carebears usually have trouble absorbing the Code's lessons--even though they're crystal clear.

Most likely the carebears' confusion represents a lack of willingness to understand, rather than a lack of ability. They don't want to accept the implications of having rules to follow.

And yet, the benefits of the Code are so obvious that only a hardened Anti-Ganker can miss them. Some carebears seek comfort in an attitude of ambiguity.

Dave Maulerant couldn't believe that people would subscribe to EVE simply to build a civilization and enjoy creating emergent content. From his perspective, the only good reason to spend a PLEX on EVE is to be able to grind isk to buy another PLEX.

Agent Liek knew that a proper civilization cannot be built in a single gaming session, even one packed with elite PvP. He visited Osmon again and again, planting the seeds of progress.

The destruction of Hobbes Rotinque's Retriever was one more seed. Hobbes was disturbed by the experience. Change--real change--is never easy.

For whatever reason, Hobbes was biased against the Code. Perhaps he instinctively felt the call to give up his life of bot-aspirancy, and it scared him.

In almost every case where a miner embraces the Code, he is calm. And in every case where a miner compounds his Code violations with tearmaking, he is not calm. You can see why our Agents make calmness such a high priority.

Hobbes sent mixed messages about his anatomy, but there was no mistaking his state of mind: He was a Goofus.

Except in situations where our Agents show off their elite PvP prowess with simultaneous ganks, miners can only be ganked one at a time. By contrast, multiple miners can be cultivated at once. Our Agents don't need to fully rescue one miner before moving on to the next. After all, an unruly miner can be given follow-up visits later, if needed.

Liek DarZ deleted Ivam Pirogof's Retriever from Osmon only to discover that a Goofus had been at the helm.

The more time our Agent spent in Osmon, the more he found a need for a new equivalent to "miner calm down". There was definitely some perversion going on here. Could Agent Liek clear away the mess and make Osmon beautiful?

To be continued...


  1. I should pay a visit to the Osmon system some time.

    That said, Agent Liek seems to be doing an excellent job of handling these rather vicious little miners.

  2. Osmon is good for the occasional visit. Fertile ground for bumping since they love bringing capital ships into the belt and the Skiffs cluster around them.

  3. wow antigankers are failing so hard right now

    1. Sodium Oxide is one of their "finest"

    2. *sits in null mining like a boss* And there is wolf with his typical comment. Its like this dude is a bot or something. Try saying something like "you know, I wonder how many miners could be save if antigankers actually decided to pay attention and stop failing"

    3. Dude. Zopiclone is getting more kills than you.

      Feels bad man.

    4. Reicher? Aren't you that dude who made that super autistic YouTube video?


  4. Sodium oxide is the type of player EVE could do without. It should be legal to pod him until he quits forever.

  5. The cleansing of CODE of shitters is going better than well!

    The shittiest players of CODE/EvE is perma banned!

    Good job CCP!

    Praise what Zopiclone has started!

    Hip Hip Hurray!

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

  7. LOL. Carebears never cease to amaze. These random people in local seem more upset about this gank than the guy who actually took the loss.

    God forbid if you blow up someone's shit in a game about blowing shit up...

    Glorious tears are glorious as usual.

  8. You would think that we killed little children in mining ships the way that highsec miners carry on about CODE enforcement. If this game was not about pvp then why would ccp spend so much time and effort in providing a patch with improved ship explosion graphics ? Face it miners you really are here for CODE target practise and amusement. You are nothing more than parasites on the foot of james 315.

  9. So, no miners, no ore.. what is the ponit?


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