Monday, November 14, 2016

The Angel of Nakugard, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Nakugard was blessed by the presence of Agent Alt 00, who returned to the system with a bang. When hunter19741 lost a Mackinaw, he found himself tempted to buy a mining permit.

The New Order mining permit, as a product, seems almost too good to be true. The miners began looking for loopholes.

Other Nakugard residents questioned Alt 00. There had to be a catch, right?

The more they investigated the matter, however, the more impressed they were.

Rebel miners grew alarmed. They heckled Alt 00 and tried to discourage their fellow miners from getting Code-compliant. After all, the more permit-owning miners there are, the more our Agents' attention will focus on the few rebels who remain.

hunter19741 was now seriously considering the permit option. He parked his Corax in the ice anomaly and began to read the Code for the first time.

Alt 00 arrived and promptly killed hunter19741's Corax and podded him.

The Code isn't just some dusty old document that our Agents study in their ivory towers. It is a living, working reality.

hunter19741 tried to play space lawyer for a moment, accusing Alt 00 of not following her own Code. It was useless.

Cynicism and skepticism prevailed in Nakugard. ...Or did it?

The fact was, by demonstrating the reality of the Code, Alt 00 had greatly accelerated the miner's process of learning it.

The miner who lost two ships gave Alt 00 a "gf" in local. Obviously that's something he'd picked up from reading the Code.

The next day, hunter19741 purchased a mining permit for himself and a few of his alts. He had ambitions beyond being a random Goofus in an ice anomaly. But would his fellow Nakugard miners accept the new hunter19741?

To be continued...


  1. The Orca is receiving a massive overhaul, with huge buffs to almost every attribute. It will be a mining powerhouse, a heavy duty ore hauler, a significant combat deterrent, and the strongest foreman burst platform available in highsec space.

    The Rorqual is getting a revamp from the ground-up - It will be capable of providing strong Mining Foreman Bursts, repairing allies and fighting off enemies, and vacuuming up ore faster than any other ship in New Eden. The Rorqual will no longer be able to dock at Astrahus citadels, in order to bring its docking restrictions in to line with other capital ships.

    The Bowhead ORE Freighter is also receiving some improvements:
    Slightly improved hitpoints and agility, 37.5% reduced mass to match ORE’s commitment to improved wormhole utility, 23% more capacity for the Bowhead’s Ship Maintenance Bay.


    1. NPC Mining Operations will now appear across the New Eden cluster.

      Haulers come to carry away the mined ore, and if killed can drop rare strong boxes.
      If attacked, or you have terrible standings to that corporation, they will call for reinforcements.
      The reinforcements are formidable, and will act like players. (e.g. anti-gankers?)

      more wuhahahaha

      question: will they need a permit?

    2. The base EHP of all Freighters and Jump Freighters is being increased (since Expanded Cargoholds affect freighter hp more than cargo rigs do) and more emphasis is being placed on armor and shield than before (although all Freighters still gain the majority of their hitpoints from hull).
      Note the change in the Jump Freighter HP bonus, which now only applies to their main tank and hull. The large increase in JF base HP and resist more than make up for the bonus change and all JFs have more base EHP than before.

      -Forget so soon? That was Fozzie back in 2014.

  2. I already know how this will end - the Code will win. as always. \o/

  3. Wow Mr Hunter wears corporations like socks. Changed daily and they all smell like Carebear

  4. Well done Alt 00! I was blown away when he actually bought a permit. You provided a great answer for every single point he raised. You are one of the most convincing Agents around.

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

  6. The CODE always wins! Always!


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