Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Highsec's Labor Force, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... During a dispute about a routine gank, DamienNOFX demanded to speak with Agent Knackered Old Goat's superior. Agent Alt 00 was called into the convo to investigate DamienNOFX's claim. Under questioning, DamienNOFX confessed that he'd gone AFK to use the bathroom without permission. But then the miner turned the tables, asking our Agents if they'd allow a miner to go AFK if they went into labor.

Our Agents' commitment to the Code could not be shaken. They responded with a fantastically reasonable answer--one consistent with the Code.

DamienNOFX's bid to undermine the Code failed. Now there was nothing to distract from the real issue at hand.

When in doubt, some miners babble. It's embarrassing.

As usual, our Agents went above and beyond to assist the miner. By contrast, DamienNOFX wasn't exactly pulling his weight. And this was his Code-compliance status they were working on! You'd think he'd be more responsible.

The miner kept on babbling, apparently trying to excuse his failure to thoroughly read Agent Knackered's post-gank EVEmail.

At the eleventh hour, DamienNOFX tried to become a space lawyer. His argument was a last-minute rush job, and it showed.

DamienNOFX frantically tried to support his point by finding another quote, but he didn't have it handy. Obviously this miner wasn't cut out to be a space lawyer.

Time was running out. DamienNOFX's stalling tactics couldn't change the Code. By this point, he must've known that. But something was stopping him from buying a mining permit.

DamienNOFX tried to excuse himself, basically saying, "I think my mom is calling me." It was nonsense. You don't go off and talk to your alliance--not when Agents from the most powerful alliance in highsec are talking to you.

Apparently DamienNOFX wanted to put his fate in the hands of some alliance committee. But a miner cannot delegate his responsibility to obey the Code.

The wheels of New Order justice cut through red tape. They cannot be halted. The matter was quickly approaching its conclusion.

DamienNOFX decided he couldn't live under New Order rule. Therefore, he would have to leave highsec.

CODE. is community; CODE. is friendship. It's powerful.

With one final passive-aggressive remark, the miner excused himself from the convo--and from highsec. Judging by his killboard, he hasn't returned. Thus, even though DamienNOFX wouldn't buy a permit, highsec became a more Code-compliant place that day.


  1. But where oh where is Ming?

  2. James, I am usually not one to correct others; especially one so esteemed and respected as yourself, so please forgive me. You incorrectly wrote "Judging by his killboard..." in the last paragraph. It should be corrected to read "Judging by his lossboard".

    1. At least he's not carebearing in highsec yea? :)

      Even if the miner didn't buy a permit, CODE still wins. Another carebear had to leave the safety of highsec and play EVE properly.
      Even if he goes to provi.

  3. Praise James! In nullsec DamienNOFX will contribute to such wholesome activities as raising ADMs and building capital ships to strengthen his alliance. This former Carebear has been converted into a functional member of New Eden society, all thanks to the Code.

  4. Anyone know who all was effected by the recent bans?

    1. No one got banned loyal anon is on vacation

  5. It's funny to watch when carebears try to use their nullbear Alliances as leverage against one of the top 10 PVP Alliances of all times.


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