Friday, November 11, 2016

Gamis Double Feature

Right on schedule! The latest video from our Gamis friends has been released.

Of course, the only thing better than one of Agent Kalorned's spectacular elite PvP videos...

...Is two of Agent Kalorned's spectacular elite PvP videos.

The latest SDiG is so chock-full of Code enforcement that the description needs to be broken into two chunks.

Two chunks means two preview images!

You can find all of Kalorned's videos on the Links page.


  1. Great news! Going over to YT right now!

    1. Whew! So much adrenaline. At my age, watching such stuff back-to-back is probably unwise. No matter, the content was great and, as usual, the music fitted perfectly.

      That Raven fight was very enjoyable; however I couldn't work out his/her tactics. Perhaps it usually gets used for L4 missions and heshe expected you to just stay put!

      Just checked the KM; yeah, looks like a mission-fit; no tackle, no prop-mod, and - a Salvager!

      Still, good fight Kalorned.

  2. Nice stuff, Kalorned! Keep it up!


  3. Wat happen to TS T_T

    1. Zopiclone took everything including the TS server. Praise Zopiclone!

    2. Mate, you should get in touch with me again -, or if you remember your details on Slack is even better.

    3. I pinged you on Skype - we should catch up m8. I haven't forgotten your election prognostication. Let the record show that Jerry Rin called Trump's victory more than a year in advance.

    4. "The latest video from our Gamis friends has been released."
      Serious? You hanging back a bit Kalorned or has CCP introduced a timewarp module to turn DCUs from currently passive back to their older active status?
      awful music too, but hey, you can´t argue about taste, you can only pity it...

    5. Anon 345 triggered and salty.
      Must be a member of PHag

  4. Looking forward to watching Kalorned's new video at work tomorrow!

    thank you for your service Agent K. o7

    Best regards

  5. don't shoot at things that shoot back!


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