Saturday, November 5, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #118

For this, the one hundred eighteenth edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag, I present to you, The Trajectory of Highsec in Two EVEmails:

EVEmail #1. The reason we need the Code.

EVEmail #2. The triumph of the Code.

Judging by this trajectory, we're winning.

Of course, there's still much work to be done in the meantime. Carebears, no matter what crimes they commit, still see themselves as the victims. Imagine Drag angel petitioning that exchange to get our Agent banned.

CODE. is still the most relevant alliance in EVE today. Even on Reddit, where all pro-Code posts are immediately downvoted, there's often more discussion about CODE. than GoonSwarm Federation. Now for the twist:

...The Redditor who hates CODE. is a member of GoonSwarm. So much for the "Goons=CODE" conspiracies.

Kassix couldn't trust a member of CODE. because we allegedly "grief" (i.e., PvP) people for no other reason than because we want to. Really, no other reason? The reason is the name of our alliance. And in case you missed the alliance name, it's also our alliance ticker.

Skye Torbernite's right about one thing--people are misinterpreting the Code. Not our Agents, though.

HataLIIA had trouble expressing her tears to Agent Myevil Gankalt. Google Translate says, "You fucking bitch painted." But Myevil wasn't using a target painter. HataLIIA switched to English:

That's a little better, but it leaves us with one inescapable question. Myevil Gankalt asks it for us:

Sometimes a miner says something that stays with you. "Sheep unfinished" is definitely one of those things.

Anyone who thinks saving highsec isn't a real job should try it sometime.

Miners, you may not care about our links, but our links care about you.

In typical carebear fashion, Raymy Moory has it wrong. In EVE Online, every character is a PvP character.

More evidence that the New Order is winning the battle for hearts and minds. To be sure, many of those hearts and minds are troubled at first, but those who stay in EVE will all come around in the end.


  1. Maybe he made himself a nice, washable Ming-doll.... and doesn't have time for us any more? Shame... I was getting used to him.

  2. But where oh where is Ming?

    Ha-ha, "Where is Ming" guy! I'm beating you at your own game!

    (There maybe that'll bring him back?)

    1. I think the Flash Gordon references scared him off.


  3. Wow a lot to be proud of triggering all of these carebears in highsec.

  4. It takes a little while to deprogram the pubby out of new Goons. It's a big alliance. He has been chastised.

  5. So I guess the frequent flyer miles are not good for traveling to another continent?

  6. I think you are all missing the point here, why are the "sheep unfinished!!" in Russia?

    That's actually kinda creepy. Fukin Russian carebears are all creepy tho.

  7. Kassix sounds like a frustrated manchild console gamer crying its everybody elses fault he is inept at eve and if only eve was safe and nobody shot at anything can he enjoy it. I dont beleive eve is his game.

    1. He feels entitled to play the game the way he wants (badly,) yet has no compunction about curtailing our right to play the game the way we want (well). What a load of hypocrisy.

  8. Dreddit is recruiting.

  9. Ah yes you nerds are more talked about on reddit than GSF is. Wait a minute, no one rally talks about GSF much. Huh, so i guess thats not really an accomplishment.


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