Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Angel of Nakugard, Part 1

Our Agents patrol all of highsec. It may look smaller than nullsec on the map, but highsec is a pretty big place; our Agents' travels take them far and wide. But sometimes it feels nice to return to a familiar system, one where everybody knows your name.

For Agent Alt 00, Nakugard is one of those systems.

Despite having spent a lot of time with New Order Agents in the past, Nakugard was home to many rebellious miners.

Rebellious miners are mainly good at one thing: losing Mackinaws.

Chastened by his defeat, hunter19741 whined. hunter19741 didn't like becoming the hunted. One imagines he didn't plan on being a highsec miner when he first signed up for EVE and chose his name.

The miner tried to pretend he wasn't impressed by Alt 00's record. The act didn't last long:

hunter19741 couldn't conceal his curiosity about the famous New Order mining permit. But another rebel miner immediately interrupted and tried to shut things down.

The Anti-Ganking types hate it when miners express an interest in buying a permit. They secretly fear that one day highsec will be completely Code-compliant. And with good reason.

Another cynical miner injected himself into the conversation, urging his fellow carebears not to sell out to "the man".

The rebels don't like to hear it, but many miners find the offer of a permit to be a very tempting one. Fascination and skepticism swirled together in Nakugard.

Of course, a 10 million isk payment is not enough to keep a miner safe. He must obey every provision of the Code, not just the one about buying a permit. Bot-aspirants find the "no AFK mining" provision to be a deal-breaker.

hunter19741 couldn't imagine himself obeying a system that put reasonable limits on his right to urinate while mining. That was the main reason he lived in highsec.

Conspiracy theorists also flourished in Nakugard. Agent Alt 00 saw the anti-Code resistance as a challenge. She was determined to reach these miners and sell them some permits. Could she succeed?

Early indications didn't give her much hope. She would need absolute faith in the power of the Code.

To be continued...


  1. I always marvel at these conversational gems. I'm actually not much of a conversationalist myself; the miners' Bingo Card responses just irritate the hell out of me, I'm afraid.

    I'll leave it up to the good and talented folks like Alt 00 to chat smart, while I plug an audio file in to blot out the carebear smug.

    It's actually a wonder that I sell any Permits at all....

    1. I feel youz pain Rob. Arguing with highsec miners/ag is like trying to educate ghetto trash.
      If they were smart enough to understand what you are saying, you would not need to be 'educating' them.

      Don't try too hard to help those idiots, just kill them until they comply or quit!
      Either way helps make EVE a better place, and that's the real mission here.

      Highsec carebears! If you really think EVE needs you, gather those like you and leave the game, that'll show us proper EVE players.

  2. Godwin's law seems to be based on highsec miner drivel

    1. Haze Tveskoeg is retard.
      Drink much vodka.
      Brain is damaged into structure.
      Cry like child wanting boob.

  3. I can say, with honest and truth, that you agents do not patrol all of Hi-Sec. Often times in belts, I am forced to go AFK while mining out of lack of company or content. I must conclude that James is some sort of fraud, for where are these agents he speaks of? Maybe I am too smart, and don't hang around the usual sustems. Maybe it's the agents, lazy or hungering after freighters loaded with isk. I'm beginning to think the CODE is more of an excuse than a standard. Honestly, I'm authoring this message while mining AFK.

    Will you ever find me?

    1. No one will ever find you, anons don't exist.

    2. 1152 is just another Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia recruit.
      He will make a great PHag, he already posts like one.

    3. 1226, No sir! Only industrial corps with ore buy back programs for me!

      I know nothing of the PHage you seem to be familiar with.


  4. I remember Nakugard being in full compliance with the Code.
    I'm happy to see that Alt 00 puts effort into making that system compliant again.

  5. We need to put a wall around highsec, and make the highsec carebears pay for it! Then deport their sorry butts back to 'Hello Kitty circle jerk for bots!'

    Make EVE great again! Kill all highsec miners!

  6. The miners of Metropolis are especially in need of attention. You can tell by their irreverent and outright defiant attitudes in local. Alt 00 is doing an excellent job of humbling them so they may one day understand that highsec mining is not a proper career.


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