Thursday, November 3, 2016

It's Kalorned Again

When you do as many good works as Agent Kalorned, people quickly learn who you are. Thanks to the @NewOrderGamis Twitter feed we can all follow along as our hero makes Gamis and the surrounding systems a better place.

There are always those who oppose progress. But they are easily swept aside.

Highsec is changing, slowly but surely. If you doubt it, ask some miners what things were like a few years ago.

xOmegaManx unintentionally revealed a key truth. The Code is reality; resistance is fantasy.

Kalorned's tactical prowess is legendary. Using his famous bumping Orthrus, Kalorned pinned Chris Shaadla against the station. Why the miner didn't simply dock is unclear. Kalorned obviously knew his man.

If you're a highsec miner, I strongly recommend you get a keyboard that doesn't require batteries.

Evol Dacella unleashed a torrent of abuse against Kalorned. That's a Code violation. Miners, speaking this way to an Agent can only spell trouble for you...

Evol grew more and more contemptuous of Kalorned.

Evol had no idea why she was ganked. Not a clue. What a mystery.

Over time, the miners of Gamis have given up all hope of stopping the New Order.

Some people look at subscription numbers and say EVE is dying. Others only need to lose a ship in highsec.

Still, there are those who trust that CCP will outlaw all forms of emergent gameplay in highsec.

...And there are those who believe it's already illegal.

When I say "illegal", I don't just mean the EVE Terms of Service. Moose Tracks was absolutely confident that bumping and ganking are felonies.

I wonder, where can you get a warrant to arrest people in Gamis? Only the New Order has jurisdiction there.

Highsec mining is too challenging for some. Luckily, there are people out there who make it easier to learn. They've produced an informative guide for miners. It's such a great resource, I can't recommend it enough.


  1. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. Look, do you want to have sex with him or what?

      Why this fixation?

    2. Yes it’s really quite disturbing.

    3. He's planning how to seduce Dale from Flash. Cuz that's how Ming rolls. He's a playa.

    4. Ah, but does he promise not to blast her into space?

      (Until such time as he grows weary of her, of course.)

  2. The Mighty Kalorned, with his Orthrus-Rampant and his Magnificent Alts. Spiffing idea to provide the link to his Twitter a/c for the benefit of miners - and ourselves. There'll probably be a new video out sometime soon. Please?

    That 'Keraina' alt of yours, Sir. I always want to call her Keraina Tally-Ho! for some reason. Must be the brandy.

  3. Soooo..

    Moose Tracks is a full-on retard.

    1. Yup
      Moose Tracks is special. Trolling him would be too easy, but necessary to help maintain EVE's status quo.

  4. ROFL need more Moose Tracks.

  5. What button do I press to disband the whole alliance before we all go to prison?

    1. Don't lie Snigie. You love dropping the soap!

    2. He stright up eats soap.

  6. James 315 territory is the most lethal place to illegally mine, in no small part to the unquestioning trust that so many Carebears place in CONCORD. Then, of all the places in highsec to mine, they choose the stomping ground of Agent Khalorned, one of the towering pillars of the New Order. Misery is inevitable, and they bring it on themselves.

    When the alpha clones arrive, we'll need as much help as possible to stem the flow of illegal miners into our territory. New capsuleers depend on our firm guiding hand to steer them on the right path, or at least away from the wrong one. Luckily, they will be limited to Ventures, which can be handled by a solo destroyer. Remember, rookie systems are off-limits.


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