Monday, November 21, 2016

Removing the Excess from Highsec

I've got a riddle for all you Agent-aspirants out there. See if you can determine the Code violation that was committed by this Orca:

Certainly Robert Knox's Orca was tanked up; a fleet with more than a dozen Taloses was called upon to destroy it. And though you can't tell from the killmail, Robert Knox had a valid New Order mining permit at the time. He was also present and attentive at his keyboard, a fact that was verified by multiple eyewitnesses. A true puzzle, no?

Agent Lawrence Lawton notified Robert of the revocation of his permit. He provided a time-stamped link to a Twitch stream, and that's where we find our answer.

Ah, the excessive mining provision. It doesn't get a lot of press, but it's every bit as important as all the others.

Robert had been seduced by the siren song of buffed Orcas. He knew precisely what was happening when his Orca started getting bumped by a Machariel. As the red flashies appeared on his overview, he acknowledged his guilt and his imminent demise: "It's been an honour serving James. It's been an honour serving the Code!"

His Twitch stream audience bore witness to the awesome power of the Code.

Even as the gank fleet gracefully slipped out of warp all around him, Robert kept his head. "Stand fast... Stand fast... Stand fast..."

And the performance of our Agents, as always, was glorious. Can you believe there are people who would remove ganking from EVE--and erase beautiful sights like this one from highsec?

It took the streamer a while to recover, but eventually he was put in touch with Agent Lawrence.

Robert Knox didn't behave like the crazy, profane carebears we're accustomed to seeing. The rebels and skeptics say we drive people to that kind of behavior simply by shooting their ships. In fact, it's entirely possible to accept PvP experiences in a dignified manner. Robert's good conduct impressed our Agent, who decided to accept his 10 million isk payment; a Red Pen fee was not deemed necessary.

New lessons and opportunities are available in highsec every day. All thanks to the Code!


  1. The CODE always wins! Always!

    CODE kills miners, ag kills minors!

    The only good ag is one that has left EVE.

    Tryhard carebear PHags failing daily.

  2. The most surprising part is that an 11 hour mining stream had viewers.

    1. I know right? Who in their right mind would VOLUNTARILY want to watch someone else mine asteroids in EvE?

      The mind of the Carebear, totally vacuous.

  3. The left wing of new eden at its best ....can you truly give these people power of choice in james 315 territory ? 11 hours of mining and encouraging others on a stream. Good to see its destruction. Ccp is this what you nerf the new order in favour of ? You should be held responsible for your destruction of eve online ccp are like anti ganking ....more failure shame shame shame

    1. Yes, shame on anyone who tries to change EVE into anything but pure PVE. EVE is not unique if it's just space WoW.

      These miners are ONLY here for our entertainment, to be targets.

      What's the point of this great social experiment if anyone can just solo-afk their way through it?

      Highsec risk has been nerfed all to hell. I remember when hihsec was the Wild West, and Jita was Dodge city. The reason we have so many of these shitter carebears is because of the low risk of making ISK in highsec by afk mining.

      Smart bombs on Jita undock, before undock invuln was so long, and 1000 CONCORD on grid. We would laugh like idiots for hours, and make some great friends. And we were always meeting new people! :D

      You new PVP players are inheriting the shithole that EVE has devolved into. Too many crying highsec shitters playing now. They badger CCP into killing the game so they can afk!?!?

      Is that some kind of new meta pvp?

      All you nullsec asshole better be supporting CODE and all highsec gankers, or soon nullsec will have CONCORD and wardecs and all that nasty carebear shit.


    2. What a typical please don't change the game past "insert given point" here. Fuckers just want shit to stay the same and play their old ways. This carebear grrrr bitter vet wants things to never change because it feels uncomfortable. Change is hard. Scary. Difficult even. God forbid the rules of the game alter and evolve. This isn't your game. It's theirs. It's always been that way and you gullibly think different. Stop being a whiny "PvP" carebear.


    3. Haha Butthurt Code Anon carebear yelling at Zopi. What a tard.

  4. Ah James, you just love an Orca dunking! I can feel the relish poured over every word of this blog post.

    Like Edward, above, I can only wonder at the mindset (not to say the stamina of the mining-fleet twitch-stream follower...

  5. Wonderful Lawrence, well done! Truly made for good reading this morning.

  6. Come here little dawgie....time for some miner humping

  7. Bahaha Code logic... throw 1.4 billion worth of ships to get a 1 billion ISK killmail. Must have been retardo loyalanon doing the math to do the gank.

    1. Hello anon249, you fail logic has made you elegible for membership in the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia.

      Welcome PHag!

  8. Anon 1:42.

    You are a typical Carebear. You are only capable of viewing this game in terms of isk.

    Do you think before the invasion of Normandy the US army thought to themselves; "we can't invade because we'll have to spend all that money on boats and landing craft and extra equipment when the Germans don't have to. We'll need to spend more money than they will so lets just go home and do some mining" ?

    That's why you are destined always be an angry Carebear.

    fly safe. o/

    1. Correction: the above is directed to anon 2:49

  9. Welcome 103, you are an now a member of the Pandemic Hord anti ganking failitia.

    We know you are gonna make a great PHag.

  10. This PHag is as clueless about terrorists as he is aboit CODE, and one would assume EVE in general. Must be foxbolt, or pedojedus. They are all just kip wanker alts anyway.

  11. Ben Li > mehh
    Ben Li > im real salty is all
    Ben Li > ive lost over 10 people i knew to bans
    Ben Li > and had over 40 nerfs happen to me
    Ben Li > i thought i was bittervet a year ago lol...
    Alt 00 > Do we actually know that reason?
    Ben Li > same bulshit reason as everyone
    Ben Li > we all got banned 22:10 or sth
    Ben Li > it was same ban for everyone
    Ben Li > it was same ban for everyone
    Ben Li > chapo got perm though
    Ben Li > hes done
    Ben Li > im pretty sure
    Ben Li > this is what CCP wanted anyway
    Ben Li > they can have it
    Ben Li > in a few months they will realize what they did and they wont like it but who cares
    Ben Li > they think safer highsec boosts player retention
    Ben Li > im playing rust right now and when servers get safer everyone leaves
    Ben Li > even the bears
    Ben Li > bears will get their ship and see that its not fun and quit, no setbacks means no struggles

    1. Salty much there Ben Li? You should join PHags Carebear Alliance. Get RekT NeRd

    2. Now that he has those other nasty characters perma-banned he can now spend lots of good quality time at home rubbing his mum's feet. That's it little wolfy.... mmmmmmm

    3. Not to open up another post with 'where is Ming', but I do miss the days when I could check the comments and sometimes find some philosophical debate going on. I think the person I miss the most from here would be Maria Malukker, I think the name was, who would make hikus and engage with people without insulting them. I'm not sure who's side the person quoting Ben Li is on, but does anyone dispute the logic of the sentiment?

      Ming was haughty as all get out, but if you asked, he would give you pointers on how to get out of hisec and into PvP. Maria would give me ideas on how to do nullsec exploration for profit. These discussions were productive and somewhat enlightening. I miss those.

      What Ben Li was quoted on is the most enlightened thing I've seen in the comments for a long time, and sums up eloquently what is a real problem. People want things that are bad for them. Adversity is what makes achievement worth while. We want to achieve, but if you remove the adversity from the achievement, it's not an achievement anymore. Making hisec safer takes away the satisfaction that makes the game worth playing.

      I am a carebear, and what I lament most is not being able to engage with other carebears. There could be a lot of reasons for why I almost never get a reply in local, but I do imagine that making money almost passively means that many of them are distracted. Players who do speak to me are more PvP oriented. I talk with them, and later on I'm shunned by others because I was civil to a ganker or someone at war when they're the only folks who'll give the the time of day.

      I've had players try to gank me. I've had a corp or two wardec me. That "Oh crap" moment when I was fired on was a thrill. That wardec gave me something to do. I don't want to be ganked, and I don't want to be at war, but none the less these things are interesting and I have to think the game (at least in hisec) would be much less interesting if they were removed. Hisec is safe enough, and I really don't want to be given more power to ignore threats in hisec. What I would like is more reason for players to engage with their enemies (and friends!). I think having reasons to be at the keyboard is good for everyone who actually wants to play their game.

      Ramble ramble ramble. I guess I'm also salty. Salty that there's this perfectly good adversary and the most common way people fight back is to whine, insult. and say filthy things. Salty that we can't play a game well enough not to ask the devs to make it play itself. Salty that the people who treat me the best and talk to me the most are my in game enemies. Yeah, they try to kill me, but at least they're polite and chatty. Grr.

      This isn't the best wall of text I've ever written, and I'm sorry for clogging up the comments with it. I would like to come back to something intelligent, but I'm dreading pressing 'publish' to find people insulting me because I don't really fit in with either group. I don't even think there's really any point to it, but maybe one person would read it and think about it and maybe, just maybe, gain a little insight of their own, and I guess the risk is worth the potential reward.

  12. "the true basket of deplorables"

  13. So many Homophobic remarks from ANONYMOUS agents. I can at least have some respect for the named ones, they don't feel so threatened by anonymous carebear remarks.

    1. That's the way to show 'em, anon...

  14. But where oh where is Ming?

  15. @6:53

    1) Go to school and learn English.
    2) Make something of your life.


  16. The excessive mining provision is an important part of the Code that Robert Knox agreed to follow. It wasn't made up or invented.

    Example #7: "No excessive mining. Miners should not fall into a routine of mining all day. I want well-rounded people in my system, not ice-mining machines."

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