Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Angel of Nakugard, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Nakugard system proved a fertile ground for selling mining permits. Agent Alt 00 taught hunter19741 the Code by ganking him twice. He thanked her by buying a permit. Now he had to face peer pressure from the rebel miners of Nakugard.

Bebe Lestrange didn't waste any time in questioning hunter19741 about his decision to get right with the Code.

Bebe didn't like what she was seeing. She became passive-aggressive.

The rebel miner didn't know it yet, but Alt 00 had recently had other successes in reaching out to Nakugard miners.

Just one day earlier, corrosive toejams had joined hunter19741 in mocking the Code. Had he followed his fellow miner into Code-compliance as well?

Yes. corrosive had gotten into a private convo with Alt 00 and bought a bunch of permits, too.

Now it was Bebe's turn to face peer pressure.

The mining community was divided. Interestingly, the permit owners were all smiles and sunshine, while the rebels were angry and upset. It's almost as if buying a mining permit is fun!

Bebe couldn't stand the idea of obeying the Code. The very thought disgusted her, and she couldn't understand why so many other miners were buying into it.

One reason presented itself: The awesome combat experience of our Agents.

The highsec miner scoffed at Alt 00's war record--despite lacking elite PvP credentials of her own.

Bebe's stomach turned as she watched even more miners jumping aboard the New Order bandwagon.

It was time to wrap things up in the Nakugard ice anomaly. Alt 00 had dealt with nearly all of the ice miners.

At supper, Bebe's family probably wondered why she'd lost her appetite.

And so it was that Agent Alt 00 brought a moment of perfection to the Nakugard system. Peaceful, happy Nakugard.

In time, all highsec will experience the bliss of total Code-compliance. Forever.


  1. It's one of those Ahhhhhhhh moments; a satisfying conclusion to a cosy tale.

    Beats me why the carebears just don't know good sense when they see it.

    Having a Permit and following the Code marks you out not only as one of the Good Guys, but as one of the Great Guys!

  2. "At supper, Bebe's family probably wondered why she'd lost her appetite."

    I LOL'd at this. Classic!!

  3. Is that it ...man minerbumping has gone soft

  4. What a story to tell the grandkids!

  5. The Covetor pilot is walking the fine line of noncompliance. I hope he's paying very close attention to his surrounding the next time the inspector warps in, because his ship won't pass the test of tank.

    I never expected Nakugard to be this compliant. Your months of perseverance are paying off, Alt 00!

  6. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. Hey there you are! Where have you been? We couldn't do Flash Gordon jokes without you!

      Also: FREEZE! Ya bloody bstards!

  7. Yo James, this is EVE. Enough with the warm and fuzzy,
    How 'bout more narratives like the one recently where the carebear was shitting up local for 2 hours, only to lose his Orthurus and pod right in the middle of a rant.

    That made parts of me warm, and fuzzy. xD

    The Code always wins! Always!

    Kill all miners.


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