Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Gamis Ice Thief, Part 1

Gamis has a tight-knit community. Outsiders are welcome, but they're expected to play by the rules--and watched to ensure they do. If I am the Father of highsec, then Agent Kalorned is Gamis' Big Brother. He sees all.

A fellow by the name of Vipsla brought a Skiff into the Gamis ice anomaly. He brought with him an alt in an Orca. Since Vipsla wasn't there by invitation, and since he came with no references, Kalorned performed a quick background check on him.

Kalorned noticed something strange about Vipsla's corp logo. He concluded, "Vipsla's corporation, Ophiuchus Inc., had infringed on a trademark by utilizing major aspects of DAMAG Safety Commission's logo as its own." Kalorned's instincts are finely honed. He immediately flagged Vipsla as a potential problem for Gamis.

Despite having an Orca alt present, Vipsla stored the ice he mined in a nearby open container. Kalorned helped himself to the ice and offered to sell Vipsla a mining permit.

The miner began speaking in Russian. A quick trip to Google Translate and Kalorned's instincts were confirmed yet again.

Vipsla had never even met Kalorned before, but he took a dislike to him for some reason. Kalorned repeatedly bumped Vipsla's Skiff out of the ice anomaly. But the miner returned and deposited more ice into an open container. Kalorned once again helped himself to the ice and pondered what to do next. Obviously Vipsla hadn't learned his lesson, so our Agent took things to the next level.

Vipsla's Skiff was destroyed. Remember the days when highsec miners felt safe in Skiffs?

Kalorned had every reason to expect the miner would change his ways after witnessing the power of such elite PvP. But Vipsla proved to be incredibly stubborn.

Indeed, the miner mirrored Kalorned's escalation of force with an escalation of his rhetoric.

Vipsla was a typical highsec carebear--the kind of person the Anti-Gankers refer to as one of "the good guys".

Of course, the rebels and skeptics would have us believe that Vipsla's was an appropriate, reasonable reaction to losing a Skiff. However, Kalorned wasn't interested in the twisted, perverse values of the anti-Order resistance. Kalorned's values came from the Code. And he wasn't about to let a vile ice thief drag him down.

A few hours later, Vipsla returned to Gamis with a new Skiff. Kalorned began bumping him, and Vipsla was forced to retreat.

The miner insisted he would never give up, though he'd given up mining at least for one day. Over the course of the next week, Kalorned and Vipsla fell into a daily routine. Kalorned would enter the system, and Vipsla would immediately exit the ice anomaly to take shelter in a POS.

The mere presence of Kalorned's name in local was enough to shut down Vipsla's mining operation for hours at a time, even if Kalorned was AFK. One might've expected that Vipsla would simply go to one of the other ice systems in highsec. As I said, though, Vipsla was stubborn. He decided he'd rather get ice from Gamis, even if it meant he had to spend most of the day idle and wait for Kalorned to log off before mining. For now, he was losing the battle with our Agent. But the miner promised to unveil a game-changing new strategy.

To be continued...


  1. Kalorned shouldn´t leave Gamis for these reasons...so let someone else do the contract spamming with miner gear in Jita local next time ;)
    but that foul-mouthed russian deserved it!

    regards from BoschNine (neither a code supporter but no code hater either)

  2. I was laughing so hard at the first chat log, the rest was just icing.

    That's every hisec carebear. That's why I say kill them all.


  3. Jeezus what a racist Russian.

    Those are some fine tears, gf Kalorned!

  4. I remember that guy. Apparently I made an impression on him.

    I ran him out of Kino back in Feb 2014. At the time, he threatened me that he would be standing in the smoking ruins of Washington DC if I didn't let him mine in peace. Of course, he said it in his usual, "I'm a Ruskie so I talk like an insane person without any perspective about what this is actually about". He bought at least two permits that I had to revoke almost immediately as he couldn't seem to remember that having a permit allowed him to mine and would start insulting me as soon as I popped into local.

    Some people just have a way about them.


    Ben Li > mehh
    Ben Li > im real salty is all
    Ben Li > ive lost over 10 people i knew to bans
    Ben Li > and had over 40 nerfs happen to me
    Ben Li > i thought i was bittervet a year ago lol...
    Alt 00 > Do we actually know that reason?
    Ben Li > same bulshit reason as everyone
    Ben Li > we all got banned 22:10 or sth
    Ben Li > it was same ban for everyone
    Ben Li > it was same ban for everyone
    Ben Li > chapo got perm though
    Ben Li > hes done
    Ben Li > im pretty sure
    Ben Li > this is what CCP wanted anyway
    Ben Li > they can have it
    Ben Li > in a few months they will realize what they did and they wont like it but who cares
    Ben Li > they think safer highsec boosts player retention
    Ben Li > im playing rust right now and when servers get safer everyone leaves
    Ben Li > even the bears
    Ben Li > bears will get their ship and see that its not fun and quit, no setbacks means no struggles

    Looks like Zopiclone is #Winning. Its funny that Ben Li is talking about setbacks and struggles and he cannot even stomach them himself. What a crybaby troll. Grow a pair of balls you wanker.

    1. And what was the reason for that ban?

    2. Looks like someone is salty enough about code to post corp chat logs anonymously XD XDXD.

      stay mad nerd

    3. 2 days in a row, he trying hard. Must be zopifag.

    4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this was right in minerbumping crying aloud in a channel everyone can see. Your hatred of Zopifag had blinded your senses. Make sure you hug it out next time in chat Ben Li. Stay PHag you wanker.

    5. Wolf do you even play anymore or are you now just a forum warrior? Feels bad man.

    6. Out trolling trolls. Feels good man. Look at that deluge of Code tears. Code tears best tears. #Winning

    7. Good Guy CCP for banning all these Code crybabies.

      Mommy didn't love you enough so now you lash out in a video game.

      Wah Wah cry more

    8. Bahahahaha Wolf got banned and trolled and robbed. Now hes a crying woman. Only took CCP 3 years and Antigankers 3 more.


      "The Code Doesn't Always Win. Not Always ™"

    9. No one cares lol

  6. hahahahabahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahaaha

    Where was ag?
    Killing minors i suppose.

  7. So any ag out there can suck it. You are part of the problem, supporting these nasty miners.


  8. Vipsla's is the sort of antisocial behaviour that turns people off of EVE. Only miners spew this kind of filth. Perhaps it's time to remove mining complete.

    1. Let those new NPC mining gangs take it over. At least they provide themselves with some kind of defensive strategy...

  9. I loved killing russian miners....3834 and counting. When you pop the ship they pop a gasket. Having a local convo with them afterwards is like talking with somebody who has been on bath salts. But i dont speak ukranian

  10. I'm pretty sure this is what happens when Yoda, google translate and a bottle of Black Velvet meet.

  11. Russian do not surrender

    I lol'd

  12. But where oh where is Ming?


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