Thursday, November 23, 2017

From Toad to Prince, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Aaaarrgg was doing his part to save highsec when he happened upon a scandalous AFK miner in a Madirmilire asteroid belt. Prince Ugly admitted that he only played EVE because he could "play" the game AFK--while he was at work!

The miner expressed his unorthodox view of video games. According to Prince, one must choose between working full time or ganking miners full time. He chose to work, which meant that he needed to spend all day idling in the asteroid belts of highsec.

It only got worse. Prince's entire week was dedicated to AFK isk grinding. He wouldn't even take a day off to enforce the Code. What a Scrooge!

Prince finally took the time to read the post-gank termination notice that our Agent had sent him. The miner claimed to be playing EVE and arranging his life the way he wanted to, but his foul mood proved that he wasn't enjoying himself.

Aaaarrgg tried to open Prince's eyes to what was possible in EVE. The carebear deflected, throwing his own grandmother under the bus. What kind of person does that?

Then, out of the blue, Prince asked a question about how to buy a mining permit. Could it be...?

Prince was a singularly unlikely candidate for permit ownership. Until now, he'd been as hardened and stubborn a bot-aspirant as our Agent had ever seen. But there's an old saying that goes all the way back to the early days of the New Order...

"My wallet is filled with the isk of those who said they would never pay."

There was no denying that Prince Ugly had transferred the money to buy a permit. Yet he had done so in a sarcastic manner. Was he really going to follow the Code, or was this some sort of 10 million isk joke?

Agent Aaaarrgg was watching this miner like a hawk. At the first sign of non-compliance, ganking would resume.

The conversation took another sudden and unexpected turn. But our Agent stayed focused. On target.

Aaaarrgg's persistence paid off. There were plenty of times when it would've seemed reasonable to give up on Prince Ugly. However, Agents of the New Order all share an unshakable faith in the ultimate triumph of the Code.

The miner placed his newly purchased permit in his bio. Even so, he used small text for the permit. Aaaarrgg remained watchful.

It's easy for miners to be tempted to return to their old ways after purchasing a permit. Luckily for them, they're constantly monitored by a team of heroic Agents--the people who make EVE what it is.


  1. Replies
    1. Always!

      Happy thanksgiving to my US homies. The rest of you bots can be thankful that many Agents are with their families today celebrating the holiday.

    2. "The Code Always Wins! Always!" is correct and accepted.

      "Always!" is also correct and used as a greeting in certain circles.

      CODE. is an alliance of corps that selflessly give of their time and security status to help uphold The Code.

      The Code is James 315's will set to word as demanded by the Good Citizens of New Eden after electing James as the duly sworn Protector of Highsec. Savior of the unworthy masses.

      Get it right, and get right with The Code before CODE. finds you.

      Get a permit or get rekt miners.

    3. sounds like me in channel.
      well done anon 9:24

  2. That miner's name is appropriate.

    Unlike all those 5.0 shits in highsec sporting names that sound like b-movie bad guys. You know the badass names that cry like bitches when they die in highsec because they totally fail.

    At least Ugly knows he's disgusting, a real man would not let another force him to buy or display anything he didn't want, especially under full realization of the circumstances. Ugly did not for one second think that he was doing the "right thing" when purchased his permit. His purchase cannot be anything but ugly until he believes he is acting properly.

    There is still much work to be done on that miner and his mental image of himself. He has to be absolutely sure of his allegiance and the statement it makes. His compliance is not complete until he truly believes, until we have reached down deep into his mind and ripped out the criminal id.

    The Code is his only hope at this point, and in a once greater Age he would have been sent to a hospital where we could have done the humane thing by treating him clinically. As it is we must settle for Void and determination, but this carebear must be reached.

    (Of course, a real man would not be mining in highsec either. Had to be said.)

  3. I feel as the permit is displayed in the incorrect position. It should be displayed at the top of a miners bio proudly.

    damn antiganking failing so hard they cant even sell a single ganking permit.

    never forget shardani

    1. ahahahahaha that's right! I had almost forgot about the "ganking" permit. Lol even as satire the gank permit fails!

      Wow, ag realy does fail daily, at everything they do.


    2. How are they expected to sell them with the years of enforcement failure?

      Remember they exist because of CODE.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    1. Do you accept James 315 as your eternal saviour?

    2. Sounds like a bot-dealer to me. He sells bots that like your content.

      He's knocking on the wrong door - everyone already loves the content The Code provides.

    3. >be muhammad
      >be in uk
      >diddle little kid
      Praise johnnie piddle.

  6. Was not expecting that. I guess prince ugly doesn't know that the permit is void if he is afk. Soon to be RIP.

  7. This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!

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