Sunday, November 5, 2017

Kills of the Week

Carebears, last week I warned you that there would be a reckoning. And so there was. Those who heeded the warning were able to save themselves. The rest died. During the week of October 29th @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 4th @ 23:59 EVEtime, an incredible 16 jump freighters and more than 50 freighters were killed in the name of the Code.

The scale of the carnage was unthinkable. More freighters were killed this week than during the original Burn Jita event. And they're still dying. Cling to the Code or be vanquished!

Lilith Eros of the inaptly named Try Not To Die corp jumped her jump freighter into Uedama and faced a lynch mob--no, a justice mob: Agents unknown boat, Sherri Rozei, Ruby Rozei, Christine Rozei, Ashley Whyte, Giselle Rozei, Shanade Rozei, unknown observer, Australian Excellence, Tax Collector Aruka, Taxman Daniel, Tax Collector Hill, Tax Collector Richard, Tax Collector KarlMarx, Tax Collector Kittens, Tax Collector HongMei, Tax Collector Max, Trump The King, Tax Collector Stroheim, Pod Destroyer Molly, Tax Collector BokChoy, Ivanka Rozei, Katy Rozei, Lagatha Rozei, Tawny Rozei, and Tom Jamess.

People often ask, "How do jump freighters die in highsec? Can't they use their jump drives to escape, even when they're being bumped?"
Lilith Eros > Yay fuckboys
Lilith Eros > So ... You gonna shoot me and die likes the scrubs you are
Lilith Eros > or just gonna do this all day
Lilith Eros > there we go
Australian Excellence > why no cyno?
Lilith Eros > No idea
Lilith Eros > Something about a session change
Ashley Whyte > bro where was your cyno
Lilith Eros > nvm its dead now
The solution to this mystery is that even when a jump freighter pilot isn't AFK, they may behave like a Goofus.

Florik Cadmus was on the lookout for those nasty multiboxing gankers. Confident that there weren't any groups of gankers nearby who were big enough to take down his ship, Florik went AFK. He had no idea that the New Order's Russian contingent, though smaller, had plenty of firepower thanks to its Taloses. Agents KaMiKaDzExD, tolstyk, Bastian Mart, Alarik Maleus, kali laska, Elizabet Hildebrand, Rachel O'Conor, KENTua, AndroGon Navy, Votre Dieu, Asakra, and Sumail Serine knocked out another dangerous enemy.

Of course, while all those freighters and jump freighters were dying, it's not as though the highsec miners were getting a pass. Serge Hunter quietly chewed rocks in a 0.9 security system, completely oblivious to the fact that he was being tracked by a crack team of miner gankers: Agents Maximus Gooseman, V-ktor Dolus, Razakien Okel, and Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri. In addition to a full rack of 'Carpo' Mining Laser Upgrades, Serge had over 300 million isk worth of mining drones--sitting in his cargo.

Oldenfarten was convinced that highsec was totally, 100% safe. Isn't that what the carebears had demanded of CCP? He must've believed there wasn't the slightest possibility of losing his jump freighter. There's no other explanation for his 40 billion isk blunder. Oldenfarten is a bot-aspirant.

Agents Etrisa, Blasty McVoidFace, Ido Adudu, ClearLove, Lucita Pappotte, ZAKURELL0 LINDA, Franz Fizzleblade, SynthiaGreey, Yasashi konma, Jet Set Milly, SIR TANK, Nasagasa Bump, Rena Skjem, Collateralized Contracts, dAbOsSlAdY77, Private Panacan, Jack Fizzleblade, Lunar Love, Jayson Kusion, Jason Kusion, Richard Dan Gold, SKAfan, Bluekiss, Joshua Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Perlo Tissant, Urban Worrier, Karl Friedrich Fizzleblade, Selina Love, Archibald Fizzleblade, Hermann Fizzleblade, Johnathan Kusion, Kon Xanithex, Ganking Service, Hagen Fizzleblade, Gottfried Fizzleblade, Jasune Orda, Basic Black Bitch, Walther Fizzleblade, Mark Ormerant, Nion Nostro, Horace Goes Ganking, Rosanna Love, Justin Kusion, Joel Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jake Kusion, Padme Love, Unfit ForDoody, Skafan Utisa, Chemical brother, bi mistuff, Tarwin JR, and Toadshroom Princess got on the mega killmail.

And just how did Oldenfarten manage to bloat his ship to 40 billion isk?

It doesn't help to have stuff like this in your cargo.

Lord Sarevok put all of his faith in his ability to tank his Bowhead: Reinforced bulkheads, bulkhead rigs, a damage control unit... but no mining permit. He had nearly a quarter of a million hitpoints, but he lacked the Code. That was enough to undo everything else. Agents Australian Excellence, Tax Collector HongMei, Tax Collector Kittens, Tax Collector Aruka, Taxman Daniel, Pod Destroyer Molly, Tax Collector Stroheim, Tax Collector Hill, Tax Collector Richard, Tax Collector BokChoy, Tax Collector Max, Tax Collector KarlMarx, Trump The King, Ruby Rozei, Tawny Rozei, Sherri Rozei, Lagatha Rozei, Christine Rozei, Giselle Rozei, Shanade Rozei, Katy Rozei, Procuror Ognev, Ivanka Rozei, Harletta Quinn, and Jay Riddick threw Taloses and stealth bombers into the fight. They won. Go on, deny that this was elite PvP. I dare you.

Lord Sarevok, having just lost his 30 billion isk Bowhead, certainly picked the wrong moment to be AFK. Otherwise he might've kept his pod from being added to the butcher's bill. Agent Baron Rozei lit it up and was rewarded with a nearly 6 billion isk killmail.

Silly carebears. You can't put turrets on a Bowhead. You can aim turrets at one, though.


  1. wow why didnt antiganking stop the ganks?

    oh yeah they were too busy losing slave pods in shield tanked ferox's XD

  2. This week was better than average. Wecome back Kusion Family!

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  3. Always!

    Always triggering idiots and sperglords!


    1. How often does code celebrate murder death and child molestation?


    2. How often does john refresh the page to see if his CODE. overlords comment? Every 5 mins.

      I love the fact that somebody has such a mental illness to sperg like a mad man at people playing a video game that he comes here to cry at everything. You just can't make this up.

      John, what happened at the psychology appt you were made to go to?

    3. Cryma still claiming to be the dictator of codes blog. Poor misguided fool, bet he still believes his shartdani hero is still alive too.

    4. You imply that all that is not machine is therefore human?

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    1. Fail troll John Pirtle is at it again. I wonder: If you had family or friends that died in one of these real life tragedies; Would you still connect it to a space-ship shooting game?
      You can post your drivel all over and try to remain anonymous even though you doxed yourself earlier by posting with your name on our site.. but you can't hide from yourself.

    2. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.

    3. Looks like someone is mad that John piddle is doing what code does with the child killer. Well sucks for you guys, remember he is just doing what the code does.

      Don't like it then HTFU.

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    6. I think you'll find I am quite calm.

  5. Good to see boat is back in a cat.

    Never forget shardani

    1. Fail troll John Pirtle is at it again. I wonder: If you had family or friends that died in one of these real life tragedies; Would you still connect it to a space-ship shooting game?
      You can post your drivel all over and try to remain anonymous even though you doxed yourself earlier by posting with your name on our site.. but you can't hide from yourself.

    2. Cryma is back praying to his favorite child killer.

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  6. How CODE acts:

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    What code forces miners to pay for:

    During the Nazi era, German authorities reintroduced the Jewish badge as a key element in their plan to persecute and eventually to destroy the Jewish population of Europe. They used the badge not only to stigmatize and humiliate Jews but also to segregate them and to watch and control their movements.

    How code fights:
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    1. It seems you have made this same comment before, please do not copy and paste comments.

  7. And CCP loses move paying subscribers to EO. Thanks to Jamey and his CHODE. slaves.

  8. Bad day to be a bot aspirant. Praise James!


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