Friday, November 24, 2017

The Lost Puppy

Agents of the New Order are the rock stars of EVE. One of the consequences of this indisputable fact is that our Agents tend to attract a crowd. Most of these followers are harmless--but some are rebels with wickedness in their hearts.

Agent Pure Whyte noticed that he was being followed from system to system by a Sacrilege pilot named Zaur N. According to Zaur's profile, he was a "Ghost, Assassins and Spy". Not the kind of person you want shadowing you.

Once Zaur realized that he'd been made, he began taunting Pure Whyte in local. Our Agent had no patience for this nonsense; he had plenty of killmails to prove his elite PvP status. If Zaur didn't respect that, then obviously something was wrong with him. Perhaps our hero had ganked him before?

He had indeed. A few weeks earlier, Zaur lost a Sacrilege to one of Pure Whyte's gank squads. Zaur was still holding a grudge after all this time?

True, Zaur had also lost his pod during the same gank. But that was no excuse for Zaur to go around stalking Agent Pure.

Pure Whyte continued to go from system to system, from anomaly to anomaly. Zaur trailed close behind, mocking our Agent along the way.

...Until he exploded. Pure Whyte led Zaur right into a trap. Agent Ralliana was waiting with an ambush. Zaur lost another Sacrilege.

Zaur was repaid for his arrogance and creepiness.

Our Agents gave the would-be resistance fighter some tough love. In their considered judgment, it was the only way to get through to someone like Zaur N.

Alas, the rebel was slow to learn. Two hours later, Zaur N resumed his stalking, only to find himself losing another ship--killed by Ralliana using the same method. From that point forward, Zaur stopped making a nuisance of himself. There are only two options in highsec: Obey the Code or explode.


  1. Where has Ralliana gone to, actually?

    1. Working over the border,no way I'm gonna play EvE on laptop.

    2. Please tell me you are working on the 8th wonder of the world mate. I would seriously buy pre sale wall climb experience tickets.

    3. Yup you can buy yours now. Be the first to try and scale the Trump wall.

      Send cash.

    4. Are you going to be gone long, Ralliana?

    5. 5-7 days an I am back home/to action.

  2. "Our Agents gave the would-be resistance fighter some tough love."

    James telling it like it is makes me smile, he's always sees the good. No wonder he was elected in such a landslide, it was the good pilots of EvE declaring that we were tired of criminals having the easy life in highsec. Time to make them understand how bad they are, and how badly we want them gone.

    miners!, dont forget your permits because the real EVE players will make sure CODE. remains funded, and CODE. will make sure you pay for your violent criminal behavior if you violate Our Code. Down in null and low many of us feel like we have a vested interest in helping James bring you heathens to heel. Low risk isk = anti EvE.

    And there's absoutely nothing you can do to stop it, except pray for CCP to ban highsec suicide ganking. That's all you criminals have, impotent rage.

    I like my way of playing better, thanks. Shit blows up, GF's are had, connections are made. Everyone else can get rekt, you're playing EvE wrong.


    1. Silent Majority gonna make EVE great again!

    2. Silent majority? Who are they? Cant be code because you all are so loud.

  3. Looks like that bloke could shoot back but still got owned.

    That final comment is gold.

    " obey the CODE. or explode


  4. Talk shit, get hit
    Tried to AG, failed harder than Russel

  5. Zaur N actually lost another Sacrilege to me shortly before Ralliana ganked this pleb twice.
    It cute they kept coming back for more.

  6. Wow you guys played eve and even commented on your blog over thanksgiving. I'm gonna stop fucking with you guys, that's just sad that you have no lives what so ever.

    Enjoy your space game, I'll make sure to buy a permit if I ever play it, you guys must need the attention that badly if you don't even have family for thanksgiving.

    1. We are AUTZ pleb.

      Never forget shardani

    2. Yes yes yes never forget your child killing agent got it.

    3. Have another soy latte john. Reflect upon your impotence to do anything in game, then come back here to cry some more.

      Never forget ag moderator shardani

    4. I got it, johny is another of your agents your pretending to disown. Good job. who did he kill?

    5. The pertinent question is who ganked you to make you obsessed with CODE.

    6. Proof that these guys have a one track mind, if you post here you must have been ganked by them. Typical low IQ programming.

      So how many children have you had sexual relations with?
      I mean that's what everyone says about code guys.

    7. Little johnny pedo gets triggered too easliy! Then he tries to act like he didnt doxx himself with his john pirtle account.

      Get rekt little johnnie shitforbrains you can do nothing to affect the people that legitimately pvp'd you in game, and that makes your rage impotent.

      And that makes me smile. Anytime some rl shitter exposes himself as such it makes it easier for the rest of us to find and troll them. I mean look at the literally hundreds of sperg filled posts that shitter has left in past comments sections just crying over "murderlovers". Crying over legitimate in-game play and trying to connect it to RL shitters like himself, that little johnnie piddles is the kind of person EVE (and RL) could do without.

      Hell, if he does finally shardani himself (and his spawn) what real loss is there? Less faulty DNA in the gene pool and the whole human race is safer and smarter in the long run.

      Win/Win? Always!

      Don't forget shardani, little johnny pedo! Someday someone may praise your 'contributions' also, if you ever grow a pair. What's taking so long? You've been at this long enough, now's the time for real action, unless you're just as impotent IRL.


    8. Well if you post here most sane people assume you play eve and have been pvp'd by the elite.

      You on the other hand friend have a personal obsession to come here and in rl life that is an obsession that is not healthy.

      Every mindwarping deflection you have posted has involved YOU bringing up child sex or accusing others of it. You are one cooked prawn friend that the planet can do without.

  7. At least Zaur N has the balls to do something other then complain in local. He stalks and then complains.

  8. interesting. I like your suggestions. thank you for sharing.

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