Friday, November 3, 2017

Powerful Acquaintances in Highsec, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Mike Jinsu's Covetor was defeated in honourable elite PvP by Spine Ripper, the ganker alt of Agent Bing Bangboom. Mike demanded the satisfaction of 1v1 combat, so Bing joined the convo and declared himself willing to duel. But Mike changed his mind, threatening to bring in powerful friends from his incursion fleet. Before long, the miner invited the mysterious Kalista Ohu to the convo.
Bing Bangboom > Hello Citizen!
Kalista Ohu > this is worser then the virus alert u get in your web browser
Mike Jinsu > Ikr
Kalista Ohu > Bing Bangboom 1010110100
Kalista Ohu > do u compute?
Mike and Kalista had an easy rapport, bouncing one-liners off each other like they were on a late-night talk show. Obviously Kalista was Mike's powerful incursion fleet friend.
Bing Bangboom > I only came because Mike said he wanted to duel but now he's decided to not.
Bing Bangboom > He said you would guard him mining though.
Kalista Ohu > would duel but yea
Kalista Ohu > busy dont got time to bs around with bs
Bing was still interested in taking Mike up on his offer for a duel; he was even willing to let Kalista tag-in for her friend. Unfortunately, Kalista didn't have time.
Mike Jinsu > I didn't say kalista would guard me
Mike Jinsu > I said my friends would
Mike Jinsu > Kalista just met me
...Then the other shoe dropped. Kalista wasn't Mike's powerful friend after all. No, she was merely an acquaintance. Acquaintances don't protect each other. They don't do much of anything for each other, really.
Bing Bangboom > ah, another carebear
Mike Jinsu > Wtf is with you and carebears
Kalista Ohu > i refuse to pay for something that is already free
Bing Bangboom > where are your friends then?
Mike Jinsu > Oh they're too busy to deal with fake people
Agent Bing had long suspected that Mike didn't actually have any friends. The fact that the miner had invited a mere acquaintance into the chat seemed to confirm this. Where did Mike meet Kalista, anyway? The "Help" channel?
Bing Bangboom > everyone pays... eventually. Or they quit
Mike Jinsu > You russians are gay as shit
Kalista Ohu > hes new af can u just let him play the fing game already lmao
Bing Bangboom > He only has to buy a permit and follow the Code
Though Kalista wouldn't put a ship on the line for someone she'd just met, she was willing to request that Bing allow Mike to mine.
Kalista Ohu > worser then the guy that got banned from co2
Kalista Ohu > follow me ass
Kalista Ohu > let him mine how about that
Bing Bangboom > Someone as helpless as himself should bow to the power of Highsec.
Mike Jinsu > Oh 0.6 isn't really highsec
Clearly, Mike needed help. But all Kalista would do is talk. As it turned out, Bing was a better friend to Mike than Kalista was--at least he was willing to sell the miner a permit.
Kalista Ohu > bow to pl and nc 1
Kalista Ohu > and then we can negociate!
Mike Jinsu > what are pl and nc 1
Bing Bangboom > Those alliances have no power in highsec. Here it's us.
Mike Jinsu > oh
Mike's acquaintance invoked the authority of Pandemic Legion and some entity apparently named Northern Coalition One. But in highsec, it's the mighty CODE. alliance that everyone needs to worry about.
Bing Bangboom > He CAN mine. He just has to buy a permit and follow the Code.
Kalista Ohu > bamg ccp doesnt require "permit" to mine
Bing Bangboom > true
Bing Bangboom > we do
Mike Jinsu > I'm gonna contact them
Bing Bangboom > please do
Mike lost faith in his acquaintance's ability to negotiate on his behalf for a peaceful resolution (i.e., one that didn't require the bot-aspirant to part with any of his precious isk). The only alternative left--other than the powerful incursion friends he'd so far declined to call in--was to file a petition with anyone still working for CCP.
Bing Bangboom > Kill: Mike Jinsu (Covetor)
Bing Bangboom > just to be sure you see what he was mining in
Bing Bangboom > Kill: Mike Jinsu (Capsule) and he was AFK
Mike Jinsu > I wasn't afk lol
Bing Bangboom > Its impossible to catch a pod that isn't AFK
Mike's denials fell flat. Carebears, when your pod gets killed by one of our Agents, that's prima facie evidence that you were AFK.
Mike Jinsu > Well
Mike Jinsu > I was trying to go to an ore site
Mike Jinsu > and was waiting for my drones to come
Mike Jinsu > when you popped up
Bing Bangboom > ta dah!
Mike Jinsu > I don't use implants for this EXACT reason
The miner smugly noted that he doesn't use implants due to the ever-present threat of our gankers. In a sense, this is an even bigger victory for the Code than when our gankers destroy an expensive pod: The carebear didn't even get to use any implants in the first place.
Bing Bangboom > ah...
Bing Bangboom > how about the Covetor?
Mike Jinsu > Don't care
Mike Jinsu > it's only 30 mil
Bing Bangboom > which is more than 10 million... just sayin'
Mike Jinsu > I'll just mine somewhere else FOR FREE
Mike Jinsu > Smart ons
Bing effortlessly demolished all of Mike's excuses. Then our Agent noticed that Kalista had been silent for a while.
Bing Bangboom > Your friend left
Mike Jinsu > i know and hes not my friend
Bing Bangboom > I saw that. He wouldn't even guard you mining.
Mike Jinsu > I didn't ask him to
Mike Jinsu > and I wouldn't
The "powerful acquaintance in highsec" gambit had failed. Now it was time for Bing to close in for the sale. Would the miner be smart enough--or feel helpless enough--to buy a mining permit?

To be continued...


  1. Mike Jinsu > Oh 0.6 isn't really highsec

    anyone still working for CCP
    So many jobs lost. Hopefully with VR off the table they'll invest more time into their "core competency" EVE.

    1. CCP is actually cutting back on expenses and certain aspects of eve have been shut down to cut costs, I'm sure some of the support within CCP have been trimmed back as well.

    2. Nah they need to focus on ending multiboxing. It doesn't balance well in game.

    3. Maybe carebears don't think 0.4 is really low-sec?

    4. And code thinks Vegas is a shooting gallery, and children are miners. Remember take your rage out of game and the law will get ya.

      The law wins, always.

  2. Oooh ohh! I know this! Hang on.

    *clears throat, gets super serious*

    "Calm down, murder-lover."

    Flippin sweet. Nailed it first time.

    -Clockwork Robot

    1. Clockwork Giant son

    2. They finally accept what they are. Progress.

    3. I accepted being a champion of highsec and elite PVP years ago.

      Never forget shardani.

    4. Cryma is back again.

    5. Looks like Karma still wont admit his crimes of child molestation or terrorism, yet he still prays to his favorite child killer.


    6. Hehehe I accepted being champion of Eve and Albion from the start. Nobody has dethroned me yet.

    7. Calm down murder lovers.

  3. Wow just wow. Antiganking still toxic/salty as ever and failing nonstop daily.

    Never forget shardani

    1. Praying to your child killer murder bot, again.

      You need new programming.

  4. It brings great joy to see these child abuse and murder apologists get their just desserts.

    They really should stop their wicked ways and obey the Code. They will attain contentment and calmness.

    1. That's true it brings a tear to my eye every time a code agent is jailed or put down for his heinous crimes.

      The law always wins.

  5. Inb4 Autistic piddlepants knocks the scab off and cries murder.

    1. The poor man child needs to calm down. Fantasising about RL murderers will just make him angry. I do hope no-one gets hurt by his delirium.

    2. fantasizing

      ftfy little johnnie pissyourpants

    3. Anon 127 here.

      I'm not Johnny "Oops how do I Google" piddle. I was referring to him..

    4. If code would stop committing RL crimes and praying to a RL child murderer and acting like a bunch of ISIS agents then you wouldn't have a johnny piddle bitching, but the code does these things so now you have a piddle repeatedly saying:

      "Calm down murder lover".

  6. So, mike and his buddy kalista both need to find a new game, EVE don't need anymore shitters.

  7. Calm down murder lover.

  8. Wow Bing lies his ass off. "Its impossible to catch a pod that isn't AFK."

    You can catch a pod if your fast enough, which is rare, or running a script to auto target the thing.

    1. You're*

      Ftfy little johnnie pissypants

    2. Calm down little johnnie pissypants.

    3. Another triggered murder lover.

    4. Return of the grammar Nazi. Typical code losers, bitchin about everything.

  9. Autotarget? Anon 4:53 are you a bot?

    1. Cryma is back again.

    2. Karma are you a bot? Better question, you ready to turn yourself in yet or do you still plan to follow in your hero shartdani's path and kill children after raping them?

      Seek help terrorist.

    3. Remember Karma next time your touching a kid, know that you will be found and the law always wins. ALWAYS!

    4. He said bot john? Not beta male.

      Calm down and take a minute to remember your mate shardani.

      At the going down of the server, we will remember him.


      calm down Autist.

    6. Cryma has begun crying really hard now.

  10. Another code agent is facing charges in Brighton Colorado.

    After fatally shooting three people at a Wal-Mart in Thornton last Friday Scott Ostrem, 47, was captured by police. He is currently being held without bond and has made a statement that "they were just miners and had to be punished."

    It is typical behavior that has been surfacing as of late from the "code" and its members due to declining player activity in Eve Online. Those less stable members of the alliance seem to be seeking fulfillment of their charge, which is to eliminate miners from the game, outside of the gaming environment.

    1. So what are you going to do about it little johnnie pisspoorspelling?

      Oh that's right, nothing.


    2. As always the code celebrates murder. ALWAYS!

  11. Trying to calm down the pedo's but they just keep screaming about the code and praising james or remembering shartdani and touching kids.

    Its ok the law will get them once they rage outside of the game just like all their other friends.

    The law wins, ALWAYS!

  12. I wonder if anyone would really notice chatbot responses in these comments?

  13. Our friend johnnie piddles sure sounds a lot like that shitter who used to post as butthurtminer.

    That guy was downsey as shit, a real pedophile.


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