Thursday, November 2, 2017

Powerful Acquaintances in Highsec, Part 1

We've seen how heroically our Agents conduct themselves when dealing with a Gallant miner or with a hardened bot-aspirant. But how should an Agent of the New Order deal with ambiguity?
Mike Jinsu > Nice kill
Mike Jinsu > I gotta give you that
Mike Jinsu > But you shouldn't have made enemies with me :)
Mike Jinsu > I got some nice friends
Covetor pilot Mike Jinsu was terminated by ganker from the mighty CODE. alliance. On the one hand, Mike offered his sincere congratulations to the ganker. On the other hand, the miner also made empty threats and pretended to have powerful friends.

Agent Spine Ripper, the ganker alt of Bing Bangboom, is one of the longest-serving members of New Order Logistics. Bing is an optimist. The miner had offered the equivalent of a "gf", so maybe he'd be willing to buy a mining permit. Spine Ripper invited the miner to a private convo.
Spine Ripper > Hello Citizen!
Mike Jinsu > Oh here we go
Spine Ripper > It was only your non-Code compliance that got you killed.
Mike Jinsu > Oh is that right?
Mike Jinsu > So do I really need my battleship friends to protect me when i mine?
Mike Jinsu > Is that how you wanna play
If Bing wanted to play hardball, Mike was more than ready. If necessary, he had powerful friends who were willing to sit around watching him mine all day.
Spine Ripper > they can't protect you
Mike Jinsu > Of course they can
Spine Ripper > only a permit and following the Code can protect you from us
Mike Jinsu > Huh
Mike Jinsu > From you tiny catalyst
Spine Ripper > My tiny Catalyst has killed thousands.
Mike Jinsu > Yeah cuz you did it smart
More ambiguity: Mike admitted that the gank was well executed. Yet something seemed to hold him back from embracing the Code.
Mike Jinsu > Why don't I ask my whole incursion fleet to fight you
Spine Ripper > Ask them
Mike Jinsu > Wanna 1v1 me?
Mike Jinsu > I'm getting my raven
Mike Jinsu > My raven against your catalyst
It was time to fight. Mike had an entire incursion fleet at his disposal; apparently they were willing to take a break from grinding isk to chase Spine Ripper around an asteroid belt.
Spine Ripper > I can't fight long in highsec... the police come... can I send my alt?
Mike Jinsu > We can duel
Bing Bangboom > duel?
Mike Jinsu > Holy shit
Mike Jinsu > What is with you dumbasses
Mike Jinsu > You think you can make me cough up 10 million
At the mention of a 1v1, Spine Ripper invited his main character, Bing Bangboom, to join the convo. Bing enjoys 1v1s.
Spine Ripper > only if you want to do PvE in our systems
Mike Jinsu > They're not your fucking systems
Spine Ripper > technically you are right.
Spine Ripper > They belong to James 315
Mike Jinsu > You sound just like nazis
Mike Jinsu > Wtf is wrong with you
Mike Jinsu > People are just tryna play the game
Now the miner was entering what you might call the "flopping around like a fish out of water" stage of the conversation. Mike couldn't make up his mind whether he had powerful friends, or was willing to engage in a duel himself, or was a defenseless newbie who should be left alone.
Spine Ripper > We are law enforcement... have you even read the Code?
Spine Ripper >
Bing Bangboom > ready to duel
Bing Bangboom > I don't have a Cat... can I bring a frigate?
Mike Jinsu > No I'm not dueling a frigate with a battleship
Mike Jinsu > Why are you people so retarded
As an elite PvP'er, Bing was willing to cut Mike a break by dueling him with a mere frigate. Strangely, this scared Mike.
Bing Bangboom > OK, thought you wanted to duel
Bing Bangboom > guess it was just miner talk
Mike Jinsu > You think you're so big
Bing Bangboom > I'm an Agent of the New Order... so yeah, I am
Bing was a little disappointed. Rebels claim that our Agents don't shoot ships that can shoot back, but whenever one shows a willingness to do so, the rebels run for cover.
Bing Bangboom > Are you getting your incursion friends to come guard you mining?
Mike Jinsu > Why would I tell you?
Mike Jinsu > and why the fuck would I mine when I can run incursions
Mike Jinsu > Fuck off I'll never give you a penny for any bullshit
Mike went from mixed signals to total confusion. Did he have friends in an incursion fleet? Did he run incursions at all? Was he a miner? Did he want to duel, or did he want to be left in peace?
Bing Bangboom > I don't know... why anyone mines is kind of a mystery to me
Mike Jinsu > Yeah
Mike Jinsu > Why mine when you can scam noobs
Bing Bangboom > I just showed up for the promised duel. Where is the duel?
Mike Jinsu > No duel
One thing was certain: The miner wasn't willing to put his battleship where his mouth was. There would be no duel that day--except with words.
Bing Bangboom > I figured as much
Bing Bangboom > about as real as your incursion friends.
Mike Jinsu > They're real
Bing Bangboom > no, they're not
Mike Jinsu > Oh yes buddy
Bing Bangboom > Your ore is still out here
Though Mike suggested that nobody would mine if they could run incursions, the miner insisted that he was an incursion runner.
Mike Jinsu > Ask Salheim Pserad
Mike Jinsu > He's an FC for my fleet
Bing Bangboom > He looks like another carebear to me
Mike Jinsu > Oh and what are you
Bing Bangboom > I told you. I'm an Agent of the New Order
Mike Jinsu > Hear that Kalista?
Kalista Ohu > wow u guys really want this shit
Out of nowhere, Mike invited someone named Kalista Ohu to the convo. Was she his powerful friend--and did Bing stand a chance in a duel against her?

To be continued...


  1. Any story involving Bing is guaranteed to be a treat! :grabs popcorn:

  2. "Spine Ripper > I can't fight long in highsec... the police come... can I send my alt?"

    Complete and utter cowardice from one of Jamey's CHODE. slaves.

    1. yet there is nothing you can do about it besides whine on our blog and generate traffic.

      Never forget shardani

    2. I don't see the "complete and utter" cowardice this shitter claims, the Agent offered to duel on a highsec appropriate dueling character. AND in a frigate vs battleship, the least cowardly thing you can do in EVE.

      Little johnnie piddles is so mad right now that he can't even form coherent arguments. I bet Mike is his alt.

      Little johnnie piddles is a child molestor, IRL.


    3. calm down murder lovers.

      Murder bot praying to the codes favorite agent again, get the police ready.

      And as always the code deflects the true life accounts of their real life crimes onto others because they cant own up to their crimes. Sorry ISIS/Antifa, Nazis, but your code agents are being jailed for these crimes and more of your agents are bringing their sickness to real life.

      Its ok once your all jailed or have a good healthy serving of real justice and real law, the world is a better place.

      Remember the law always wins.

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    5. Uh Oh an agent has begun to cry.

      With such a potty mouth too.

  3. In before Johnny Piddle's autistic screeching

    1. Correct, your murder, so glad you can admit that now turn yourself in for the murders you have committed.

      The law always wins.

  4. What a cliff hanger! Can't wait for the next part!

    1. I'll spoil it for you, the miners friends/alts will show up in the system and the agent will remain docked until all his/her alts and friends can show up. depending on the size of the fleets will be the outcome of either a fight or just code sitting in the dock waiting them out.

      Now keep that impotent rage in game or the law will find you and guess what, it always wins.

  5. Highsec incursion are a breeding ground for greed and entitlement. Imagine making 100 million ISK per hour and being unwilling to buy a 10 million ISK permit that lasts for a year.

    We get them all eventually: Kill: Lord Sarevok (Bowhead)

    1. And apparently a breeding ground for stupidity as well. I would love to know what this idiot was thinking when he thought it would be a good idea to haul that cargo anywhere in the game let alone right through a system / pipeline that gankers are known to operate in.

      PRO TIP: almost 100% of losses from ganks, gate camps, or being caught out solo by a small gang is your fault. Learn from it and move on instead of bitching like 10 year old school girls.

      That is all.

    2. Lawrence Lawton, one fot he teachers of the terrorists who are more ad more finding themselves on the wrong side of the law in the real world. Guess what, if the police find that your connected to these robbing, murders, terrorist acts and child sex rings you will find that the law does not have a soft spot for you and you will find your self jailed.

      The law always wins.

      Protip: If you stop indoctrinating people with terrorist ideas and sending them out into the world and just turn yourself in, your punishment may be a bit more lenient.

      Don't be a terrorist, the law executes them.

    3. Good then that the law of highsec was created by James 315. The only people crying here hourly are the true bandits. If you disagree you are ignorant and uneducated. Or just plain retarded in johnnie piddlepants case.

    4. Cryma is bitching again, hopefully he wont go full shartdani.

  6. Calm down murder lover.

  7. How CODE acts:

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    What code forces miners to pay for:

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    How code fights:
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  8. Cod ww2 just dropped boys. Funny how they rewrote history tho, the US army was segregated but I guess people want to forget about that. Just like everyone wants to forget about the allies war crimes.

    1. You sound angry? Why are you angry?

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