Friday, April 20, 2018

Czech This Out

Here's something new:

The Code is the single most important, revolutionary document in EVE history. (Nay, video game history!) And now, for the first time, the Code has been translated into Czech.

The Code is now available in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish, and Czech. There's more foreign language support for the Code than for EVE itself.

Direct your thanks and congratulations to Agent Nisanthro, who provided us with the Czech translation. Nisanthro enclosed it along with the following message:

"There may not be many Czech-speaking capsuleers, but if the translation helps just one bot-aspirant to see the light of the New Order, the effort was worth it. Praise you!"


After Jita's jump freighter traffic took an absolute hammering for a few weeks, Uedama took its turn being clobbered this past weekend.

As Agent Trump The King reported, the Dotlan kill stats for Uedama dwarfed even Jita's.

The spree of terror lasted over 24 hours. Just look at those numbers!

Anti-Ganking could not be reached for comment--or for help, apparently.


  1. Wow just wow. antiganking failing so hard right now.

  2. Too busy failing non stop to comment

  3. ag failing non-stop daily.


  4. Kill yourselves. Please. Just because you can do something (and ruin many others gameplay) doesn't mean you should. You should seriously be evaluated in the real world and I hope I never come across you all. It'll make the news. I promise.

    1. Lol triggered shitter, you know no one will miss you when you go shardani.

      You will never ammount to anything but a whiney shitter crying about someone else playing EVE properly. We are supposed to kill carebears in this game, so in reality gankers are not ruining any proper gamepley, only shitters like yourself who play incorrectly. Even CCP says EVE is a pvp game at heart.

      Did your parents have any children that lived?

      You get so mad over a game you tell people to kill themselvs. That makes you a useless, impotent, ignorant shitter that don't belong in EVE. Or RL for that matter. The best thing you could do for the species is to take your own advice.

      As far as you meeting anyone outside the game and it making the news; it would be because I donned a purple shirt and stabbed you in the eye. Otherwise you are a coward just for alluding to RL violence.

      Want to prove your claims? Link your address, coward. Too scared? Then you need a permit, miner.



    2. Another anonshardani.

  5. You've made my coworker's day!
    She emigrated from the Czech Republic a few decades ago with her husband.
    She read a few lines for us in a thick Czech accent. It was magical!

    1. Ten years and no permit? It will all catch up with you in the end.


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