Monday, April 2, 2018

Code Ready Gelhan, Part 43

Previously, on MinerBumping... Mission Ready Mining corp's morale was reaching new lows day after day. At first, the MRM line members relied on each other. When that didn't work, they hired mercenaries to bail them out. When they lost faith in mercs, they tried appealing to the "leadership" of MRM. Eventually, inevitably, the miners of MRM turned to the New Order Agents themselves for advice.

Agent Krominal ganked a miner in Gelhan. Nothing unusual there. But he noticed that MRM members started to convo him after the ganks.

Despite repeated warnings from MRM leadership not to read MinerBumping, the miners found themselves drawn to the forbidden website. Perhaps the New Order's teachings could provide the answers that MRM leadership could not.

Even clueless, unlicensed miners were able to gain an understanding of the situation, once they started to read MinerBumping.

It was exactly as MRM leaders feared: Their own miners were turning against them. More and more miners were leaving the corp--or staying on to serve as New Order spies. They sent our Agents logs of top secret MRM communications:

The logs paint a picture of MRM in a crisis of confidence. Miners didn't trust the "defense fleets" to protect them. And when they were ganked, they didn't get reimbursement isk or even sympathy--they got condemnation for their mistakes.

Miners were told to give up yield in favor of tank. It was good advice--consistent with the Code, even--but it was too little, too late. Some miners were down to their last little bit of isk. MRM members weren't interested in helping each other. They were carebears, through and through. They only cared about hoarding isk for themselves.

Of course, even those who did tank up were simply bumped out of mining range. The best and brightest that MRM high command had to offer couldn't think of a way to deal with the bumpers.

Faced with these conditions, the miners began to quit MRM. One after another, the miners' employment histories show their time in MRM being curtailed.

Most miners, it seemed, only remained in MRM for a few weeks. There was only so much time they were willing to waste on being bumped or ganked in Gelhan.

Behind the scenes, our Agents sped up the process. They engaged in clandestine conversations with the miners, instructing them on how to quit MRM and find a more suitable corporation--in nullsec or anywhere else. Departing miners encouraged those left behind to follow suit. It became a sort of underground railroad.

Eventually, MRM leadership noticed that their miners were being quietly shepherded away. It was time to act. The corp still had legions of members at its disposal. If they gathered everyone together in a single fleet in Gelhan, they would have the firepower needed to stop the gankers and bumpers, once and for all.

An announcement blared to everyone in MRM: Assemble in Gelhan and await orders. Fearful of spies, MRM leadership couldn't say more--other than that it was "a pretty important op". That was an understatement. For the leaders of MRM were planning nothing less than a final, climactic battle against the New Order.

To be continued...


  1. Lol this didn't end well for MRM.

  2. Why has Jamey chosen to let this little 'story' play out over the course of almost an entire year? Does he really need the blog hits?

    1. The source material we submitted was a 250+ page Word document detailing each individual day of the campaign. We're very happy with how James has handled relaying this to the greater readership.

      Hold onto your hats though, Season 2 will be an even wilder ride!

    2. I'm rather enjoying this story - can't wait to see the outcome of the battle!

  3. The structural integrity of the edge of my seat is at 20% and falling.

    1. Edge of seat burned out, wut do fc?

  4. FC Yomama surely has a plan to defeat The Code.

  5. Oh noes, after 6 years is an actual fleet of ag'ers truly, really finally being formed to defeat the mighty Code and make high sec safe for bots and bot aspirants again?

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