Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sculpting in Solitude, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... When Agent Bob the Fourth went to work cleaning up the Solitude region, his compassion was on full display. He gave unlicensed miner Collie Dogz repeated warnings about the need to buy a permit. Collie wouldn't listen. But when the inevitable occurred, Collie blamed Bob.

Instead of blaming himself, Collie cursed the Code and all who enforced it. A highsec miner who didn't know how to take personal responsibility. What a shock!

Collie considered himself completely defenseless. Actually, he'd been armed with at least 10 million isk, so he definitely had the power to prevent the attack.

Agent Bob name-dropped the Saviour of Highsec. Collie was triggered by it. Bob took careful note of this development--it was an important clue.

The miner felt he was entitled to reimbursement isk for his dead Retriever. If this was Collie's way of trying to ask for a handout, he was as bad at panhandling as he was at mining.

Collie's parting words left little hope for a diplomatic agreement between the two. Yet Bob was still confident that the story would have a happy ending.

Though the miner had already excused himself from the conversation, he couldn't resist winding himself up with another anti-Code tirade.

Maybe expelling a little extra venom would help the miner sleep better when he finally did log off for the evening.

Collie quit without buying a permit, but Bob was right about the happy ending: He never saw Collie mining in Solitude again.

Bob's Code enforcement operations continued. Eventually, he came across a nest of rebels mining in an ice anomaly. They used a group of heavily tanked Mackinaws and an Orca. Bob didn't have the firepower to defeat them. Or did he?

Bob started bumping them from the ice anomaly. First the Mackinaws, and then the Orca, piloted by Yanul Damar.

They may have been tanked against antimatter, but they certainly weren't tanked against the almighty bump. Our Agent gleefully sent the arrogant mining gang soaring into deep space. How would they react--when they finally stopped being AFK, that is?

To be continued...


  1. The hilarious part is that he's linking a post that actively tells him hee's wrong.

    1. Carebear "logic" lol

      He's too stupid to play EVE, and he's doing it wrong, but he's a highsec ice miner so what did I expect.

  2. Keldain - same person who said he would crush code members windpipes out of game if he was to ever met them in real life.

    Dryson - Completely retarded.

    Thomas - stealing all the donations - 100 bil in donations - no money to help stop code - notice they don't have money to do anything?

    Astecus - failure of the highest order who is too scared to undock.

    sara flynt - openly supports antigankers making real life death threats on code members. (not surprising considering kalynn shardani.

    kalynn shardani - antiganking moderator who murdered his infant child before killing himself over a video game.

    Code - the bad guys.

    anything else?

    1. alexander kaan - die-hard antiganker that said "you are evil in RL if you are evil in game", now ganking in highsec like the hypocrite we all knew he was.

    2. veers belvar - umm....

      ripard teg - beariest of the bears. tried to turn eve into Sim city.

    3. Bad news bears.

  3. Ghost of shardanis kidApril 27, 2018 at 6:00 AM

    I even come here from the afterlife daily to cry salty rivers about CODE.


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